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Movie Comments

everhard12321 05/29/2015
Denis Vega has entered the pantheon of Menatplay stars. After so many videos, watching him struggle on a big dick while dressed to the nines is still a turn on. "Good Head" gets everything right. Massimo and Denis mix pleasure with business and the result is a frothy cum cocktail perfect for the beginning of summer. Thanks, guys!

Jon62 05/29/2015
Anything Denis Vega is in,especially when wearing a suit, is always fantastic. Shame he removed his ties at last minute but you use him well. One request: the guys shoot their load - would be great to see the cum then wiped over the shirt, tie, suit that remains on. You did it once in a Woody solo movie. Shame not to take advantage of all that fluid sitting there waiting to be mopped up.

olderbutsexy 05/29/2015
Dios mios :) Denis is so wonderful when he's getting fucked to death (what a way to go!) Massimo gives a great account of himself, and the cum shots, especially Denis being fingered as he shoots, are fab. Congrats to cast and crew x

Suitsfan 05/29/2015
> . . . would be great to see the cum then wiped over the shirt, tie, suit that remains on. You did it once in a Woody solo movie. Shame not to take advantage of all that fluid sitting there waiting to be mopped up.< I absolutely agree! Great cum-loads are shot in a lot of MAP videos, but they're usually left untouched. Fingering it, smearing it, licking it - or wiping it up with or over a smart shirt, tie, jacket or waistcoat - would for many of us be the cum-icing on the cake, so to speak! ;-)

joedoe1000 05/29/2015
I am sure that Massimo will be the perfect bottom for Denis Vega and Dani Robles! Will be so hot to see that soon.

dsmale 05/30/2015
I must say: for the sake of this site. Nothing has turned me on in the last six months. You need a new editor. Sometimes the guys are very sexy but ever so mechanical. I can tell there is an eye for details. We like that in Interior Design, not in sex. It is getting very old your videos. Update yourselves kids. Do not take your website for Granted. à

Monarch53 05/30/2015
I really love this site and look forward to the movies each week. Whatever happened to the guys wearing underwear? I especially liked it when they wore boxers!

raven 05/31/2015
I loved this production from the moment Massimo developed his huge erection until he and Denis climaxed over the latter's beautiful hairy torso.. If only they had lapped up each other's massive ejaculate! Might you enhance the action with some appropriate music, especially in the absence of spoken English? This was a hot, spontaneous scenario performed by a pair of handsome, unblemished men. Well done MAP! RAVEN

Getcrossed 05/31/2015
I am a BIG fan of Denis Vega. But this film wasn't really good due to this kid, Massimo. Piano was not really good!!! Why did you put him on this film? He didn't put any passion; that's why Denis didn't show all his talent. You should put someone like Colby Keller or Jarec Wentworth with Vega!!! I bet you it would be the best film! If you need some advice, I'll give you some tips. Lots of hugs to Denis!!!

NylonOTCs 06/02/2015
Excellent! MAP... I loved seeing Denis Vega get porked! up that delicious ass with that big wonderful cock of Massimo's. Wonderful HOT and erotic fucking here on this. I love how Massimo just kind of "puffs" air, grunts lightly, as he fucks that pretty ass of Denis'. Great guys, truly tasty and lustful, I loved all and even Denis' shots with the OTC nylon gray socks on!....mmmmmmmmmmm...Thanks!...Oh Yeh!, .I wonder how much the building sold for???...... NylonOTC's

Matt Jordan 06/03/2015
Can I ask why you are still here after six months if nothing has turned you on?

Getcrossed 06/21/2015
You should put Landon Conrad & Denis Vega flip flop!!! Alex Marte & Denis Vega, perfect couple!!! Another video with Colby Keller fucking Denis Vega!!! Also Jarec Wentworth having sex with Denis Vega!!! Last but not least Alex Brando porking Denis Vega!!! Please when are you gonna do those films!! As soon as you make those movies, I am gonna suscribe again! Don't put Denis Vega with young people who does not transmit anything!

joedoe1000 08/07/2015
Will love to see Massimo Piano wearing long sheer socks and keeping shirt on as a bottom!

robicart 08/23/2015
Love Massimo's cock and balls out through the fly for long sucking by Denis.

kelle68 07/30/2018
Always hot: suitpants left on for fucking, not caring for any stains...

robicart 02/15/2019
Taking Massimo's big beautiful dick out through his pants flay is a wonderful action.