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Movie Comments

Phaerim 01/08/2016
Great movie. Lacked a bit of setup and context, but otherwise great film.

georoundy 01/08/2016
very impressive, Adam Champ's wonderfully hairy tatless chest and the new pumped-up Marco: though i would like to see Marco in a suit now, he's lovely!!! at 20plus mins. this encounter took it's time and was all the more sexy for it. the gold tie was an instant turn-on, so 2016 looks like being another good MAP one. geo. roundy

marosatin 01/08/2016
Bellissimo. Era da molto tempo che aspettavo un video come questo.

masstiehemd 01/08/2016
bien mauvais début d'année pour moi!!! j'aimais bien l'idée d'abuser d'un mec costume cravate, oui pour déchirer ses vêtements. non pour le voir trop vite nu et donc sans interêt pour mon fétichisme!!!! j'attendrai voir un gars arroser de jute sa cravate et sa chemise! ce sont des super HAPPY END pour moi The very bad beginning of year for me!!! I liked the idea to make an excessive use of a guy dress up suit and tie, yes to rep his clothes. No to see him too fast naked and thus without interest for my fetishism!!!! I shall wait to see a guy watering with his sperm on his tie and his shirt! They are great HAPPY ENDING for me

alexwag5 01/08/2016
Great work guys . Using gorgeously, sexy men in a humdinger of a new year special. 2016 is already shaping up just fine!

Jon62 01/08/2016
Good one.....

sparty 01/08/2016
Good scene, loved all the kissing an d nipple play. And bonus.... no ink on either one. Nice.

jeremy_hunk 01/08/2016
Men At Play .. you just made my day. I can't ask for a better pair. Marco and Adam. HOT

Keith_Lincs 01/09/2016
Great to see non inked models for a change and lots of white shirt appreciation - foreplay - nipple sucking - armpit licking - wonderful ! Let's have more like this pls!

toolelover 01/09/2016
2 hot men. Too bad there wasn't any cum licking at the end.

menrock 01/09/2016
AWESOME SCENARIO, awesome ass and cock

maxicartes 01/09/2016
Please a movie of Adam Champ with Dani Robles... please please

Ryans 01/09/2016
Like the bounding. But please more suited starts please . But liked this one.

joedoe1001 01/09/2016
I am so sorry to say that this scene is not a good start for Menatplay. The theme deviates from MAP style of well dressed executives (suit, long sleeve shirt, long sheer socks, garters, nice shoes) . Chemistry was missing, and the moaning was not even natural. Very disappointed to see actors shooting two drops of condensed milk which indicates lack of preparation as actors (no proper diet/hydration, abstinence to increase libido). Don't get me wrong, Marco and Adam are beautiful but this combination doesn't work. Marco will be perfect as an executive and not a a blue collar worker. Please bring back actors like Dani Robles,Denis Vega, Jessy Ares,Logan Moore, Tomas Brand, Dato Foland, Landon Conrad..,those irresistible and hot as hell! Thanks and sorry for so much honesty.

MAPdonatien 01/09/2016
I love to see a MAP movie where they don't strip and start fucking within the first few minutes. For almost a decade, I've loved this site for films that involve not just suit worship, but also the worship of the man inside the suit. Adam Champ was perfect for this. The bondage, worship and kissing added so much to the eventual sex. I agree with the others that the part involving the pure white shirt in contrast to Adam's gorgeous hairy chest was some of the best setup that MAP has had in a while. The under-chest bondage combined with the shirt ripping open and sleeve cutting was as hot as anything ever shown on this site. I think the only other MAP actor that could have done as well with this is Jessy Ares. I've also always liked Marco Rubi, starting from the incredible "Just Fucked" movie, and I love his perfect ass and how he's bulked up. He was a perfect compliment as well as contrast to Adam in this one. And I also completely agree with the others that it was nice to take a break from all the tats. So many other sites have hot, muscular and hairy men fucking. That's not why I subscribe to MAP, I want the clothed man who looks great in a fitted suit and then can be appreciated, objectified, dominated by, or submissive to another hot man before they have hot sex. "Gold Digger", "Inside Job", "Nasty Boys", "Stable Relationship", "Spank", "Red / Redder", most of the "Medical" films, etc, all had that quality. And now there's also this one!

CAB1985 01/09/2016
Adam forever and ever! :)

Suitsfan 01/10/2016
LOVED seeing Champ's shirt literally ripped apart, exposing that magnificent acre of man-fur all over his chest and abs! I don't always go for the bulked-up muscle look, but the bondage, ripping and body hair in this one really works for me. Great job, guys!

Suitsfan 01/10/2016
PS: I'd love to see MAP go for a total-destruction scenario sometime. I once played with a guy who was into this; he didn't just want us to rip each other's suits and shirts - he went for total destruction, including sharp scissors to cut our ties, our belts and then our shoes, plus a hammer to smash the cuff-links and the watches we were wearing! Obviously not a scenario to practice every week, but a total turn-on at the time! It wouldn't appeal to every MAP subscriber, I know, but for those of us thoroughly aroused by such things it would be great to have at least one video offered up, so to speak. ;-)

olderbutsexy 01/10/2016
Dio Mio, what a fabulous fuck! Such great chemistry between the guys, Marco is so responsive to Adam, who knows all there is to know about fucking. Gracias/Grazie :)

explorer310 01/12/2016
Bravo MAP for featuring two men with no ink on them. More of such men please.

dark_leather_angel 01/12/2016
Love Adam Champ's hairy body!

NylonOTCs 01/14/2016
HOT!...erotic! and wonderful, MAP!...Marco is so wonderful. and has the most beautiful ass!...Two melons of LOVE!..Adam is just a sexy machine on those buns!.....Thx, MAP! Loved it!!

DFWTailor 01/14/2016
Yes would love it.

Hmmbear 01/15/2016
Yes....nipple play - FINALLY!

sparty 01/19/2016
I don't think you saw the same movie the rest of us did.

Suitedpiss 01/23/2016
sorry these are the kind of movies I don't enjoy, only one guy has a hint of suit on (no jacket), and then that flies off - the beefcake factor is supposedly what drives this and I prefer it to twinks but it does not make up for implausibility and lack of suits.

leogreg 01/31/2016
Those 2 hot guys are so muscular. They make my cock so rock hard. I love those very hot and very erotic uncut cocks. I love when 2 muscular guys have very hot all-male sex. It is extremely very horny.

SaberEgo 02/27/2016
love it

sparty 02/28/2016
plus all the hot kissing loved it!

ilst 03/11/2016
I very much agree.

ilst 03/11/2016

luther5 05/06/2016
I totally enjoyed the way Marco played with Adam's erect nipples through the material of Adam's dress shirt, wetting the fabric with his mouth, making the nipples transparent through the moist material. Hot. And seeing Adam's entire suit reduced to shreds was also hot. Nice and slow and erotic. A great film. Well done.

Sherman 05/26/2016
Adam has the best hairy body. And a good cock too. Both men have great bodies. Good moving video.... Keeps you motivated.... Well done.

Tristram20 05/02/2017
Marco is hot and has an amazing ass. I wish Marco could have fucked Adam and we would have had the pleasure of seeing Marco in his full glory.

jeremy_hunk 07/09/2017
Just re-watched this scene .. still found out so HOT since the first time I saw it. The muscular good looking guys. Adam champ's hairy body. Marco's bubble butt, Two masculine guys kissing.- very erotic. Can we have them back soon in MAP? Please?

Sherman 09/24/2017
Enjoyed Adam's hairy body and hairy cock. He is a sexy man and turns us on with hhis hairy body. Marco has a nice hairy cock too. Thhe cum shots could have been better with both men.........but overall, good video men..........................................24 September 2017.......................................................................Good video Matt. Thanks