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Movie Comments

joedoe1000 07/18/2014
A high class doctor wearing tnt sheer socks is a boner...why Dani took them off?

Suitsfan 07/18/2014
Are socks really the ONLY thing you're interested in? I despair . . . as I'm sure the hot actors, horny directors and the rest of the MAP team sometimes do, too.

suitedattitude 07/18/2014
This is a pretty good set up - turning the tables on the authority doc - until his suit flies off at the end.

Suited33 07/18/2014
Nice video but I would like to ask one thing. The scene where the guy is masturbating with the silk tie. Do you think you could ever make a movie where the guy uses the silk lining of the suit jacket while performing the same wank/suck that's in this vide

moby17 07/18/2014
Oh la la. The prince of Spain has become the KING (without a crown yet). Dani is THE premium league! Wonderful setup with authentic "chemistry". Dani knows how to please a patient from head to TOE. A foot in the right hands and the right mouth. Dani is re

hatetatoos-4-2 07/18/2014
This is a very clever story. What an interesting idea to fake an injury in order to get close to a handsome doctor. It is an excellent film. I do have three comments/questions: 1. Why would two handsome men mar their beautiful bodies with tattoos? 2. D

Okay 07/18/2014
That necktie, is now almost a mans necktie, only missing cum. ( miss afteplay, after they cum ) Thank you for an exiting Movie :)

jameslin 07/18/2014
well said suitsfan - all the socks talk on this site drives me round the bend - it makes a change to see socks come off and I welcome it rather than leaving them on throughout which I find wholly unrealistic

olderbutsexy 07/18/2014
Wow, BOOM, MAP! An excellent product, as always. The guys are great, both of them ... Maikel has a fabulous cock and certainly knows how to use it (lucky Dani!) Just one question ... is it really a turn-on, both ways, to rim someone with their pants

raven 07/18/2014
Dani cast as a physician, inked up as he is, is a bit unrealistic, even with his great physique , handsome face and copious ejaculate produced from an enviable package . Better to cast him in some other role in my opinion. Maikel is a bit aggressive for

moby17 07/18/2014
1. Nobody is perfect! but Dani without them almost would be!

Matt Jordan 07/18/2014
1. because they have free will 2. you think he's handsome but you want to change him by removing his beard? 3. because not everybody likes socks and we really cover the sock fetish a lot in many other films. Some people like bare feet Glad you enjoyed

Matt Jordan 07/18/2014
If you're really in to men in suits then yes its a huge turn on. N.B. everyone has their different turn ons - this to some people is huge - to others nothing. Just the way it is. If it wasn't a turn on for me I wouldn't film it. We cover 'normal' rimmin

Matt Jordan 07/18/2014
theres a great series on UK TV called Casualty - if you're looking for reality then that TV hospital drama is for you . If you're looking for stunning men in role play situations and fantasies then Menatplay is the way to go

joedoe1000 07/18/2014
The answer is nol...I also like suits, ties, white shirts, hot models, and great productions.

joedoe1000 07/18/2014
Don't get insane by what other people ask for? Have a nice weekend!

joedoe1000 07/18/2014
thanks for this movie. The conversation in Castillian between the 2 actors was so natural, it is great to hear actors talking in their native language specially while having sex. Maikel knows how to tease Dani so well (I am impressed with him). The movie

NylonOTCs 07/19/2014
Totally HOT!, MAP!!!..."joedoe1000" is abs. correct here. Why? take off those beautiful nylon OTC socks!...what a bummer!...You go me so going here! and the socks removed!...Correct! a high class doctor in a suit with TnT's on ....fucking HOT man!.....Lov

azzaro69 07/19/2014
Men in Calvin Klein is just so hot! Good job!

joedoe1000 07/19/2014
NylonOTC....dont worry, Matt and Rico have so many scenes in the pipeline with actors wearing luxurious accessories. We need to be patient as others are. Take care!

cactusman26 07/20/2014
"Oh! Dr. I'm in trouble" "Oh! goodness gracious me!" The bearded so fetching handsome Dr, Dani. More please. Great one guys! Surely something in that presentation to meet everyones taste ... ¿ Me, I loved the butt shots, perhaps a Little more l

johnnyt43 07/20/2014
matt and team, loved the film, always something for everyone. Dr, Dani is a good move, miss the dr scenes from the past, Wonder if Dani ever regrets such a unfortunate design on his otherwise perfect beautiful ass. thanks again for the film.

joedoe1000 07/25/2014
Dani and Maikel are so refreshing!

irishscouser 07/25/2014
Love the role play Love the briefs play Would like more brief action Coloured patterned skimpy & tight

tiedupsuit 07/25/2014
Dani is gorgeous in a suit. Would love to see him gang banged, like Hunter was, with the suit remaining on.

smartguy 07/25/2014
Excellent Horny Movie with great guys, well done!

LORIS 07/26/2014
Dani y Mikael - ole ! Que mamada y que follada! Both very hot and sexy - Maikel really has pecs to die for ! I enjoyed watching beautiful white wide spread collar so tight around Dani's neck while sucking Maikel's cock or being fucked. Also loved the scen

coxnsox 07/29/2014
The medical probings in 2010 were much more interesting to this member. If everyone ends up totally naked, it's just pedestrian porn.

sebastianxxx 08/03/2014
Great guys !

protoskore 08/25/2014
i firmly believe in that !!! this site is about sex in suits - there are many other sites for totaly naked stuff

woodyalert 09/29/2014
We definitely need to see more of Maikel. Much, much more!

limerick 03/24/2015
Dani is such a beautiful man!! I cannot thing of a man who would not want to be examined by him!!

Albertochile69 06/13/2015
Dani in TNT is so sexy! would like to see more sheer sox in different color.

wcummings 08/18/2015
More like this one!!!

Mookdb243 09/19/2015
Dani clearly likes feet

Mookdb243 09/19/2015
Dani clearly likes feet

Mookdb243 09/19/2015
Dani clearly likes feet

menrock 01/06/2016
Damn.. Mikails cock is BEAUTIFUL..and Danis ass was just MADE FOR FUCKING....

robicart 04/28/2016
I really like Maikel Cash.

Sherman 04/29/2016
Mikel has a good firm cock. Needs more hair around his cock to. Make him sexy. Good one

Sherman 04/29/2016
Mikel has a good firm cock. Needs more hair around his cock to. Make him sexy. Good one

joedoe1000 11/27/2016
Dani Robles is a super handsome man with total control of his body. He decided to make those tattoos for x,y,z but still super handsome. I have seen pics of Dani RObles without facial hair and he has a baby killer face. With beard looks more mature, mascu

joedoe1000 11/27/2016
For me Dani will be the king of suit/sheer socks!

robicart 10/02/2018
Maikel Cash's dick is awesome. Wish he had also sucked Dani's dick. He's good at that too.

robicart 02/13/2019
Dani sucking Maikel's toes, such aa turn on. Maikel pushing his beautiful dick out of his shorts. Dani suck's so good. And Maikel's fucking is so good.

robicart 03/13/2019
Dr. Dani sucking Maikel's toe then tonguing up his leg while Maikel plays with his big beautiful dick is really exciting.

robicart 04/29/2019
Love to watch it over and over.

robicart 07/13/2019
A thousand stars.

François 11/24/2021
Keep shooting that hot cum, Dr. Dani!