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Movie Comments

joedoe1000 12/02/2016
Scene for those that like top actor wearing a suit from beginning to end. I will wait for next week scene, maybe will show more sex positions (rather than 2) and suited/sheersocked actors. Have a nice weekeend!

Suitman63 12/02/2016
Which many of us do and get so infrequently... It's Hector FFS, will you please pay him twice the going rate as he is one of the few actors on here truly comfortable doing it all with his suit and what's more doing it all means doing it all, frankly I love it - the sucking off, the cum down his suit, and fucking with it on all in a deliciously sleazy glory hole bar, can only ask for more as in same thing with a group orgy of it like the Paddy one a while back.

jmchc68000 12/02/2016
Please these two men Under shower fully clothed !!!

tiedupsuit 12/02/2016
Beautiful suit. Would have loved to see Hector on the receiving end of multiple loads.

ScuffedShoes 12/03/2016
Love this scene from start to finish. Hector is one hell of a good looking man and you can tell that he really gets off on having cum down the front of his suit and tie. Would have loved to have seen him with several guys blowing loads down the front of him.

NylonOTCs 12/03/2016
This was really good!....I too, love Hector, wanna see more OTC's on him fucking a guy like he does and does so well!!!...Josh is abs. perfect. I like this guy a LOT!!!...HOT ASS, great lips, face and wanna see OTC's being licked on this dude. Thanks! MAP!!!....Five Star Performance!!!

LORIS 12/03/2016
Mmmmm. l like glory holes and I practice them whenever I can. And I like both guys in this movie - Hector is a MAP star for some time already and I find Josh so very hot - one of those guys who drive me wild...

robicart 12/04/2016
Hector is one of the best players in MAP. He sucks with superb finesse and he fucks intensely. He's just one of my favorites. And Josh just completes the situation so well.

DesertMan 12/05/2016
Very hot video. Hector is unquestionably MAP's hottest. Not to say Mr. Milk isn't. He's terrific, too. Hector's suit & tie are excellent. And, I love it when you get creative with the camera, i.e., the shot through the glory hole of Hector plowing Josh.

musclefucks 12/06/2016
Fucked to death by Hector, what a way to go! Thanks guys, well done, cast and crew

tiedupsuit 12/09/2016
Love seeing a suit covered with cum. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get the cum off a suit without ruining it?

robicart 05/06/2019
Hector is one of the best. He loves to suck dick and I like that. His beautiful dick and balls pulled out of his pants is always great for me. Camera work when Josh Milk sucks him could have been better.

robicart 05/14/2019
When I see Hector I get excited. When he takes out his dick and balls I really get excited. When he sucks dick I almost go berserk. If I were sucking his beautiful dick I would be in heaven. Oh yes, Josh, suck those beautiful balls and hard dick!