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Movie Comments

LORIS 04/15/2016
Am I the first one this time ? How nice ! I had an immediate hard on in my pants when I saw Hector flirting with camera and drilling his asshole which has not been pounded yet, at least at MAP. And then of course the great finale when he covers his own shoe with huge amount of hot load and licks it - so fucking hot...

MANSMAN 04/15/2016

505cents 04/15/2016

DFWTailor 04/15/2016

kaokaoz9118 04/15/2016
how hard is it to see Hector De Silva is fucked with his black socks, i have been waiting for long long time and become really impatient, will unsubscribe soon

masstiehemd 04/15/2016
génial ! ce solo, surtout grâce au beau Hector De Sylva, au regard extraordinaire. Moi qui me met en scène souvent en train de me masturber, costume cravate, je prends dans ce film plein d'inspiration pour mes futures vidéos. les chaussettes, le pantalon déchiré, le traitement du cul, magnique pose sur le canapé avec cette vue en contre plongé chaussette, pantalon déchiré cul ouvert, chemise blanche , très belle cravate et bite branlée .... SUPER Brilliant! This solo, especially thanks to the beautiful Hector De Sylva, to the extraordinary look. Me I wanks often , dressed up suit and tie, I take in this movie full of inspiration for my future videos. Socks, ripped pants, the treatment of the ass, wonderful view on the sofa with this it against plunged sock, ripped pants open ass, lines white, very beautiful tie and wank cock....SUPER

suitmen1 04/15/2016
nice. Love when masturbate in suit and use other suit items. If Hector use suit lining for masturbation it would be hot too

joe123 04/15/2016
Hector de Silva you have style! Hot and horny!

wolfioti 04/15/2016
I wish there were more solos like contrived story or odd chemistry. Ripping the seat out of his trousers and playing with his hole was a really nice touch, although I wish there were tighter and clearer shots of his hole without his fingers in the way. Also glad there were no dreadful sheer or oddly colored hose. Simple, normal opaque men's black socks are always the best, most masculine choice.

mtmslg 04/16/2016
Meh. No matter how hot the guy, solos are kinda dull.

oliverg 04/16/2016
effectivement on ne résiste pas à l'imitation de la scène.. dommage qu'il ne finisse pas avec la cravate essuyant la chaussure.. cet Hector est trop sexy.

jimbo104 04/16/2016
This guy was made for porn. He has the looks, equipment and good instincts. I'd love to see a video including his interest in uniforms and domination.

Suitsfan 04/16/2016
Hector is one of your hottest current players, and he shows himself off extremely well in this! I particularly loved the trouser-ripping (I'm not quite sure when he started drilling the hole, but it was a total turn-on when he ripped the seat and crotch wide open), and the hot, lingering looks he gave us while licking his own cum off his smart black shoes were thoroughly erotic! Five stars in my book, to be sure.

smartguy 04/16/2016
Loved this video, Hector does a great job for his audience. Outstanding performer with the camera. So Horny!!!

limerick 04/16/2016
Very nice! So good to see a solo performance again! Hector rivals Steve Hooper, the King of Men At Play Solo Performances!

raven 04/17/2016
Hector is a beautiful looking guy minus the tats, but this installment is rather boring. I would much rather see Hector playing opposite an equally attractive model! RAVEN

dsmale 04/17/2016
QUE ES ESTO? You showed a guy, yes not bad; with bloddy skin accidents such as Warts or else? By himself? What is this joke? Are you taking people for granted or else? DISGUSTING! Es un asco machos!

anno1992 04/17/2016
I agree with everyone else who thinks that a solo performance in general is disappointing. In my opinion MenAtPlay should either begin to release new videos more than once a week or stop producing solos. I understand that movie comments may affect what kinds of movies MAP releases, so: Could we get some more pec worship like the one Samuel Colt does on Jake Genesis (2012) and Massimo Piano on Flex (2016)? Thanks!

Keith_Lincs 04/17/2016
This is a really disappointing video,

tux_man 04/18/2016
Great solo video - right up there with the classic solos from years past

Skiier 04/18/2016
Solos scenes are usually boring, but his tight ass in that suit and that Face - Yum!

air4711 04/19/2016
super !

Suitman63 04/21/2016
Except most people seem to like it... in my opinion, if you can't appreciate a guy as gorgeous as Hector on his own you shouldn't be here but on a myriad of other suck rim fuck video sites. For myself I have been hankering to see Hector do this - not all the models can but he can - I'd have preferred it if he splattered his suit jacket with his huge load but he rips his trousers and as usual keeps it on so I ain't gonna complain just wank.

tux_man 04/21/2016
A great solo from a very hot model.

olderbutsexy 04/21/2016
Beautiful and sensual ... thanks to Lindo Hector for sharing this with us. Now do we get to see him bottom on MAP? Who will have the pleasure, Enzo? Marco? Denis?

Suitman63 04/22/2016
and I guess you are perfect, right? The only disgusting thing here is your comment.

Rainer75 04/22/2016
Do you really need the interaction of two ( ore more ) men to accept a scene worth to jack off or have fun with it? Are you made so simple? What a poor and dump statement you gave...

Rainer75 04/22/2016
Dear MAP-team! M o r e solos please!!! Perhaps next one with Enzo Rimenez or Dallas Steele? Please!

Sherman 05/07/2016
This is boring. Your worst video

suitboy116235 07/26/2016
love the closeup shots of hector rubbing his crotch and arse [ trousers on ] more of these kind of shots please map,,trousers on,

suitboy116235 07/26/2016
would like to have a film with a guy wanking over a very close up view of a trousered arse [like this],cumming over the trousers,,then the guy that wanked licks the cum off the trousers and shares it with hector,[ or whoever ] mmmm .maybe one day :)

barneylincoln 07/21/2017
can't warm to this fellow at all BUT i have enjoyed some of the films he's appeared in. like many others on this site i'm not a huge fan of solo's. love..Barney.

loveinsuits 08/26/2017
Wish they also filmed while he dressed himself up after the shower, they used to do that.

Sherman 10/08/2017
Hector, your score is 97. No way. You cock is average and you have little hair around your cock. Boring to just look at your body, you need a partner like Mike, Jean or Dino with there great cocks and a hairy bush/ body. Good luck. Boring, you can do better than this video.

Sherman 11/26/2017
No solos please. Just boring. Hector has nothing to offer with his small cock and no hair around his cock. Even his asshole had very little hair. Not exciting comparing to new models. I thought I would give this another chance, but again found it boring. Solos are not the way to go............25 November 2017..................

musclefucks 08/29/2018
Querido, hermoso Hector x