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Movie Comments

loosetie13 05/13/2016
Oh yes! That white shirt! That contrast collar! Klein undoing Carter's top button for him while fucking him from behind (how I wish that were me)! More of these two please!

Rainer75 05/13/2016
Light and contrast is better than in a lot of films in the past. Like some details, but all together not my cup of tea. Maybe the models are too young, the plot is unbelieveable... who knows.

olderbutsexy 05/13/2016
Very sexy stuff - GREAT performances by the guys ... bravo and gracias to all concerned

LORIS 05/13/2016
Not my cup of tea, either, I have to say. They are both very hot, Klein overtattoed but OK .... Navy suit would be far better than grey one, Carter has no underwear under suit which is vulgar for me as if he had only one slip and this particular one was "borrowed" by Klein - how strange for well-groomed elitist ! The pounding is hard but somehow fuck-machine style and there is too much moaning which sounds repetitive and therefore unexciting. I give three stars because of fantastic chiseled bodies and Carter's very sensual play with Klein while undressing him.

markbind 05/13/2016
Totally hot and really felt like they were getting in to it and enjoying every minute, Carter enjoying every inch of hot Klein's cock. Still have a raging hard on after watching it a bit ago. I think these scenarios and dynamics are fun set up but push it more. Have Carter character be more bossy, pushy, make Klein character feel bad and want to "get even" and then really play on that more. Seems kind of lacking in that department based on the scene set up but the fucking was hot nonetheless.

everhard12321 05/13/2016
Carter Dane is just what this site needs: a bitchy pretty boy looking to get hate fucked. What I admire about Dane's inclusion in the world of tony erotic desire Menatplay presents is he proves that power does not equate topping. Bottoms can wield just as much power as tops, both during sex and while not having sex. Carter Dane is a boss even when he's getting his guts banged out. "Get Even" gives us all the Bs: beautiful bodies, bubble butts and one big dick.

colik555 05/14/2016
Hot, hot, hot. Best movie in years. Carter is not only hot and sexy, but believable in that sexy ensemble. The styling made it more erotic. The grey suit is spot on and I love that it's not the same generic navy. Great shirt with the contrasting cutaway and sexy gold tie and pocket square. Of course like everyone else we all have our own particular fantasies and tend not to enjoy what was put forth. This was pretty damn close. Awesome and thank you.

manchesterlad34 05/14/2016
Love the no tie look, more please

BlackTie2006 05/14/2016
Wow what a fabulous shirt with cutaway collar and blue body, the outfit was so sexy and it was good he kept the shirt and tie on for so long, loved to seen him with his ruined tie kept on and spattered with hot cum!

DesertMan 05/14/2016
Carter D. is classically handsome with the added bonus of an award winning bubble butt. Klein K. has super strong animal magnetism and a fantasy dick to match. What a shame that he defiled all that truly gorgeous bronzed skin with a giant tattoo. The trajectory of his orgasm was enviably impressive. Loved the play during undressing, but hate, hate, hate all the repetitive, continuous moaning. Why not a few husky comments of pleasure or some guttural superlatives; even a few hot instructions. ANYTHING! The excessive moaning is distracting and seems rote. C'mon, writers, where's your imagination? Bleh.

Matt Jordan 05/14/2016
We don't actually script the groans it's just the guys having sex . I think if we choregraphed every utterance during sex the passion would die !

hornymancholudo 05/14/2016
i just love it, what a hot scene

rickdick 05/16/2016
SOOOO hot, pure passion but best was the scene where the black thin dress socks were being smelled and licked,,,,wooooof!! TXS!!!

NylonOTCs 05/16/2016
Very erotic and wonderful, MAP!!!....I had to watch this one few times here!...Carter has the most beautiful ASS!!!...WOW!!!...Of course as does, Klein. Carter taking that huge cock and sucking to the base just did it for me, OMG!...HOT, HOT HOT!!! is correct. I cannot even say how beautiful both men are with perfect bodies!..Nips for days and sucked on which is really a turn on...And the sock love by Klein just took this one over the top!...I feel like I need a shower after watching this one!...Keep Carter and Klein on a "Part 2" here where Klein really gets on Carter's ass like in a bedroom scene...Thanks guys!...Whoa! Ps...Perfect nylon OTC socks I might add to love on in the air while plowing those round sweet buns

beastie 05/16/2016
Very hot! Loved the sock licking!!

Suitsocks 05/16/2016
WOW Will these 2 be our new Sock couple ! SO hot, these men are so hot

gay53bb 05/16/2016
WoW! These 2 men are so hot!!!

germansuitguy 05/17/2016

Sherman 05/21/2016
Carter is the best in sucking such a large cock all the way. This is one of your best video's of two great men.

Sherman 05/21/2016
We all forget to mention, great surroundings for a fucking scene. Carter is the best. In sucking a long cock & receiving a long cock into. Hhis ass.... Great actors.

davidjohntorres 05/31/2016
Would love to have a three-some with these guys!!

rickdick 06/01/2016
HOT!!!!! Love the smelling and licking of this black nylon socks scene

Sherman 06/28/2016
Wow, Klein has a very long cock. Enjoy how. He enjoys using his cock. Carter loves it.

suitboy116235 07/27/2016
klein is very sexy,,the more mature guys are hot,but some younger guys like klein are also welcomed..

suitboy116235 07/28/2016
id love to see klein dressed up as a waiter,,ie white shirt,dickie bow,black trousers..he'd look awesome.a scene with him and another waiter getting horny after restaurant closes mmmm.maybe a manager joining in,,just a horny idea, maybe a possible future map film scene.

Alann11 08/01/2016
Great scene! I only wish we had been able to see Carter's gorgeous body for longer than just 3 minutes.

Sherman 08/03/2016
Would enjoy seeing the handsome body. Of Carter with no clothes on. Not just for a few minutes. However, great. Romantic scene with the two of them.

LeoMap15 11/27/2016
Loved every second of it! Especially once they were both naked. Perfect in every way.

Sherman 02/19/2017
Carter has the most. Beautiful body and we did not see it. Klein needed to suck his cock.

actor117 07/14/2017
Carter Dane, look like a little Matt Jordan clone--we miss Matt..

Mysox 12/10/2017
Why female socks?

Matt Jordan 12/16/2017
Thats one you're gonna have to discuss with your sock fetish friends

martyjal 12/22/2017
Carter Dane is 1 of my favorites, he is amazing hot, his smooth chest and man nipples I like the most. He is a hot fucking cocksucker too and love to see him sucking off Klein Kerr, who is also so hot, love this video for sure...!!!!!

RQUEST 03/25/2018
TNT's on each would have been extra hot and extra steamy. I did think those socks were hot enough either MySox -

robicart 06/12/2019
Loved Klein's look in the opening with the white shirt open two buttons. Great look.