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Movie Comments

tiedupsuit 08/01/2014
Two gorgeous men!! Love it! And that facial, WOW!

ovaska 08/01/2014
Very sexy movie indeed.

loosetie13 08/01/2014
Magnificent! Two sexy models (especially Logan - where did you find him?!), some nice suit and tie action and a great bit of tie loosening, drawn out over most of the movie. Very hot! It's got me all steamy here...

colik 08/01/2014
i wish logan stayed suited up and buttoned up right through...for me it would have been sexier.

Virgoan 08/01/2014
I haven't seen such a major cum bath in a very long time. Wish it had been my face!!!

johnnyt43 08/01/2014
amazing movie, loved the beautiful bodies and nice cum load.. WOW.. thanks

cactusman26 08/01/2014
What a handsome beautiful bodied hunk you are and so sexy, Dennis. Great video and presentation guys and team. Loved the swop over penetration, the two butt views, both deeply fingered, plus the very copious ending. Super!

jalfong 08/01/2014
Denis Vega may be the most gorgeous model in the history of MAP. And that says a lot. Just looking at him from head to toe his body is a masterpiece. And boy he certainly puts the CUM in cumshot. That was one of the biggest loads I've ever seen in porn. K

dmsham 08/01/2014
Sorry no chemistry between both and very disappointing to watch the fake fuck

smartguy 08/01/2014
Excellent Movie made me cum buckets ;)

sheersoox 08/02/2014
This opus is hardly fetish oriented. Sometimes, the soul of M@P gets lost in the ocean of commercial blandness... And this final cum cup isn't the prize that will fulfill the lack of passionate piss, silk-tied cocks, crazy gunge, ripped tuxedos, worshippe

NylonOTCs 08/02/2014
WOW!!!...I'm breathless here!!!....Logan has the most beautiful and sexy mouth I have ever seen on a guy. That tongue is "wicked"!!!... This was truly over the top!!! the God like body on Denis with his pretty perky Nips. The suck my socks scene wa

masstiehemd 08/02/2014
JE suis ok avec toi! mauvaise séquence

joedoe1000 08/02/2014
Hi Matt/Rico.....excellent job with this movie...I am a men's otc sheer sock lover but have to say that this scene is special. I like the combination of Denis, so powerful, great body, secure of himself, and full of hot attitude having fun with Logan who

blaze 08/02/2014
Wow the chm shots at the end. Breathless indeed!

olderbutsexy 08/02/2014
Woooooof! Denis is such a star performer, bravo guys :)

tiedupsuit 08/02/2014
Can't get enough of Denis's cum shot. It reminds me of one I was fortunately enough to experience a few years ago. Was playing around with a guy. I was dressed boardroom ready in a sharp dark blue pinstripe. No oral. He just wanted a handjob. In the

sebastianxxx 08/03/2014
Like those flip-flop guys

smoothpete 08/04/2014
Love the fingering -so hot -gorgeous guys &great fucking

Rainer75 08/04/2014
Denis Vega again! I could wank off looking at him while you film him sleeping... And a new surprise! Logan Moore! I've heard he is from the Netherlands? And he is a professional erotic dancer? So it's absolutely necessary to make a 1 to 1 vid with him w

craigdb 08/04/2014
finally two beautiful men without tattos! it is about they fuck each great!

raven 08/05/2014
Dennis and Logan are a pair of very handsome men who perform well together. Dennis delivers a facial the likes of which is truly AWESOME! If only Logan had taken this god's milk and his cock in mouth. Dennis doesn't hold back with his finger fucking ro

mikemizanin729 08/05/2014
That guys ass was beautiful, especially when it got fingered.

rjdemars 08/05/2014
Holy fuck! I haven't cum that hard in a long time!! Hot work M@P!!!

Okay 08/06/2014
Brilliant!! Miss afterplay after they cum, but Brilliant, and love the necktie.

Aeneassmith 08/08/2014
Yum - Denis getting finger fucked!! Hot

hamo684 08/09/2014
Hot damn!

explorer310 08/10/2014
Denis Vega is currently one of the best and most consistent performers. His scenes are consistently hot. What a cumshot and facial....more of Denis!

LORIS 08/10/2014
I totally agree with explorer310 - Denis Vega is incredible enjoying every second of his superhot performances. I loved this movie also because there is a lot of fingering which I adore and because of two gorgeous cumshots at the end - to die for, yummm !

air4711 08/17/2014
Every single second just great!

Snickers69 08/17/2014
Great movie but I would liked to have seen logan keep the shirt and tie done up longer it was a bit of a tease he opened his collar after about 3 mins

tweee 08/18/2014
Pretty hot from what I got through so far but I was so fired up from previously watching Boylust I couldn't "contain myself" so I'll have to take a break and finish this one up later. Men At still got iy!

Loganmoore 08/20/2014
Next time I will keep longer my cloths on for you ;-)

Loganmoore 08/20/2014
Haha I love your comment. Im a dancer for many years. Showdance and Gogo :-) Héhé stripping with a suit... hmm maybe I good idea for MenAtPlay to do once :-P Yes im from The Netherlands you had that right. Special Kiss for you ;-)

Loganmoore 08/20/2014
Wow thanks guys for al these fantastic comments. I can't wait to hear what you gonna think from my future scenes at MAP. Hugh kisses

ryan0101 08/27/2014
Great Stuff! Two really sexy guys pleasuring each other. Brilliant performances. Love the rough kissing and all the accompanying sexy noises.

222222 08/29/2014
Logan.....You and Denis are the absolute hottest pairing I've ever seen, your beautiful face and eyes are so into every scene and the pleasure shows in your passionate expressions. Please keep coming back. Austin, Texas sends much love and sincere than

jake2064 10/05/2014
amazing chemistry between the two...but the intensity in Logan's eyes as he fucks Denis is something else...

dirtyboy25 10/05/2014
amazin man sex showing their pleasure loads of cum

dirtyboy25 10/05/2014
amazin man sex showing their pleasure loads of cum

dirtyboy25 10/05/2014
amazin man sex showing their pleasure loads of cum

dirtyboy25 10/05/2014
amazin man sex showing their pleasure loads of cum

loosetie13 11/03/2014
I loved the look of you with a loosened tie Logan - you can do that again for me :-)

karlcocksuit 12/12/2014
Wow very intensive full of hot passion. You can see they are into each other by the eye contact body contact kissing suckijg wanking fucking. Love the spunk shots . hot bodies n big cocks.Think they would make a good couple in real life.

magnum007 03/14/2015
Denis Vega is the sexiest man alive .......

Getcrossed 06/20/2015
Logan was really incredible on this film. You paired really well with Denis. I love Logan, he is a great look! But please don't make films with kids like UP4IT. You can do better. This film is fucking awesome!!!

robicart 02/19/2016
One of the best ever for MAP.

Downeaster63 02/20/2016
I wanted to see this one again after seeing the new one with Denis and Ivan. I think this is one with Logan is just hard to beat. It has everything and the cumshots at the end really don't lie as far as how turned on they were by each other. Great video.

robicart 03/26/2019
One of MAP's very best!