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Movie Comments

Rainer75 01/14/2011
Is it because of porn? Often the stories are very "demi-monde". Depends on preferences, for me men decorated like christmas-trees are not my cup of tea.

Suitsfan 01/15/2011
Oh, dear - another feast of gym-honed muscle bulk, over-sized tattoos and bare flesh rather than suit-sex. (Being naked apart from over-the-calf socks doesn't count as formal wear in my guide to tailoring.) Patrik is undoubtedly handsome, but I wish his

another usual stuff

otc_socks 01/15/2011
Finallhy two grown men in their prime wearing long black OTC socks. These men really know what a MAN should wear-

I will fix this movie by getting rid of all those rings, keeping Alex with shirt on, both performers wearing OTC Black SHEER socks like the ones used by Ben Brown in What the Fuck and worship Alex's ass and feet. Come on Men at Play... I am sure you can d

Hmmmm not the best that MenatPlay has produced, like to see more guys in uniform, May be in Mess Dress Uniform etc.

Great movie! Thought the guys looked great together & good build up to the sex. Also Patrik going commando - fabulous. Let's see more often, please... plus would LOVE to see him being fucked!! Well done MenatPlay!

It was good but you have done better, the sex was warm but not hot and it would have been much better if Patrik had kept his suit on.

We're on Men At Play >> We wanna see sex in suits ! please back to basics asap...

i like it if have jocktrap underwear, and one men can fuck with 3 way , 4 way men and more muscle men. actor younger, smooth skin.

I thought it was awesome! I like to see a hard muscled man get fucked

tiedupsuit 01/16/2011
When do you get to see Patrik on the receiving end? Would love to have seen the tables turned on him. Have Alex dominate Patrik as he did in Distracted, both guys suited of course.

Not sure this was as bad as some made out - the set up is nice, strip poker, power play, etc. and Patrik looks lovely in that suit and he does at least start to fuck in it - the problem is the lack of chemistry/acting: if this had had the full dialogue an

Add some talking...they're like robots. Keep the suits on. Make it less predictable (more give and take). Yawn.

sparty 01/16/2011
Totally agree. No talking no kissing. How do you spell B-O-R-I-N-G !!

this was about the jewellery and the watches. Patrick's watch was nicer but it was good for mne

It is always a pleasure to see Patrik. He is one of your best models. I would preferred to see him with Lucas Knowles or Christain Alexander or Hugo Martin. Alex Marte is not one of my favorite models. I think the movie would have been more exciting with

Matt Jordan 01/17/2011
they don't speak english!!! what they going to talk about?

The weather, The Royal wedding, PR voting! Maybe sub-titles as in Gold Digger would move things along. I'm sure I've heard Patrik say a few words in English, Yes, No, Fuck Me on other films. I've found a new Erik Demko/Steve Hunt movie so I don't really c

Patrik--Boring Alex Marte---Boring. Decorated men in oversize, in extra small underwear, no Does Patrik ever smile? His face is just like, how do you call it, stoneface?

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING, both are good looking but patrick (is he a gayforpayer?) never shows any real interaction electricity, alex is indeed a hot bottom 'bitch' but this was so passion-less, c'mon NO KISSING???????? Are u kidding? The suits start to bothe

sparty 01/18/2011
I knew I wasn't the only one who felt this same way. Thanks for writing isolde.

First I have to say I am crazy about this site. I would like to see a little more emotion from the gentlemen But just seeing these two beautiful men is alright with me. Patrik is beyond handsome and Alex's face and body is almost other worldly to the poin

Rainer75 01/18/2011
This is the only respectable side for an audience with a suit fetish! Criticism I think is okay - it can make things better sometimes - but to have the idea to quit the suit idea and produce a jeans-site is very deconstructive and ruins MAP. If you prefer

love the site but this video sucked......jumped to anal way too quick...boring....more oral...rimming!

this is a suit site.

Normally when not actors open their mouth to talk, a lot of the fantasy and passion vanishes for the audience right away. The no talking films of yours are the coolest, course we can add the voices in our fantasy. But if they can not express themselves wi

Please, give us back the elegance, the sensuality about suits, the refined taste that MAP is able to provide. We have seen it several times here before......

Why on earth does a beautiful hunk like Alex ad more hideous tattoos on his almost perfect body. Those he had was enough. He is still my favorite, though. Would love to see a more "relaxed" nude scene , i.e. strolling around the pool, shower, etc. Sex

Alex is so nice bottom. I like to watch more he is be fucked.

Alex is absolutely perfect. I would love to have my chance with him. I would have a VERY difficult time holding back. He is definitely the stuff that dreams are make of - so, sweet dreams and enjoy a good night!

I am Russian and I remembered Pushkin opera "The Queen of Spades" by Tchaikovsky great. "Three, seven, ace!-whispered Herman "Three, seven, ace ...- thought Alex. Luck was not a card did not go! At him eagerly watching Patrick, who has long wanted to

Alex is extremely hot but why do they keep pairing him up with these little duds. This video sucked and so did his previous one. I actually went back to his video with Bruno to finish the deal. Get somebody hot with Alex so he won't look so bored durin

Hot! Strip poker is always fun! Alex and Patrik are both handsome men--Adonises! Love this video!

Hot! Strip poker is always fun! Alex and Patrik are both handsome men--Adonises! Love this video!

well said...I totally agree with you.. Alex is magnificent...he needs another big bloke!

I would say that Alex Marte is the most attractive man I have ever seen. He would be even better with a little more bone in his occipital part of the skull. But forget this, this roman warrior (Marte) have the most appaling body I have ever seen. Junto a

True, Alex is superb. However, Patrik is delicious in his own sensuous way. I'd have both of them, separately and together! WOOF! As to Alex's tatts, I think they are awesome.

Yes alex is awesome, though he needs a top man to match the bod a bit more in meat dept.

i found it really hot that the smaller guy gets to fuck the muscle god - but Patrik is my idea of one hot dude as well. I'd give a lot to have him in my bed

Alex....what can I say ...SOOOOOO fuckin hot boy....the best butt in the world!

por que no ha hecho mas videos alex marte?, es el modelo mas caliente y cachondo de todos los demas, que rico trasero tiene. felicidades a la pagina de menatplay, muy buena s peliculas.

concuerdo completamente contigo

everhard12321 02/07/2014
All I want to know is where did Alex Marte find Aussiebums large enough to fit over his big luscious ass?

olderbutsexy 10/13/2014
Alex at his prime - never another model like him, che meraviglia. Taking or giving, always superb, and a tender lover too

olderbutsexy 10/13/2014
Alex at his prime - never another model like him, che meraviglia. Taking or giving, always superb, and a tender lover too