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Movie Comments

Mick4984 05/12/2017
Brilliant and passionate! Franko as always is really hot in a dominant position, we really need to see him as a tyrant boss who fucks his young and scared employee right out, it would be fantastic to watch, please MAP!

Rainer75 05/12/2017
This horny italian hunk Paco really has it all! A horny masculine "snout" combined with a hot, bouncing ass. I envy Franco for the experience of how this luxurious back-equipment feels from the inside. Knows anybody about Paco working as an escort? Plot and camera well done.

Jon62 05/12/2017
Good rough one in suits. Shame Paco didn't get the top part ripped/trashed - Jean was in a good position to do that for him - but good all the same. Great way Paco ripped up his own trousers !

sparty 05/12/2017
Been easier to unbuckle and unzip. Just sayin'

musclefucks 05/12/2017
Gracias guys, nice sex. Jean is still a major star. But Paco cutting off his trousers, really??? And I miss a final line ... "You've go the job".

LORIS 05/12/2017
Good to see hairy, sexy, muscular Paco again, ufffff, always so hot and horny from his very first solo which was one of the best ever on MAP site !

ethanzileri 05/12/2017
Finally !!! Shoes on !!!! Wow . Never take out the shoes in your porn videos

Nasanaz84 05/13/2017

everhard12321 05/13/2017
Thank you for directing Paco to leave both his socks and shoes on. Hottest part of the film for me!

Matt Jordan 05/13/2017
easy ain't best

joedoe1000 05/13/2017
We need back fully white collar scenes at nice scenarions (mansions/offices/buildings/limousines). What a change on the quality of scenes y from London (elegant/well directed) to Malaga (low budget/careless). It seems that MAP is moving from well suited-tied-sheersocked-executive scenes to raunchy-cheap scenes including leather and dirty places. Waiting for next scene to see if there is any improvement.

Sherman 05/16/2017
We needed to see Jean suck. Paco's hairy large cock. Jean has a hairy large cock we enjoyed. Love the hairy cocks on men. Video was ok.

Sherman 05/17/2017
Great video......BUT......why did Paco keep his black jack strap on and we did not be able to enjoy his. " hairy" large cock. That we time. Please................

Rainer75 05/18/2017
Dear Sherman! What please is a "hairy cock"? And why do you reduce sexuality on this? What about a handsome face, sensitive hands, bulges under shimmering suit-fabric? There is so much to enjoy.... By the way: Do you have a "hairy cock"?

Sherman 05/19/2017
Jean does better in other videos, he should have pulled the jock strap off of Paco and exposed his hairy long cock for some excitement. Pavo. Was boring when hairy cock was not exposed..........

halpofein 03/04/2018
Awesome combo!