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Movie Comments

Suitsfan 11/06/2015
This was SO HOT right from the outset that I can't believe what a wasted opportunity it turned into. Two totally gorgeous guys, in beautiful suits, getting turned on in a gents - what's not to like? With Dani Robles having flagged in his own MAP bio tha

johnnyt43 11/06/2015
I get SO tired of seeing Dani Robles's poor choice of ass tattoo every other movie. He is not the best actor you have and certainly not the best looking. Please consider some of the more amazing guys you have introduced over the past few months. Such a gr

Jon62 11/06/2015
Kind of agree with Suitsfan. Only thing though is that climaxing over Dani did result in more than appears - look carefully and you can see it went over his suit on his right side but since camera angle was from his left, its almost impossible to see it a

sum_gai 11/06/2015
Sigh. Yup.

everhard12321 11/07/2015
I agree 1000%. Usually I try not to make negative posts on this site--with a few exceptions--but Dani Robles has zero sex appeal, and that crazy tattoo on his ass says more about his poor decision-making skills than anything else. I guess he has lots of b

NylonOTCs 11/07/2015
I thought this was good and HOT!!!...Dani is a beautiful gent!..and so is Matthew!.....Matthew knows how to pork the hell out of Dani. No problem there!...I wish you could of found an area to have the guys lay down!. Those HOT fucking sox on Dani ...Dam!.

admin 11/07/2015
I think we may have said this before but since last year any kind of watersports is illegal in the UK. Unfortunately we have to stick to the rules - nothing to do with us. Rico

Suitsfan 11/07/2015
Really? Illegal in any context or setting at all? That's thoroughly disappointing, to be sure, if it applies even to subscription-based member-only sites. Shame on our UK legislators, then. I'm sorry I wasn't aware, but thanks for making this clear, R

olderbutsexy 11/08/2015
Hah-hah - memories! (Dani is such a bold one, good for him.) Hot film, thanks gents, cast and crew :) But guys, seriously, does anyone ACTUALLY rim through a layer of cloth or two??

mtmslg 11/08/2015
Always good to see Dani and Matthew is a nice addition. (I too would have loved to see these guys a lot more messed up!) I was somewhat distracted by the fact that the tailoring thread at the bottom of Matthew's jacket vent had not been snipped off. Yo

mtmslg 11/08/2015
I LOVE seeing the cloth moistened by the rimming. It's a real turn on for me.

joedoe1000 11/08/2015
At least MAP shows 10 seconds of sheer socks...JAJAJAJA! Next time lets see bottom with sheer socked legs up while getting pound.

joedoe1000 11/08/2015
The scenarion was too dark and the camera man was not taken the best angles.

joedoe1000 11/08/2015
The scenario was too dark and the camera man was not taken the best angles.

joedoe1000 11/08/2015
I totally disagree...Dani is good looking and has sex appeal (and I am not a tattoo lover). I think the chemistry with this actor was not the best and the place was too dark...and of course director did not ask actor to assumes more positions to make it m

joedoe1000 11/08/2015
Enough of Dani Robles? You need eyeglasses, contact lenses or Lasik are blind!. He is super HOT ....I will recommend Dani to stay with only those 3 tattoos......his skin is beautiful without tattos.

BlackTie2006 11/12/2015
Loved to have seen more of the cum on the suit - can we have more focus on this;

Suitman2163 11/14/2015
I agree this had greater potential but it is not the fault of MAP that the porn laws are now so draconian, short of registering the site in Spain we're stuck. At least the suits stay on pretty much and yes there ain't no law yet about spurting cum on one

germansuitguy 11/24/2015

germansuitguy 11/24/2015

levisurfer 11/28/2015

toolelover 12/03/2015
Dani is such a beautiful bottom. Loved seeing his hairy ass.

toolelover 12/03/2015
Dani is such a beautiful bottom. Loved seeing his hairy ass.

ilst 12/12/2015
What a fantastic cum shot

DesertMan 01/23/2016
Right on, joedoe, Dani Robles is movie-star handsome and sexy-hot. And as to someone's earlier comment about 'who rims through cloth?'. It's a great precursor while you're working your way up to the ultimate bare contact. Same with nibbling his nips th

scottt31 07/30/2016
Should have removed the tacking on the vent of his jacket

RQUEST 07/22/2018
MMMMMMMMM! Enough not said about Dani! Put him in sheer TNT and let him GET DOWN! He is so HOT! Bust my sheer load TNT Dani always!

robicart 02/13/2019
Great scene standing at the urinals with those hard dicks and Dani reaches across to feel Matthews dick. Very sensuous then and later as Matthew stands behind Dani. Great scene.