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Movie Comments

MANSMAN 07/07/2017

actor117 07/07/2017
Hector's suit is awesome.

actor117 07/07/2017
Why did you cut away from the sock kissing?!

hugo2014 07/07/2017
I would LOVE being Hectors dry cleaner man! so sexy love the use of blue. you guys are the Matisse of gay porn !

musclefucks 07/07/2017
Blue Boys! Nicolas is a big hunky kid, and Hector, beautiful blue-eyed Hector, is so lovely

actor117 07/08/2017
ooo forget that there was some GREAT sock stuff!!

everhard12321 07/08/2017
Agreed. It's one of the best suits the site has featured. Stylish and sexy!

raven 07/08/2017
Today's pairing of Hector with Nicolas is the best out of the MAP studio is a long time and is a joy to watch from the beginning. The script is fast moving with horn- dog Hector leading the way with his receptive, younger language teacher , Nicolas. Nick fulfills Hector's requirements in a partner to a "T" as outlined in Hetor's bio , and both men satisfy my taste in your stable of performers from head to toe, with good grooming to include conservative hair cuts, healthy skin and minimal or no inking, nicely firm but not over done musculature, healthy appearing genitalia and anus, and the ability to produce generous and forceful ejaculates. And Hector's blue eyes make one melt. Thanks for this summer's treat, and I hope to see more of Nicolas in future productions with his winning smile! RAVEN

MANSMAN 07/08/2017
I totally agree.....BEST EVER

mtmslg 07/09/2017
Love Hector and his suit is beautiful! Nicolas is quite the hunky, teddy bear! Would have loved to see him from behind --- and seen Hector eat him through those pants!

Suitman63 07/10/2017
GORGEOUS suit and we need more Hector's - guys who get off (or at least appear to) keeping their suits ON

Cali-suit-shoot 07/11/2017
My Blue Heaven...... very sexy powder blue suit to match Hector's eyes. You must have sewn him into the crotch of the pants. Nice touch shooting on just the vest and shirt. The rest of the suit is good for another go-round. Be hot to see him mistakenly walk into a "Scally" bar and have the lads work him over in his pretty blue suit. It looks like it might rip pretty easily- lol.

NylonOTCs 07/17/2017
Fantastic!!!...Is all I can say...Oh Man!....Hector you are so fucking HOT!!!...your sucking on those HOT!!!...feet of Nicolas. WOW!!!...Do that some more., "Hector"...You made my day/night here. Nicolas has a beautiful ass...cant say enough here, MAP...This was good, very good!...and yes, loved the blue suit .....mmmmmmmmmmm...Hector, youi must have to hide out when you go out!...The boys would eat you up!...I would love to see Hector and Logan about BUNS!!!...Logan, my man!!! This was well "Over the Top", MAP..KISSES x 10!!

kerlefaktor 07/17/2017
extremely hot! I like those English lessons!

RQUEST 03/25/2018
Hot Stuff Hector!!!!!! Oooooh!

robicart 06/16/2019
Hector's suit is perfect. It shows off his dick and balls so well, and Nicolas does such a good job sucking. Then Hector returns the favor and sucks Nicolas' beautiful dick. And like almost always, Hector's cumshot is terrific. Loved this scene.

발가락양말 08/19/2022
좋아요 Like