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Movie Comments

everhard12321 02/24/2017
I like this film not only because we get to see Dato Foland bottom (it's been far too long since he has taken a cock up his ass) but because of the smart direction of this film. I've been among many who have criticized and complained about Frank Valencia in the past. His garish tattoos distract and really don't fit into the white collar fantasy world Menatplay viewers want. Yet this time the directors got wise. Notice that Frank kept his shirt and jacket on through the entire film and that his body was positioned in a way that allowed us to see a few of his tattoos as possible. I admire that; it seems the producers listened to our comments and gave us what we wanted. Although "Flip" lacks true story conventions, everything else in the film makes up for it, especially those tight trousers Dato and Frank wore. Even Dato's hair is a turn-on for me. What a cutie!

Rainer75 02/24/2017
This "Flip" is not a "Flop".

avm212 02/24/2017
OMG Dato looks good! OMG his cum shot! OMG CUMMING ON SOCKS!!!!!

Gael1206 02/24/2017
Found this to be another ho-hum video from MAP. I do appreciate the flip flop fucking but the set up and lack of any story are really bad.

Dan1762 02/24/2017
Hot pair, and glad to see a flip fuck for a change! Now can I buy Dato's socks??!!

505map 02/25/2017
I agree with every word!!!

joedoe1000 02/25/2017
Beautiful done!

joedoe1000 02/25/2017
We are two bidding for Dato's TNT sheer socks, so hot!

joedoe1000 02/25/2017
The last two minutes showing a well groomed, suited and sheer socked Dato ...impecable. Love those two minutes of play!

Hmmbear 02/25/2017
Gawd. Boring except the 90 seconds of nipple play. Dato was HOT, the other NOT.

cumchum 02/25/2017
This video is hot! Nice to see Dato bottom for a change! And great shot of cum in his face and hair! Would be nice to see some scenes of a hot ass in suit trousers. Both guys butts looked hot in these suit trousers but we didn't get to see. Perhaps take off the shirt and jacket and keep the trousers on for a change. Unzip and bang away with shots from the rear. Now that would be hot! Any shots from behind turn me on. How about it?

Sherman 02/25/2017
Poor scenery, bad video, small cocks with little hair around cocks, bad tattoo's..........just boring. MEN AT need other models.........maybe next time. Last four video's were bad. Where is Mark, Dario, Jean and Enzo's?

bear990 02/25/2017
okay when can we get one of them in a suit and the other one naked i miss the old men at play stuff

musclefucks 02/25/2017
Nice flip-flop gents, gracias :) Amazing ink, and great to see Dato's beautiful culo taking such a pounding by a big cock. AND. the fetishists must be happy this time ;)

elunico 02/26/2017
Amazing and great to see Dato Foland again , love his body its like a man in suit whit big cock and ass.. .

SaberEgo 02/26/2017
I came twice

Sherman 02/26/2017
Bad video....Dato has done better. Poor theme.

brisgay 02/26/2017
Totally agree! I also love suited butt!.

NylonOTCs 02/27/2017
Hey!!!...There's " 3 " now bidding for Dato's socks!!!...I dont care what anyone thinks, this was FUCKING HOT!!!...Gent's Loved it and get Dato in some more TnT's man...great ass on both loved the tats on Frank esp. the left hip...mmmmm!!!..the blue/green in that TAT is just too fucking cool. YES!!!...let's flip again, loved Dato giving Frank a little tongue to toe action as he plowed that pretty sweet ass on Dato!!! I took this one to bed with me, boys!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! More, More, More!!! ps. love Dato's hair so gentleman like too!

Sherman 03/25/2017
Another boring video. It is time for Men AT Play. To use some of their new comers like Mike, Jean and Dario. They have great large, thick, "hairy, cocks and have Enzo suck all three of thhe. He is the King sucked at Men At Play.........boring........

kensike1 04/15/2017
I love Donato xxx

kapukane 04/21/2017
Business man with a neck tattoo? Guys easy with the tattoos, not sexy.

kapukane 04/21/2017
turned it off after seeing all the tattoos Frank.