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Movie Comments

musclefucks 10/14/2016
Mmmm, not the most exciting sex you've ever shown, but thanks guys. We tend to forget how fortunate we are to have Dato back on MAP, with his cute, sexy face, great physique and superb cock and balls ...

Rainer75 10/14/2016
Don't like Mr. Foland instead of lots of fans, don't like Mr. Milk. Don't like the story, don't like the ambiente. Nothing good for me this week - for me the ultimative deepest bottom of a valley of totally uninteresting boring films. Love you MAP for taking care of all us suit fetishists and hope for the next time. Could you please be so kind und show some pics from last week protagonists? As a consolation? Please..

brian74 10/15/2016
Why can"t you show more socks in your videos???

mikecame00 10/15/2016
Yes!!! Favorite part! Also when they kiss them too

everhard12321 10/15/2016
Is Josh Milk's middle name Gape? His asshole looks like the Grand Canyon. Dang!!!

tiedupsuit 10/15/2016
Beautiful suit on Milk. Dato always delivers an amazing load. Love seeing a sharp suit messed up.

beastie 10/15/2016
Yes totally agree

actor117 10/15/2016
For goodness sake put that man back in a suit!

actor117 10/15/2016
Yes and MORE socks (referring to comments below)!

actor117 10/15/2016
I thought pierced tongues at sort of passe and usually only on women these days--maybe that's just America.

Gonzo 10/15/2016
Big opportunity for some sheer OTCs and shoes shots lost here. Especially hot when a new model is introduced to see this. Hopefully we'll get a chance again with a steamy guy like Josh Milk.

jake2064 10/15/2016
Dato doesn't disappoint..some very intense action by him... Love it

markbind 10/17/2016
Wow! I love Dato. He has such a nice sculpted body and an ass that won't quit. I love his roughness and getting what he wants. Josh is a very nice addition and he took Dato's abuse nicely. ; ) Good pairing.

elunico 10/17/2016
shame of production DATO is a great sexy actor, a like to see him dressed un suit ready por pasion and fuck...Love it

NylonOTCs 10/17/2016
Josh and Dato are wonderful here!...Dato is abs. one HOT!!!, fuck machine...Damm!!! Josh does a great job at giving some "deluxe" head to dato. Josh has a super nice "fuck Me" style ass. Agree here with show more leg and the sexy socks guys!....But all in all just great! Dato should of taken Josh in the trailer and fucked him on his stomach with that nice ass pointing North!...Loved it MAP...Thanks, more with Josh would be wonderful!

coltego 01/13/2017
Same boring content. Same boring angles and all in closeups! Yawn!

Sherman 03/25/2017
Not an exciting video or cast. Maybe we are tired of Dato with his small cock since you recently introduced new men with large, thick, "hairy" cocks.

intern2016 11/23/2017
Nice scene. Two very sexy men. Now on to a totally different subject. You seem to use the same men over and over again. You need to get some new men on your site. Except of course Logan Moore. You can use him constantly. More content would be nice. has a new scene every day. Your site could at least have a new video three times a week.