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Movie Comments

abc375266731 01/16/2015
hahahahaha SCREENCAPS are too funny~~lol

roenne 01/16/2015
i don't believe it finally ane were the suit stays on well at least one of them you should have this more often they do not have to be naked within the first few minutes its men at play not lets get naked

trombone1988 01/16/2015
Well finally - the suit stays on! About time - was close to leaving Men at Play!

olderbutsexy 01/16/2015
Great kissers :) Well done to cast and crew

tiedupsuit 01/16/2015
Love seeing Dani gnaw on Ford's cock through the pants, leaving a huge wet spot. Wish I were in Dani's shoes

joedoe1000 01/16/2015
Perfet balance: one actor fully clothed (foom beginning to end of scene) and the other one got rid of suit and shoes and stayed with shirt and long socks on (will prefer sheer socks- more sensual and provocative). I like the concept of doctors fucking at is so tempting! Thanks guys for having Dani back at MAP, he is stunning and adorable!

bailey02 01/17/2015
I don`t agree about sheer socks, they are horrible, they almost look like tights, real men don`t wear tights. There`s other sites on the net with men in sheers. Please stick to proper male socks. I`m a Sock fetishist and get my pleasure from seeing the shape of a sexy male foot in a sock and how sexy it looks and wondering what his feet might look like , But if you can see the foot thru the sock, it ruins the effect, a bit like getting a present when you already know what it is!

johnnymuscle 01/17/2015
The guys are beautiful and the chemistry is hot. I love the suits. By the way, I do like sheer socks -- they are luxurious and titillating, so please keep them in! Also, sock garters; a hot man in dress sheers and sock garters or stays is incredibly sexy! Just my 2 Euros worth! Thanks for keeping up the good work MAP!

Ryans 01/17/2015
Great one. Love it that Ford his suit and tie were kept on. More of this please?

Rainer75 01/17/2015
What a debut! Finally a guy with no problems to wear his suit up to the messy end! Thank you, Theo Ford! He doesn't need to show his great body especially if you are gifted with such a beautiful cock, large male hands, an erotic and sensual mouth and mesmerizing eyes that make involuntarily! Always wonderful Dani Robles was the lucky one but I've heared in real live Logan Moore is his boyfriend? Will we witness such a pairing? It would be the culmination of the year!

davieduan 01/17/2015
Why I cannot watch it with a black screen?

Matt Jordan 01/17/2015
Hi, if you're having problems viewing movies please email [email protected] and we can help sort out the issue there Cheers Matt

abc375266731 01/17/2015
Yes! A movie with Logan and Theo please!

joedoe1000 01/17/2015
Proper male socks for formal events are sheer. You can see them in fashion shows. OTC sheer socks are not woman tights. Nothing more sexy than a well dress man in tuxedo and crossing his leg to appreciate a sheer sock with nice shoes. If the man even has a tatoo and can be seen thru the sheeer...that is an ultra big boner! I understand that everybody have different tastes but the world of fashion supports sheer socks for men.

joedoe1000 01/17/2015
That will be so interesting to see at MAP!

joedoe1000 01/17/2015
Johnny Muscel....sheer socks is an accesory that brings luxury and power to MAP scenes. It means power and seduction!

joedoe1000 01/17/2015
LOL...with clothes on or off...I will never leave menatplay. I love men in sheer socks (a strong built man with a refined taste for sheer socks is so seductive and provocative, and to keep on from beginning to me nuts!) Sometimes I wait months to see sheer in MAP but will never cancel by subcription to MAP. Matt and you guys..and bring back French sheer (ultra fine) in the future

NylonOTCs 01/18/2015
"Dr. Ford" is totally awesome!..Dani has it going on for sure. I Loved it!....That HOT ass of Dani''s...Whoa!....Oh Yes!, I cannot say it any better or add too much to Joedoe1000 and Johnnymuscle...Keep the OTC tnt's with these hot gents!!!...They are so erotic and truly a sexy look especially when legs are hoisted up in the air and those beautiful trains running up the tracks into the "love canals"...Thanks! MAP! wonderful as usual!

suitedattitude 01/18/2015
The suit stayed on in the Vice movie too but I second wanting to see far more movies where this happens, let alone a willingness to get cum and other stains on them.

Mcleader 01/18/2015
You're back with the movies I love. They is amazing. Love the upfront story. Wow. Thanks MAP

BlackTie2006 01/18/2015
The movie was OK, what would have been sexier is if he had retied the Spanish doctor's tie into a full Windsor, now that would have been pure sex.

joedoe1000 01/18/2015
Some men have problems doing a Windor knot...good point!

joedoe1000 01/20/2015
Dani Robles is ready for new challenges such as a top performer in leather, harness, boots with sheer socks, sling, leather-nylon suit under Executive suit (that will be a boner)....bring out his DIRTY side!

meninsuits 01/21/2015
love to see how to tie a perfect windsor...joedoe

joedoe1000 01/22/2015
I am sure that Dani Robles can impress all of us with new things.....why not a foursome....3 executives taking advantage of new employee/partner. All in suits and long sheer socks. Let's see how those 3 executives (maybe Tomas Brand, Landon Conrad, Jessy Ares, Mischa Dante, Gabriel Vanderloo) can give a business lesson to Dani over a big conference table (to see full body in action - like in the pool table scene with Gabriel and JEssy) each executive taking their turn to step on top of conference table to pdemosntrate what they know to do best - SEX. Dani will love to accept that challenge in order to continue working in the enterprise with his new peers.

RQUEST 01/24/2015
I have no idea why, but these doctor fantasies are always way so hot. I miss Dr. Stevens. Dr. Stevens with Maxwell and with Damien are still my favorite MAP Flicks, but some of the other doctor flicks are good too. Nobody has bested Neil for examinations yet LOL and we need to get him a residency at MAP Medical Center again really soon. I liked watching him on top of things for those bottom boys.

robicart 02/17/2015
Excellent pairing. Theo Ford is oh so sexy!