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Movie Comments

klaus 10/12/2012
toller kerl ... sexy ... gefällt mir ... vor allem die haare ... liebe grüße von klaus

All what I can say is WOW,hot,handsome and gave new ideas about masturbation:)

Finally, a sexy dude without a million tattoos. Would be nice to see more un-inked men on the MAP site. Don't get me wrong, most of the MAP men are really hot. But sometimes a clean-cut, uncut, tattoo-free stud in a well tailored suit fits the bill.

A hot,handsome and well playing man with a great sense of humor and a wonderfull face, lovey-dovey behaveiour. I like Jessy Ares and hope I will see more of him

sexysocks31 10/13/2012
Absolutely stunning! A real pleasure to see such a handsome guy, who appears to be thoroughly enjoying his session. The black socks and sock suspenders are amazing and to actually see him removing his shoes was a bonus! Glad to see Jessy has not spoiled h

Jessy Ares is well known in the porn industry. He is an excellent top. Matt and Rico, Jessy will need bottoms like Ben Brown, Christopher Daniels ( for me the best bottom in the porn industry), Justin Harris or Kyle King. Will be great to see the bottom

Great video. Finally shoe fetish!!!! please get this guy together with Justin Harris, seems to me both are shoe fetish guys. Each other could lick their shoes and cum in them.... Congratulations for this video!

raven 10/13/2012
Nice introduction of Jesse Ares. Great physique unimcumbered with tatoos! The action was a little slow moving though. Look forward to seeing him paired with another model, similarly unencoumbered, and with a story line. What's with the well worn swimmers

Jessy Ares will be perfect to take Christopher Daniels' bottom. MAP, plase bring Christopher to your studio and film as many scenes you can with him. Surprise us in November 2012.

ronylh 10/16/2012
He's loving and to be loved... I think the best could be done in a solo... The socks could exactly be OTC's (looking more sheer) and since he like garters they could be worn on the thighs, more sexy even... I back up joedoe's suggestions too...

Matt/Rico: Halloween will bring us a hot movie with Justin Harris.....what about this Friday? Surprise us!

admin 10/17/2012
Garter on the thighs? that sounds like a whole different website!!

lofrluvr 10/17/2012
The shoe sequence was amazingly HOT! A full-on shoe fetish scene would be a dream! In addition to Justin Harris, I nominate Marco Wilson, too—he seemed to be getting into licking Billy Berlin's shoes in "Linked"!

Jessy, don't get yourself tattooed, please... what a nice guy!

Jesse we need more of your beautiful feet

OMG what a sexy clip, loved the shoe fucking scene when he was on the table with his socked feet up in the air. I would have been on my knees there licking the sole of his feet

Yes the shoe fucking scene really turned me on, would love to see him with another shoe fetish guy licking and fucking their shoes and also perhaps have their cocks stroked by the socked feet of the other guy

sguy1910 12/06/2012
I agree...i love the shoe fuck scene...this is hot

sguy1910 12/06/2012
i love the shoe shots...holy hotness...more please!

Matt....bring together Jessy Ares, Kyle King and Trenton Ducatti in a hot business scene in bed with long sheer socks. Jessy wearing long black spanish sheer socks, Kyle Kingi n long blue sheer socks and Trenton in long plain spanish sheer socks. The sce

77mojito 03/08/2013
2 things i love w/ Jessy Ares ... his tantalizing eyes and his nice erect nipples ! of course, he has a gorgeous COCK and a Great smooth body free of being defaced ! too bad his didnt show his ass! i feel he would be a delight to have him in bed.

What a handsome, sexy man. I love the garters, but why those ugly brown shoes? Jessy has a beautiful face, he should not cover it with an ugly beard. He has a great body, and thank God, no tatoos.

LORIS 04/27/2013
Ufff, hot, hot - perhaps the kinkiest solo ever on this site ! Bravo Jesse and compliments to your untatooed hairy body !

Okay 05/22/2013
Love what he does With his necktie!!!!

77mojito 07/04/2013
How i wish i could fuck this handsome Gentleman with a beautiful smiley eyes, gorgeos cock smooth great body hair on the right places and nice erect nipples to play with. i know he has a beautiful hairy ass ( seen His Ass in other website ) that would be

NylonOTCs 12/13/2013
This is the best "solo" guy ever!!!...The feet are just too fucking HOT! those nylon socks, man!....mmmm!...Do more of this baby!...The garters, sheer socks totally over the top! the "on your knees" shot and want to suck those fucking HOT to