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Movie Comments

Dan1762 01/22/2016
Hot pair, good setting! Love everything Xavi does. Now I'd love to see you guys let loose a little more. Stand him up against the urinal to fuck him. Put that beer bottle up his butt. Want to see all that cum on the suit at the end. And so on! Love you guys.

joedoe1000 01/23/2016
A horrific detour from AND THENSOME to GENTS2. GENTS 2 repeats the same things of GENTS1...a dark bathroom with mirrors that limits the amount of angles that can be taken with a camera without capturing the camera man. Please stop filming in bathrooms with mirrors...Xavi looking at himself in the mirror and flexing arms was so dumb, sorry guys but the truth is the truth. To see a bottom actor getting fuck in only one position (standing) is super monotonous and boring. MAP please don't film more scenes at that cheap nightclub bathroom. I am sure you have better places to film great scenes with all actors only wearing long sheer socks from waist down (without shoes) and dressed with tie, shirt and jacket from waist up, that is the perfect formula. We are ready as members to see next film on Friday January 29th...I am sure will be better than this one. Good luck and keep adding sheer elegance to MAP scenes!

NylonOTCs 01/23/2016
Okay! goes!!!...First off, I am right in there with, "Suitsocks", "Joedoe 1000" and "OTC Socks"...(thanks, guys for posting what you have here!)...The chemistry here is "perfect" let that be known!...However, with such nice suits on both HOT!!! men, (especially the sweet ass on Sergyo!)..PLEASE!!!, let the guys wear some OTC Nylon TnTs!...I agree with Joedoe, take us back to the old fashioned "Bedroom" The bathroom is cool but with such wonderful men, use them in a more, shall we say, "erotic" state!. these guys are so beautiful with the bodies to die for!!!...but don't forget to add some HOT nylon love in the mix!...I don't think i'm wrong!...Loved the intense fucki job Xavi does on Sergyo, Totally beautiful here. But to keep to the theme of "Menatplay" keep the HOT sock scene with the oh so, nice suits, present. Love this cite but want to let it be known how HOT it would be to have those nice calfs and feet shown a little more. Ps... and make it TnT;s!!!...not OTC cotton, (yuk!) Beautiful men in gorgeous attire deserve the "evening look" with the suits this cite represents....There!, said my thoughts, MAP!...Thanks! "NylonOTC's"

tavuna08 01/23/2016
I want to see guys with shoes on and lot of shoes scene please.

jupiter-essen 01/23/2016
i wouls like to have a biger story like the paint, just fucked or the bad cop, bad boss etc.

Suitedpiss 01/23/2016
I am not getting into the utter rubbish about where to film, suited guys in a gents is really hot. I really do appreciate the attempts made to bypass the heinous porn laws on piss and the like by using beer bottles and such. I do wonder if you could push things further - it would be hot as hell to see a guy piss/ruin another guy's suit jacket without him wearing it either behind the scenes and then discovered or while he watches helpless - does this pass the censor. With a fetish you can do stuff to the fetish and not the person but still connect it up so it is horny e.g. has to put the jacket on after it has been used in the urinal. Besides that they are hot guys and most keep their kit on. I am always eager for more cum splattering.

limerick 01/23/2016
Very hot scene!! Thank you, MAP!!

olderbutsexy 01/24/2016
Thanks guys! Xavi is so handsome and classy, and such an amazing cock too ... lucky lucky Sergyo!

ken4cock 01/25/2016
More sadistic than sexy.

Suitsfan 01/26/2016
Oh, yeah - nice job! Seeing as current porn restrictions are so unreasonable when it comes to piss play, augmenting a urinals scenario with splashed and spitted beer offers an enjoyably sleazy suit sex alternative! Loved seeing the clothes getting wet and messy; only wish there had been even more spitting - and perhaps another bottle of beer to add to the wetness! However, the cummy climax was well worth waiting for; cum in the face, in the mouth and on clothes is a total turn-on for me. Thanks guys; more like this any time you're ready! ;-)

Suitedpiss 01/28/2016
Following my earlier comments and those from others there are limits on what porn laws will allow person x to do to person y. My query is whether more can be done to person y's suit when they are not wearing it to crank it up/achieve the same effect.

Dan1762 01/29/2016
Guess I don't understand the UK porn laws, then. MAP has done other films where guys in suits get pissed on -- like 101 Things to do with a Str8 Man (one of your hotter ones!) - why not more of that?

Suitedpiss 01/29/2016
The laws changed quite recently.

Suitsfan 01/29/2016
You're right, of course - and I think it's appalling that a guy can rip another man open with a knife, or shoot him dead with a gun, and it's considered 'mainstream' adult entertainment. If he pulls out his cock and lets go a stream of piss over a willing recipient, it's considered unacceptably deviant and banned from our screens. What on earth has happened to moral standards in today's world? :-(

ronylh 02/05/2016

Ochsenschwanz 05/05/2016
May we get more "Gents" please? I am shure there can be different locations found - the men are already there.

Alann11 08/05/2016
Suits need to be off by the end of the fucking.

musclefucks 04/27/2017
Wow! Superb sex guys :) And Xavi's cock is one of the wonders of the modern world!

RQUEST 03/04/2018
OKAY! Xavi had his kicks and socks on for the whole video and the camera man did not show that off. Shame on you! Shame! You know MORE than half of the subscribers at MAP love socks and/or shoes and are sock and shoe fanatics. Give me a break! Get It Right Please!

kelle68 07/26/2018
so fuckin hot to see xavi piss...