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Movie Comments

Rainer75 03/23/2018
Hector da Silva has no problems with fucking full suited ( Muchas Gracias, Sen. da Silva! ). Why most other actors obviously have a problem??? Don't they know they are performing for a suit-fetish studio? And don't tell me something about the summer heat in Spain - I'm sure you all have an airconditioner working... Hope more actors will be proud to show their masculinity in sharp suits in future ( and hide their ugly tats and overpowered muscles ). Nice film.

hugo2014 03/23/2018
mmmmmm Hector So handsome. So let me understand. Stealing from a boss like Hector means you get fucked like that ? WOW! If I had a boss hot like Hector, I would walkout every night with half the till in my pants, hoping and praying to God he busted me .

Suitman63 03/23/2018
I completely agree with Rainer. Hector is the only model on the site who truly knows how to do it all with his suit on - despite what appears to be a rural background he just plain gets it and most of the others don't. I equally don't buy the wailing about heat and cameras and the like, if he can manage it they all can - or should - or perhaps you really should check a bit more whether they can or not before you hire them...

Suitman63 03/23/2018
Oh, it's a good movie - nice that he goes straight in for the fuck. And stuff the ratings, no one's complaining...

Suitman63 03/23/2018
couldn't agree more

stardusted 03/24/2018
No socks= :(

Sugarman06 03/24/2018
Yet another club/bar scene with no one there by coincidence. (Snoring), Creativity, change of scenery please ?

masstiehemd 03/24/2018
I am very angry, since yesterday I can not see the new video with my favorite actor; I can not record it too ... what's going on? If you can help me, thank you

musclefucks 03/24/2018
Nice sex, thanks guys. Pietro is a hot boy and his juicy arse takes Hector's superb cock with ease. Hector is as suave and sexy as always

Rainer75 03/24/2018
Yes - and that's the problem. Hector da Silva is very handsome and acts always as an excellent pro. But he did it so many times. He needs a rest to return maybe in 4 or 5 years when he's got grey temples and became even more sophisticated. As Marlene Dietrich ( a former great UFA-star from Germany ) said: I almost have been photographed to death. MAP should not have recourse always to their "safe- for - success-actors". Even the most erotic stars become tired out by the audience. In Germany it's called: To burn a star! Don't do that please, MAP. Senor da Silva is one of the greatest porn stars of today and I don't want to see the consumers say: No more of him, he's boring. So please more new faces please! I'm sure, a lot of awesome talents would be glad to give their debut at your famous studio! Believe me.

mtmslg 03/24/2018
UGH . . . enough with the tattoos!

jmchc68000 03/25/2018
What a huge load from Pietro !!!

Sherman 03/25/2018
25 March 2018........I have been bored for the last four months with the same characters and boring videos. I have seen Hectors cock for the last time (he has a boring cock) and made the decision today to resign my membership with Men At Play. Maybe give you another try in three months is time for you to do some interesting videos with a new set of characters with large “hairy” cocks.....and those gentlemen are out there.............................

Rainer75 03/25/2018
Hi Sherman! Don't be frustrated. Remember MAP is the (nearly) only studio producing porn for us suit fetishists. Leaving the subscription is weakening the studio. You won't be live better without the (little) amount of fee and : Hope dies latest!

Suitman63 03/25/2018
If you pardon the pun, you are not "suited" to this site and never were. This is a site to celebrate men in suits not particular styles of cocks and asses and your comments have never shown any respect for that.

Suitman63 03/25/2018
Rainer I am not sure what it is that you are trying to achieve here but I don't think it is helpful. I am fairly sure that Hector is (at least one of) the key draws on this site at present, particularly for suit fetishists. As you noted before, he is literally the only model on here who can and does do it all with his suit on - for whatever reason he seems to get the power play of it whilst the majority of the others are just gagging to get their suits off and show their muscles. If you start moaning he's being too pro and thus becoming boring this site really is done for. The world of porn has changed a lot and a site like this has a hard time keeping going - it faces the problem of all sites namely the rise of "free" amateur porn and copies (sites that we do not need to name that now make millions out of the postings of the likes of us) and answers this by battling on to maintain sky high production standards and relentless new material. The other problem is a more thorny one to do with the suit fetish which remains - sadly - a minority concern. But blame gay men themselves here who like their porn sex served up like a plate of chips with no imagination. As to Hector, I can't see what he can do that he has not done - he fucks, he gets fucked, he sucks, he gets sucked, he messes guys up he gets messed up, he takes his suit off, he keeps it on - so for heaven's sake don't have a go at him. My complaint has only ever been twofold a) that the other models on here need to use their imaginations a bit more and b) that this site needs to stay true to its aim or it will dilute into being the same as the rest. Suited sex is a USP if nothing else. I will agree that I wish there were more Hectors coming along, Damon Heart shows some promise but he has a long, long way to go...

eiswirth821 03/26/2018
Pietro is very handsome, with a beautiful, muscular body and nice cock -- and his loads are incredible. But those hideous tattoos and godawful ear plugs are so ugly and distracting; it's a shame he made those choices. Hector is always a welcome sight -- so handsome, the perfect cock and great loads. I don't understand Sherman's comment (below) about a "boring cock." And this being a suit-fetish site, I love the look of a guy wearing a nice suit and tie with his erect cock outside the pants: So hot!

Rainer75 03/26/2018
Dear Suitman63! I agree with you and think you are right in every fact you explain. But do you really want to see Mr. da Silva again and again and again? Sure he is an icon, a lighthouse of MAP and as I wrote he acts always to our best satisfaction. Unfortunatly if I would be married with George Clooney I won't have sex with him only my whole life. Maybe I want too much and maybe I'm unrealistic - but on the other side MAP can not rest on 5 or 6 outstanding "anchor-actors" for years and years. Have a look at "Lucas Entertainment" - they discover great talents in a row...

blotski 03/26/2018
I agree with suitman63 . I could never see da Silva too many times and he is a major attraction for me. One of the things I love is that he seems to genuinely have 'proper' orgasms! Not necessarily this site in particular but porn, both straight and gay, is full of guys who judging from their faces seem to be able to ejaculate without having much of an orgasm. You can't accuse HdS of that.

Suitman63 03/26/2018
Rainer, I don't think one can look a gift horse in the mouth as they say - Hector is great at suited sex and frankly I could watch him, a lot... Yes I would like to see others give him competition but where are they and yes other sites do suited sex now but they're not good at it either. Guys who are good at suited sex on porn sites are pretty rare, sadly

Rainer75 03/26/2018
Dear Suitman63! Thank you for taking the time to discuss with me. It's a great pleasure and honour for me. Don't we need a forum for that? Would be nice MAP could give us "room" for that. In earlier days we had had more support for this "special barter". Maybe MAP could install this possibility again? It also would improve my English (lol).

Joaquin69 03/28/2018
REally nice video, and very hot action!

Suitman63 03/29/2018
You can always email me at [email protected]

jackbrown 05/03/2018
I’m in love with Pietro! Beautiful face, beard, body, and that ass! Hoping to see MUCH more of him! Great pairing with Hector, a longtime favorite!

robicart 09/10/2018
Pietro has an outstanding cum shot!

Inmonitorlight 01/01/2019
swear every video I see has several comments from you complaining. Please chill. You're not the only viewer. Not everything has to appeal to your tastes.

Inmonitorlight 01/01/2019
I'm pleased with the amount of videos featuring Hector too. At first glance I didn't find his looks to be anything special, but somehow the more I see of him the more attractive he gets to me. I'll happily watch anything he's in.

musclefucks 02/07/2019
Pietro is a seriously hunky young man and Hector is SO classy. Very hot sex, thanks guys