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Movie Comments

Suited33 10/16/2015
The first movie in a long time that actually turned me on. It was good to see the guys fully suited while making love and to catch a glimpse of the jacket linings too. A*. Still wish we could have the occasional suit jacket lining movie made.

MANSMAN 10/16/2015

MANSMAN 10/16/2015

BlackTie2006 10/16/2015
Sexy cutaway collars, ties, knots and suits - so sexy why would you want to take them off. Great scenario and great looking models, perfect for the roles they played. Would have been perfect had the suits been kept on and cum shot over their gorgeous

olderbutsexy 10/16/2015
REALLY hot sex, great chemistry, bravo everyone, y gracias senores. Dani deserves an award for sure :) (But when will Hector get naked??)

Jon62 10/16/2015
Great cum shots.....good one

masstiehemd 10/16/2015
Very good video and we would have been able to see the seller and the buyer to fucking in the car. Without undressing to see to cum shot over their gorgeous shirts and ties. ... But finally a very good moment

Andy1973 10/16/2015
Nice! and again Hector keeps the suit on till the end. Love the combination of a naked beauty and a suited stud. Nice MAP, love to see more of Hector

Andy1973 10/16/2015
I can only agree with your comment. Belgium here, where are you from?

markbound 10/16/2015
Wow! This is one of the hottest films on here in some time. I love how much of a hungry, cock whore, power bottom Dani is and I've loved everything Hector has been in so far. He is a very sexy man and love how he leaves on his suits most or all of the t

bear990 10/16/2015
holy cow! this is one of the hottest scenes with them in it. i seriously love hector de silva. and deni. love that hector keeps his suit on when fucking thats so hot. i hope too see hector in more vidoes on here in his suit. love the naked and suit fuckin

robicart 10/17/2015
Hector wins the award for hottest man going at MAP.

limerick 10/17/2015
Wonderful scene!! Hector & Dan know how to FUCK!!

masstiehemd 10/17/2015
from barcelona and I m french

NylonOTCs 10/18/2015
WOW!!!....great flick, MAP!...Dani and Hector are perfect. This was really good!...What everyone has said here I can only "double" it! Do more like this guys! time use a convertible with the top down so Hector can fuck that beautiful ass of Dani's

NylonOTCs 10/18/2015
I had to watch this one again!...Hector is fantastic "Fuck Machine" and Dani, is a fantastic "Fuck Me Machine"....sweet ass like two ripe melons bouncing around! The blow/suck job through the car window is over the top! Love the grunts, slurps and tongue

Suitsfan 10/18/2015
Hot action between two VERY handsome, suited guys - and I love the fact de Silva kept his suit on throughout! (Would have enjoyed seeing Robles' shirt ripped off, rather than just unbuttoned, but I guess I can't have everything . . . ) ;-) Robles' bod

Suitboy2002 10/19/2015
One of the best vids for ages - mainly because one of the guys kept his whole suit on. The only thing that would have improved it would have been if they had cum on the car not each other.

joedoe1000 10/21/2015
Hector completely dressed from beginning to end is boring (should have taken shoes and pants off). Dani's socks terrible (ribbed socks - outdated). The scene did not show how actors take off pants and shoes which will add reality (drastic editing - we se

Matt Jordan 10/21/2015
if you mean bring back scenes wearing sheer socks pulled up to the knee I would argue that this is not reality. As I have never, outside Menatplay, experienced a man EVER wearing this. This would be unrealistic. You didnt like the scene because youre part

Jgland24 10/22/2015
wow that is nice

wolfioti 10/24/2015
Totally! Those atrocious, feminine sheer "hose" are best suited for sites that cater to that very particular fetish or some cross-dressing site. I have never been with a guy who wore those knee high sheer stockings. Of course, that is irrelevant here a

robertx 10/24/2015
I'm interested to see that my original very negative comments on this scene have mysteriously vanished along with other negative comments which i read at the time> If you are afraid of criticism don't invite it !!!!!!!!!!!

hawk1955 10/24/2015
Your models and the sex between them are the best on the net. Consistently masculine and muscular and not a twink in sight. HUGE THANK YOU. These two are two of my fave models. BUT, what a waste leaving Henri clothed the whole scene. Please have them bac

hawk1955 10/24/2015
Sorry I meant Hector

Suitman2163 11/14/2015
Ooh ah cantona in my car... fucking hawt just wish that huge load had gone on some suit material at the end but perfect otherwise

Suitman2163 11/14/2015
This isn't a bloody sock and feet site (though socks are a sort of sub suit fetish) and as for getting their kit off no way!!!

Suitman2163 11/14/2015
joe why don't you look up a certain model of years ago from here who does the sock thing ad nauseam on his own site and stop wittering on here

toolelover 11/28/2015

nex552 12/14/2015
DAMN!! Fucking Hot Scene!!!

JamesFuller 12/23/2015
Hector very very hot!

robicart 06/09/2016
One of MAP's best. Hector and Dani are both superb.