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Movie Comments

smartguy 03/27/2015
Hot Movie! Enjoyed it! ;)

olderbutsexy 03/27/2015
Great fuck, gents! Handsome Edu knows how to give it and Robbie takes it like a pro :)

loosecollarntie 03/27/2015
Hot, loved it!

loosetie13 03/27/2015
Great movie guys - super hot. Another hot fucking in a white shirt, with a loose tie too. Got me all horny now!

loosetie13 03/27/2015
Also, guys with beards are totally in, and totally hot. Myself included. Well, the first bit :-)

karlcocksuit 03/27/2015
Loved it also. Have a beard also. Love getting a spunky facial. Ive had a few suit encounters in my fav grey suit. ;)

johnnyt43 03/27/2015
super awesome movie!! Robbie has one incredible butt. loved the pairing. Thanks MAP.

limerick 03/28/2015
Robbie Rojo is a cute guy! He certainly is nicely endowed!! Lucky Edu!!

NylonOTCs 03/28/2015
Loved it!, MAP...Edu is HOT as usual and knows how to plow that pretty little ass of Robbie!!!...Hope to see more of both!

everhard12321 03/28/2015
A dirty hot screw between a wayward boy with a super long cock and a handsome daddy in a slick, knockout suit. This flick is a great rebound from last week's failure. Exceptional work here.

Suitsfan 03/28/2015
It was great to see Edu Boxer keep his fine jacket, shirt & tie over his shoulders while displaying his wonderfully hairy chest; just a pity none of that copious spunk ended up on it! ;-) And Robbie Rojo is a hottie; hope we'll see more of him - fully suited - in future offerings.

albertandrew 03/29/2015
Azerbaycandan salamlar)

up4anything13 03/31/2015
love the abuse of power

topsuitedgam 04/01/2015
Edu Boxer should not open his suits and the boy should be in some format wear too

luther5 04/03/2015
"Hey, kid. No ride is ever free. Didn't your parents teach you anything!"

treasurerail 04/13/2015
We want hunks, not silly and shaved twinks that one can find everywhere !

hadrian130 06/01/2015
I love Robbie's so hot how he looks like he doesn't want to do it but is forced by the situation to submit. Great power dynamic.

Albertochile69 06/06/2015
disagree with some negitave comments its good to see ed fucking a fit lad

ken4cock 06/23/2015
I especially like the play of Edu's fully open white shirt against his dark, hairy chest and torso as he gets into high gear fucking the daylights out of Robbie. Really good touch, guys.

dott.farina81 10/22/2015
Beautiful!!!! I'm so horny after this ..! I like daddy so much..

Evasion 09/25/2023
Waiting for a revenge where Robbie submits this hot dilf at his office and fucks Edu rough and deep on his desk!

ANTHONY 10/04/2023
Loved the part when Robbie takes off his socks and makes himself naked.