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Movie Comments

joedoe1000 09/12/2014
Extraordinary...flawless...perfect.....Jessy and Denis knows how to play as gentlemen at sea ! Thanks Matt and Rico, and to all your staff.

olderbutsexy 09/12/2014
Good work by the guys, Denis as always such a star. And love the sea too :)

loosetie13 09/12/2014
This one had me hard just looking at the picture above! Wonderful stuff, with some great shots of guys with loosened ties kissing. My one complaint was we don't get to see Denis or Jessy actually loosen their tie but a small whine. More like this though please!

Qman517 09/12/2014
FULL THROTTLE..........Wow an exciting clip this week! I loved everything about this clip the site, boat, attire, and the sheer socks were just Awesome in this scene. Denis & Jessy were meant for this scene. 5 ***** performance for me!

BradleyS 09/12/2014
Yeah I'm having the same problem

miviro 09/13/2014
One of your very best - I loved this scene. Would also love to eat Jessy's and Denis' asses - what beauties! Give more of this quality cinema.

NYCfan 09/13/2014
Vega is way gay and men at play is the last to know it. :o)

elcoyon2000 09/13/2014
using different color socks. Every time black.

coxnsox 09/13/2014
thank you thank you thank you

PornfanHH 09/13/2014
Does not play on my iPad....

sibbaldp 09/13/2014
Will not play on iPad or laptop :(

dsmale 09/13/2014
This is not good neither exciting. It is been a while that there is no chemistry between the guys. With all the competition around the worldin terms of porn, you guys should if I may bring up something good. I find myself forwarding over and over the films until (oh!) it is over. Direction is bad. Sex is technical. You have a reputation as a website, keep it up. If you need help, I can write great porn scripts for you. Just saying.

otc_socks 09/13/2014
Yes black socks are the masculine color for men's otc socks. So hot!

PornfanHH 09/13/2014
Made me cum ✊

explorer310 09/13/2014
Denis Vega is great as usual but Jessy Ares is not. Stopped following Jessy ever since he got those horrible tattoos. Overall paring of Denis with Jessy in this scene is so-so but the cumshot from Denis is great.

masstiehemd 09/13/2014
Bravo for this opus!!! What a direction! Outside the 40 degrees of a studio, with the wind of the sea.... Good idea, good realization

Matt Jordan 09/13/2014
The iPad issue should be fixed now please try again and let us know if you're still getting problems Matt

Matt Jordan 09/13/2014
Im confused, you want to see only black sock or you want to see different colour socks?

coltonford 09/13/2014
Jessy is hot! Would love to see Denis pair up with Richard Rogan of Tomas Brand. When will we see Rogan on MAP again?

Suitsfan 09/13/2014
Enjoyable change of pace using the classy boat-at-sea location, and Denis Vega is a real hottie - always good to watch! I was glad he kept his jacket, shirt & tie on for most of the action (although I'd have loved to see Jessy Ares tear the jacket right up the centre vent as he started fucking Vega, instead of simply pulling it off), and I found the spit-play and cum shots a real turn-on. Vega seems to enjoy being roughed up; I hope you'll give him plenty of additional opportunities to show us just how much!

Suitsfan 09/13/2014
PS: I should have added that Vega licking his fingertip after wetting it with his own cum provided an excellent finale! I'd love to see more cum-tasting and cum-sharing, where you can identify actors willing to do this on camera.

NylonOTCs 09/14/2014
WOW!!!...Over the top, MAP ... This is one of the best yet. What fantastic sex! That ass on Jessy is like the best. (Denis too, plowed like a drill in soft wood!)Denis and Jessy both are wonderful. The Nylon OTC TnT's were TOTALLY, HOT!...Black, Dark Blue or Chocolate Brown...Keep'm cuming, guys!. Loved the toes sucking and precum to the socks! Can't say enough here, gentleman!...The boys Rock! Thanks guys! Great imagination out on a boat! Just don't fall overboard!!! We want to see more "silk socks, sucking and sailing" just like this. mmmmmmm!

moby17 09/14/2014
This is definitely not the 5th symphony of MAP. No opus at all (to use that trendy word). Looking forward to having the team back in the cool capitol of the universe (where apparently all business men wear red stockings). Or did you guys finally film a movie in a monastery in the Spanish outback?

hatetatoos-4-2 09/15/2014
More movies like this, and I will reconsider cancelling my membership. Excellent film with handsome men.

Rainer75 09/15/2014
You can be angry or disappointed with the content, but it is not acceptable to threaten with the cancellation! If you want to cancel - just cancel! To play with it makes the administrator furious and pollutes the atmosphere. Consider just how many people read your message. Better you go if you do not constructive proposals.

raven 09/15/2014
Sex on a private boat out on the water is as good as it get with two handsome men. Great performing models and great photography! Thanks MAP! Raven.

mymap586 09/17/2014
love me some denis!...would love to see a sheer sock-otc themed solo from him or a duo with denis and caleb again or denis and paco!

joedoe1000 09/18/2014
Black, navy blue, gray and brown are so masculine and perfect to match with suiit color (fashion rule)

joedoe1000 09/18/2014
These two machos, Jesy and DEnis, knows how to play like a businesmen, wearing beautiful suits, shirts, ties, otc sheer socks, they are steamy...what a HUGE BONER!

yanshengxiang 09/22/2014
i can't download!

LORIS 09/26/2014
Exceptional setting for exceptional men! As a whole it was a very nice idea as we were watching some 007 movie - porn version. The star of this production is Jesse Ares who shows us after some time his fantastic ass - could eat it and fuck it all day through. Loved also his beautiful white shirt with tall wide spread collar and very elegant lilac tie.

RQUEST 10/03/2014
Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

lowhonleong 10/20/2014
i can't download also???

leoaug1974 10/25/2014
this was by far one hot ass scene! would love to see more OTC sock action most definitely!

BobbyM 11/15/2014
Started okay but stalled before anything got going. Recording is defective.

Darko37 11/28/2014
ale bym tak chciał

colinfirthbbq 03/08/2016

Sherman 08/20/2017
Jessy, you have a great hairy body and a handsome hairy large cock. Enjoyed your body. Denis, you also have a hairy cock but I see more hair in this video on your body than other videos. Your hairy body is sexy. Enjoyed your fast moving video and especially Jessys hairy large cock. Good job........................................19 August 2017.....................................................................

RQUEST 02/21/2019
MAP does not make HOT sheer sock movies like this anymore - I feel so lonesome; awwwww LOL