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Movie Comments

joedoe1001 12/25/2015
Great action, super hot. What a difference if bottom was wearing long sheer socks... will have been more seductive and sexy. Glamour is key in these type of scenes with executives, bring it back with sheer socks!

everhard12321 12/26/2015
Menatplay ends the year with jaded ex-lovers in suited-up bliss fucking like rabbits. Great! Bring on 2016 and MAP's stable of new studs. More streaks of cum, more over the calf socks, more plump bubble butts pounder mercilessly!

Suitsocks 12/26/2015
WOW now I wish we had some sock licking here ! Hot men!

olderbutsexy 12/26/2015
Bravo gents! Hot sex, wonderful actors, very credible as lovers, well cast as opposites. Thanks so much for starting Hector off in the shower, his body is looking really good, I think he has slimmed down a little, Hugs to all concerned and thanks again for this great Christmas gift x

olderbutsexy 12/26/2015
Sorry about the comments in triplicate :(

raven 12/27/2015
Your Christmas Day installment was a giant disappointment for me! Yes Hector was beautiful to behold showering, dressing, fully dressed, and getting off. The story line in which the action was wrapped was pretty weak. Ehrik was not much of a gift to show off from your stable of men at your disposal. You have put together something richer, more colorful, more season appropriate and thoughtful in times past. Your Christmas Holiday program was not at all what it could have been and what many of us look forward to and need. Happy New Year Guys. Only the mediocre are always at their best.... RAVEN

jonberis 12/27/2015
I enjoyed it! still vote for a slower more sensual one soon, but thanks!

Jumpbi 12/30/2015
Started off good but then went predictable

kapukane 01/02/2016
Please no boyfriend stories. Turn off.

NylonOTCs 01/07/2016
"Back to the bedroom"...WOW!!!...have waited for a nice bedroom scene again, wonderful. I totally agree with, "Joedoe1001" says it all for me. (Thanks! buddy!)...Suitsocks also Lick away on those HOT feet while up in the air!...Please get back to sheer socks, like some HOT cap toe and heel TnT;s....make it a true heartbreaker for some of us! This is like a "fine wine", so fucking erotic especially with well dressed suited HOT men as is, Hector and Ehrik!...makes it so classy and super turn on!...Ehrik has quite a nice ass and can really do a HOT job on a nice cock!!! Got me hard as hell here. This was def. good, MAP!...Just tweek the socks for a few of us here. Would loved to have seen Hector do some foot licking is right! Overall, great flick gentlemen!...Big Thanks!!!

coxnsox 01/08/2016
I enjoyed every aspect of this movie from start to finish. Hot sexy men, methodically unwrapping each other's clothing as the action unfolded yet leaving on ample bits of clothing to keep our suit fetishes sated. I appreciate and respect that fetishes tend to be as unique as each individual member, thus making it impossible to satisfy everyone all the time. Personally, I loved the director's choice of socks. They're clearly the preferred style for today's younger, masculine, well-dressed professionals. Nylon dress socks are as prevalent as the classic silk, wool and cotton versions, however, it seems that sheers are more of a hybrid fetish. In the Navy, sheers were not acceptable while in uniform. The Captain used to say it was inappropriate for uniformed men to wear anything that resembled women's lingerie. I felt the attire was perfect for these two hot young professionals and the sexual tension inherent with most post-breakup sex was totally erotic.

ilst 03/02/2016
Ehrik Ortega's tattoos :-(((

suitedcboy 03/04/2016
HECTOR!!!! Hot guy and he looks so fine in a suit. A suit he can leave mostly on while topping an appreciative bottom!