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Movie Comments

masstiehemd 05/25/2018
BRAVO in capital letters !!! congratulations for the sudden computer failure, congratulations for the new face and its elegance, craved to the end and cum on the tie bravo! Bravo! BRAVO BRAVO en majuscule!!! bravo pour le coup de la panne informatique, bravo pour le nouveau visage et son élégance, cravaté jusqu'au bout et sperme sur la cravate bravo ! bravo! BRAVO

loosetie13 05/25/2018
Very sexy. Love both those hot white shirts too - where do you get your shirts from MAP?

BillyEvergreen 05/25/2018
Why bother hiring such beautiful bodies if you're going to keep them covered up the whole time?

Jon62 05/25/2018
Very good. Great to see them stay dressed the whole time and get spunked in/on their suits. Good looks too.

Rainer75 05/25/2018
Because you watch a suit-fetish pornsite, dear.

DesertMan 05/25/2018;;;;;GAWD!!!

kevdesu 05/26/2018
Yaaaass!!!! This was another hit this week. Great movie.

bootrac2 05/26/2018
Nice! Awesome!

eiswirth821 05/26/2018
What an intense scene! Beautifully photographed and edited, its actors more than met the challenge, and the cumshots were particularly impressive. Loved it! Five stars.

suit77 05/26/2018
What more can I ask for... It's what makes you unique - perfect suit cumming. Again, another great film, the reason I ❤️ MAP.

mtmslg 05/26/2018
Yipes! I nearly avoided this one given the horrible, smirking expression on Salvador's face on the cover page. He looks nearly cartoonish! Given the reviews, I jumped in and wasn't disappointed. I would love to see more attention given to the clothed butt! Please spend more time worshipping those fine, tight-suited asses before dropping 'trou!

Suitman63 05/26/2018
Touche! Indeed, if you want nudity go elsewhere.

AkaneK1103 05/27/2018
Hello, I'm Akane. I'm a huge fan of Andy Star. I asked your Twitter account to release his new scene. Thank you for releasing. I subscribed your site again to watch. It was wonderful. Check my Tweets for the scene. Twitter ID (@AndyStar_TeAmo)

brian74 05/28/2018
Great scene. Would have been better if Salvador took his trousers off. Looking forward to seeing more of him and Andy

Suitsocks 05/29/2018
MAP great scene HOT ! Actors GREAT! Salvador knows how to eat that ass ! Shoes & socks a little better, but still need help. Let me know if you need me to send you some OTC ribbed socks . Please your shoes & socks guys are dying out here.

Joaquin69 05/29/2018
I dont like the american stile of making love with boots or shoes!

jeremy_hunk 05/31/2018
Agree. I get it .. .this is a suit fetish site .. but a little bit more flesh towards the end would be great.

Rainer75 05/31/2018
Dear Jeremy_hunk! For most of us "hard liners" all that flesh you see in most films of MAP is already too much. We had had a little battle with the management about that theme and latest voting ( please look at menatplay twitter! ) seemed to be won by the pure suit lovers. Sure, a nice body is great and exciting, but covered with a narrow suit it's even more thrillinig. You never got hot by watching an impressing bulge of a businessman somewhere at the tube, or elsewhere? That's what we are devoted.

musclefucks 07/15/2018
Andy really IS a star :) Whether he's being fucked into a coma, or with cum all over his face, he always looks elegant and classy. Superb arse and hole, great legs, and a sweet, innocent face ... wow! And Salvador is a sexy, sultry charmer too ... one of your best pairings, thanks gents

robicart 02/13/2019
Love Salvadore's dick and balls. Love Andy sucking him.

Rame6969 07/19/2024