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Movie Comments

loosetie13 11/10/2017
Wow that cutaway collar is extreme! And extremely sexy. Anyone know where it’s from?

masstiehemd 11/10/2017
good, good the partners keep their tie, shirt and jacket till the end.... Excellent. Any slight drawback , All the juice which explodes of the cock of Dani would have been able to spread out on the shirt and the tie of Hugo.... It's a pity to make it go on the ground and it is less exciting especially with the great cum shot from Dani very hard and very far. Thank you the team!!!

barneylincoln 11/10/2017
Hugo is a very nice looking man with a VERY nice looking cock.MAP, where did his spectacular shirt come from please? Dani...well..gorgeous as always and the usual spunk fountain. Great!! much appreciated. Barney.

Sherman 11/11/2017
Boring video, no excitement. Same oh, same oh.

Sherman 11/11/2017
Check In & Check was a much better video than this one. Check In Check out at least them removed their clothes and we were able to appreciate their bodies and their “hairy” large cocks....................This video is just BORING..........maybe next week for some new excitement......................

johnnyt43 11/11/2017
Dani, always need to get shot from the other side where his unfortunate tattoo is not visible. Such a turn off. I did think with a title like down and dirty they would go at it and get dirty. Nope. not this time.

Matt Jordan 11/12/2017
Why does eveybody complain that the suits don't stay on and "whats happened to Menatplay" and its " not like the old days" - THEN when we do something you ask for you just keep quiet? I don't get it? What do you want?

skibutt 11/12/2017
Matt, I think you will generally find that those who "don't like "will be more vocal than those who " do like"; frustrating I know. I am guilty of that myself. Well...I "do like" Down and Dirty. Handsome guys in great suits, shirts and ties enjoying each other and having hot sex without worrying about their suits. Thanks for a good film and thanks for working hard each week. I will try to be more vocal when I "do like". Andy

Matt Jordan 11/12/2017
Thanks Andy , I guess youre right, the quite ones are generally satisfied so that may be a good sign:)

Matt Jordan 11/12/2017
Hi, that great shirt that Hugo wears is from Dandy and Son.

musclefucks 11/12/2017
Nice work gents. Dani so loves getting fucked and Hugo is a hot stud, with a truly wonderful cock. Let's see him naked next time!

raven 11/13/2017
Seems to me you could have planted Dani and Hugo in a more comfortable and interesting setting than a boring, cold, dirty warehouse concrete floor. It doesn't speak well of this attractive, well-dressed, hot and horny business men who nevertheless exhibited tremendous sexual attraction and energy. I think they are clever enough to meet in a more hospitable setting. The sex was pretty damn hot but the set/setting BORING and sub-standard for MAP. The guys deserved a better, more accommodating set on which to perform as well as some script RAVEN

CaliTwink 11/14/2017
Definitely one of my top 10 MAP videos. Reminds me of Forced with Tiko and Jean (A top 3 for me, Tiko's ass is amazing).

robicart 11/14/2017
Wish there was more light.

barneylincoln 11/14/2017
Mr. Jordan, thanks for the info, my seasonal gift problems are solved. Perhaps on the Xmas film one of the models could wear an "007" turnback cuff style shirt! I'm sure you could fullfil our Gay Secret Agent fantasy with this. best wishes.,.Barney.

Sherman 11/14/2017
I tried again, I fine this a boring video and the surroundings were not desirable. Matt, I know you do better. Maybe next time.

metce324 11/15/2017
I loved that the suits stayed on, good job!!! More shoe action please

suitstudda 11/16/2017
I agree totally with Matt. It seem that you cannot win with anybody. I made a challenge to all that if you are better in producing videos that people like, then get out and help MenAtPlay. I have been with MenAtPlay for over ten years and I could not find a top website that produce outstanding videos. Great job Matt and Rico!

intern2016 11/17/2017
Dani Robles with a cock up his ass is a thing of beauty. Hugo is one hell of a top

loosetie13 11/17/2017
Great! By strange coincidence I ordered one from there yesterday. Keep up the good work.

Suitman63 11/17/2017
I sympathise. Having taught most of my life - students will only ever speak up to complain not say thank you. That said, the suits on movies are pretty infrequent these days which is what people moan about - it's not that you never do them but don't do them very often. For the suit fetishists the emphasis on muscle models and suck rim fuck story lines where the suit flies off as soon as the blow job is over are, shall we say, not very original. I appreciate the suit fetish is supposedly a minority thing (though with the world full of hot guys in suits every day I find this weird) but it does remain your USP and that is worth remembering.

Suitman63 11/17/2017
On another note, having skimmed your highest rated movies there is a pretty high preponderance of suits on movies (e.g. Pure Suit, Dani messed up with the mechanic, a number of Hector who likes to keep his kit on) and or with a sleazy power type angle - worth monitoring that if you are sensitive to the moaning.

Sabypierre 11/20/2017
Bonne alchimie entre deux très beaux mecs. Jouissance garantie.

halpofein 03/03/2018

Asummons 03/22/2018
Movies still are not loading to my device.

kelle68 07/10/2018
that´s it, mates, give a shit on the suit for such a fuck!

toolelover 05/01/2019
Dani's little cock is always so erect when he is on top riding. Love watching him get a facial and then clean his lover's cock off.

robicart 06/13/2019
Hugo Castellano is one of the most handsome and sexiest men ever on MAP. It's a shame he only has two movies. He has one of the finest dicks anywhere. And I love to see him suck dick too, and he didn't in this.