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Movie Comments

It is so good to see the Doctor getting fucked, great film

Please don't ever use Lucky Daniels again... I would love this video if it weren't for him. I cant get over that Shelley Duval chin.

sparty 12/11/2010
Did the good doctor even cum or did I miss it?

rimming_rocks 12/11/2010
*****... utterly sublime! this has to be one of THE greatest, sexiest films Men At Play has EVER produced. I mean, beside the fact that Neil Stevens is one of my fav guys (and that I've been dying to see him get fucked here), the whole table's getting

For whatever reason, Neil Stevens does not seem to be a big cummer, it's blink and you miss it in most of his movies.

That's rather harsh, he's cute and has done some nice vids.

tiedupsuit 12/11/2010
Great movie! Love the whole idea of the tables being turned on the doctor. To answer your question, he did not cum. Was not given the opportunity, which is what makes the movie even more realistic. Had he cum, the entire "tables being turned" theme w

Rainer75 12/11/2010
What an infantile wired imagination - obviously it works to the majority, for me it's real kindergarten and has minimal to do with suit-sex. If this is really the last movie with Dr.Stevens it has an positive aspect for me at least. Sometimes it needs a l

its about time Dr Steves (neil) bottomed.

I agree. I'm NOT a Lucky Daniels fan.

ariesboy 12/11/2010
Love it! I agree with the others, it's about time Neil bottomed. I hope we'll see more of him still.

Hallejuah! Carry On Doctor, a sexy and fun film. Billy Berlin a hot number, he's new to me : it's nice that the pumped up Lucky put in an appearence . What a nice hairy chest & crotch this fellow has got. Well, Dr.Neil very pleased to see you again, you

I just LOVE to watch Lucky Daniels -whatever! Love it when he comes and throws his head back, revealing that beautiful adam's apple. MMMMM! Such a sexy, muscsular, latin dude! Thanks.

Joined this site in response to Neil Stevens getting fucked - may that continue with some other studs (like say Kurt Rogers). Would love him in a 3 way with Ben Brown and Christian Alexander or Alex Parry and ... Have to admit Lucky Daniels does not do m

texasbear 12/14/2010
not a fan

I wish Neal had jerked off while getting fucked and cum but maybe next time :-)

It was not about the good doc cumming he was getting fucked and forced to suck, finally. What is this about Final? What does that mean? Don't care much for the stiff doc anyway. Men at Play is fantastic in their continued effort to bring variety of

Billi Berlin ... does that means this guy is german :-) ?

would love to download on my computer like other sites so I can watch it later michel

I just renew my old membership since Neil was able to bottom. a long few months wait. hoping it won't take that long for him to be in action again. preferably him bottoming. thanks again love your sight. maybe you can borrow Englishlads Models to play

anyone there?

blogoh 12/19/2010
Hit him harder!!..neil doesnt tek it softly wen he his hitting ppl in his oda movies,y tek it lighlty on

Neil stick around let's see more of your sexy hot body, look really great in otc's too, would like to see you have sexy with someone like Hugo Martin.

WeHoDad 12/27/2010
A bit disappointing - too academic and Dr. Stevens shows hard only when teasing Lucky. It did not look like Dr. Stevens was really into the bottom role. And poor Lucky - reduced to a finger probe and JO - what a waste - maybe the next time - if there is

is ok regards

this movie justed sucked!

Wow, great movie....You have to have the doctor in future videos being dominated....super hot

Dr. Berlin got to do something all of us want to do--FUCK NEIL'S ASS! Neil has an incredible ass! Bravo, Billy Berlin! Neil needs to make his ass more available!

Neil needs to take a big dildo up his ass! Great scene for Neil!

Neil needs to take a big dildo up his ass! Great scene for Neil!

This is the funniest gay porn video I've ever seen.



the worse movie ever !

I have seen Neil many times. It's about time for him to have good fuck! I would love to screw him, too. Neil, you should be proud!

two gays abuse a stright man, not sexy

The best movie I have seen, most straight men cannot wait to experience the best sex.

uhm, exactly WHO'S straight in this film? the only thing straight about any of these guys is that they're straight to the next man to screw!

Okay 05/06/2013
Wow This is a really good docor fantasy. Love the suit and neckties, good taste. So hot when he sits Down and eat the patient With his eyes, as he undresses. Love the realism of the exam. So hot when the patient looks at the tie,and follow it to the zippe

limerick 04/01/2015
Neil has given so many good fuckings, so it is great to see him getting a good fucking! I am in love with Neil!