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Movie Comments

avm212 09/05/2014
Ahhhhhhh!!! Tony Gys!!! He makes anything good! But what's with this trend of your updates having only one guy in a suit? And in this one, they're both totally naked....not even a shirt or a tie or socks. I can find that kind of porn anywhere. You're starting to lose your niche.....I've been with MAP from almost the start, but now I'm starting to become disappointed.

mrbubuzzzzz 09/05/2014
I agree with you. Really keen to see two hot guys having sex in suits, like the previous series Pure Suits.

olderbutsexy 09/05/2014
Tony is gorgeously rough and Dani so good when getting fucked ... great sex, gents

tavuna08 09/06/2014
no shoes. Hate it

masstiehemd 09/06/2014
I do not appreciate your new opus of Dr Dany a lot, even if this one is elegant. The session with suit and tie lasts little, the massage is not exciting. He leaves his jacket, his tie is not very beautiful, colors are bad!!! And then it is moment of nudity of 2 partners - what I hate. I accept when there is at least one of the two partners who stays there shirt and tie. the ejaculation on the face is good but I prefer when the sperm floods on the tie knot, the shirt and the face.... Once again it is necessary to put its fetishism in the pocket and to wait next Friday to see an opus which can excite me, make me be strained and correspond to my fetishism!!! Ah really! It is necessary of the tenacity to continue to be faithful to MAP when an opus on five does not correspond to the fact that I like

masstiehemd 09/06/2014
I'm OK with you and I wrote a comment which has the same criticism

moby17 09/06/2014
Some movies just work on its first watching (because all details are working perfectly together), some work only on second watching (because you turn a blind eye on some not working details), and some movies never work (because you cannot close your eyes on something that doesn't work at all (for oneself)). This is definitely one in the middle: on second watching this is all very sensual (yet powerful), colour and sexual matching. As for the rather massage than doctor's setup and the wondering on which site (or setup) you're finally on after having both nude at the end, on those parts I turn a blind eye. But for the cum shots I had them both wide open. ps: the stupid stereotyped rolling up one's sleeves works surprisingly well on Dani and Tony's not too macho for his active role in this Spanish one-on-one (exa)(do)mination.

Rainer75 09/06/2014
Both guys are sexy and there are some special details I enjoyed. But waiting for getting satisfied my suit fetish? Zero!!!! I wanted to be patient, wanted to be appreciative, wanted to make the best of an unsatisfying situation for me: Today I can't! Matt and Rico! Please wake up! You do your business like there is no audition. You bury your wealthy niche with total neglection of suits! Suits, guys! And please stop that fuss with only one guy wearing a suit ( remaining for 2 minutes at least ). You create mainstream I don't want to get mainstream. I waited for S U I T S so long!

Matt Jordan 09/06/2014
Can someone tell me what an Opus is?

brisgay 09/07/2014
I have to agree, why were not BOTH men in suits. This is what MAP was supposed to be all about. Men in Suits, not one man in a suit, and the other in daggy denim shorts! Previous Dr/Patient videos were so hot with both men in Suits.. Think back to Dr Richard!

admin 09/07/2014
You try having sex in full suits in the middle of August, for about 4 hours which is how long it takes to film a scene when its 40 degrees outside, in front of two large studio lights. And then when you do get back to us. OK? Rico

johnnyt43 09/08/2014
Love tony and await more of him. Love the doctor movies but this is more Massage than Doctor. would love to see more doctor stories.. maybe even less Dani.

Rainer75 09/08/2014
Don't be angry, Rico. I understand your problems but have to say that every profession has its straining aspects. I admire chirurgicans standing for hours - masked in awful air. Or working in a submarine - klaustrosphobic. Or countless other jobs which really suck. So to be a porn actor maybe hard sometimes but the days where you have 40 dregrees in London seem to be seldom. Maybe time to throw them fully suited into the pool and let them "play" there... Means the inversion that we get more suits in the harvest- and wintertime? But what the heat has something to do with the absence of new "galleries"? And is the heat in London causing the neglection of your blog? The trailer, normally used as a forestaste to what will come is published of the same day of the new film - totally useless. Who will look the trailer when he can get the full film? And the advertising pics? Nothing for weeks - and it is only a little work even at summertime! And tattoes? Ask me - I can give you the names of porn actors by the dozen! All together you are by far the best editors of "suit"-porn and I'm sure a countless amount of users will love you for that, so I do. I know it's risky to serve a little niche only and maybe it's boring to produce always the same stereotypes. But that's your chance, Rico! In mainstream porn you will not survive but in suit porn you have the chance to become icons in your work. Much more iconic as you even are. So please allow little criticism - I don't want to hurt you - just want to help a little not to become blindless of your management. I hope you don't throw me out and look forward of things that will come at MAP's!!! ( And I'm sorry for my English! )

Rainer75 09/08/2014
LOL! An opus is a piece of work / art. In earlier times often used to catalogue music from great composers. For example: Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony Nr.5 op.67. Means the fifth symphony in the row of symphonies but opus ( Piece of music ) 67. The symphony is the 67th piece of music he composed. Tatatataaaaaa!

olderbutsexy 09/09/2014
To weigh in on this suit or no suit debate, I understand that if sex in suits is your fetish, that's what you want. I have no such fetish, so MAP suits me very well, I get turned on by the nakedness. The actors are hunky to a high degree, they put everything into their performances, and the production values of the films are the best I have seen anywhere. I don't know how you will solve the dilemma, Rico and Matt, but good luck, mates. And Rainer, there's no problem with your English ;)

olderbutsexy 09/09/2014
Just watched the film again - the slow but sure pace is very erotic. Tony is wonderfully responsive to Dani's attentions. A winner for me :)

raven 09/09/2014
As far as your movie script is concerned, the "doctor" should be on top to my thinking and he should be working as a doctor rather than a masseuse or physical therapist. Tony has trouble growing a full beard and looks a bit scrufty unlike Dr. Dani, who is perfectly groomed and professionally dressed. Both your men have great physiques, and Dani especially has a pretty spectacular climax. I find Dani's tats off putting and personally prefer him fully suited but he does have a great physique and a perfect tan line. The screen play would benefit from more ass play in my opinion. With respect to the heat on set, Dani's axillary perspiration is pretty sexy in my book; you could turn down the air conditioning temp if necessary. Keep trying guys. Your efforts are appreciated. Raven

joedoe1000 09/09/2014
I agree with Rico and Matt on this. MAP is filming great scenes for all members!

joedoe1000 09/12/2014
It is Friday , we are ready to watch FULL THRUTTLE!!!!

mapguys 09/22/2014
It would be great to see the doctor giving his patient an orgasm. All the stories end with the guys using their own hands to cum. In reality being sucked or wanked to orgasm is the greater the pleasure.

joedoe1000 09/26/2014
Matt....please bring back Dani RObles to MAP....he is adorable, cute, handsome, sexy, varonile, love dirty action....I don't know what else to say. Don't miss any opportunity to even do a solo with him...maybe just wearing white underwear and white sheer socks on a bed with dark linens....will look amazing with his tan body. Let us see how horny he gets along and wank his dick until exploding and tasting all of it. He is so different! LOVE IT

dynasty100 12/28/2015
Tony Gys is so HOT

barneylincoln 08/07/2017
Tony Gys..very attractive man, slightly feral, a kiss from him would go straight to my c**k! speaking of which I like his a lot..a lovely money shot. Some of the guys with larger JT's hardly show at all! Bravo Tony! Dani again just sublime. T he fine- stripe suit always looks good on him, so all in all I' very pleased with this film Barney.

stardusted 12/17/2017
Bring back Tony g