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Movie Comments

musclefucks 02/04/2017
Hot sex, gracias gents. So good to see Emir back in the saddle. He is such a stud, exceptional fucker, classy and sensitive. And a great cum shot too. Olé :)

505map 02/04/2017
39% HOT :(

stagboi23 02/04/2017
Extremely disappointed...just 0 concept and feels like everything was thrown together for a sake of throwing together a video cause it's Friday and something needed to be released. Even the cumshots are so disappointing like. Also can we please return to

505map 02/04/2017
I just can't agree more.

raven 02/04/2017
MAP used to have English language speaking models, so what's up with all the Spanish dialogue? EMIR seems to have a bad razor burn in his groin and his partner has a rather unattractive acne break out on his back side. Emir is wearing a an attractive coa

Suitman63 02/04/2017
I guess it's all about the $ or £ or whatever but MAP is still capable of producing top notch suit movies (most of them have Hector in these days) but also spends a lot of its time on stuff like this - I've never been convinced that the demand for these

Rainer75 02/04/2017
It's nice to watch Emir's giant hands. Also nice to see his spunk pouring out of his beautiful cock. But all together it's ony details and doesn't save the whole film. Even the surrounding is a turn off. I wouldn't like to be "used" on a just cleaned indu

mtmslg 02/04/2017
I hate to jump on the negative bandwagon but this movie underlines many recent issues I've had with MAP: subtitles, weird haircuts, BAD skin, suits don't stay on long enough, and a preponderance of swarthy, Mediterranean types. Variety is important. Su

qabradford 02/04/2017
Very beautiful scene. MenAtPlay always seems to have the most extravagant money shots and realistic scenarios. And I definitely found the shorter actor and his trimmed hairy body irresistible. A solid finish with a punchline about "If you see me after wo

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
Agree..will say 10% hot

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
Menatplay is sacrificing quality ......we need back gorgeous actors in elegant suits, sheer socks and garters. Also, to be more creative with theme and dialogues.

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
The great days of paying special attention to details such as suits, sheer socks, garters, watches and polished shoes seems to be over. MAP, you still have members that demand quality every week. Is better not to upload a scene if it doesn't meet the requ

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
The actors are getting paid to take care of their skin and improve their English....but instead they spent money in travelling and drinking at parties. Members, we don't have control of what they do with money., but we can demand better quality with the m

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
MAP doesn't have the intention of using sheer socks and garters in the future because some members complained stating that those socks are "feminine". Sheer socks have been used by executives and men with purchasing power for many decades and specially fo

Rainer75 02/05/2017
Dear joedoe1000, I agree with you. But you mention the fine and elegant things only. What a kind of diversity would be to get more nasty and realistic? I never remember a hot sex adventure without precum, for instance. I'm a heavy drooler and my buddies l

Matt Jordan 02/06/2017
thanks for your opinion. I hope you can recognise it is just your opinion.

Matt Jordan 02/06/2017
theyre actually not getting paid to to take care of their skin and to improve their english. They're getting paid to perform sex in front of a camera.

Sheersuptohere 02/06/2017
Very disappointed in your decision regarding sheer socks and garters. Those are essential items that made MAP unique and HOT. Please reconsider!

NylonOTCs 02/07/2017
WOW!!! my response to this magnificent scene with Emir and Sergio. Lets start with Sergio ...Sergio you have one of the most beautiful round plump asses on a dude I have seen in a long time!...(You and Logan should do a scene together) You have the m

Matt Jordan 02/09/2017
oh ok we wont upload a movie next week

Matt Jordan 02/09/2017
Have you ever noticed joedoe1000 that the more you complain about sheer socks, the less we use them... maybe theres something to take from that?

Sherman 03/16/2017
Boring again. Emir and Sergi have normal cocks, not to exciting, bur no hair around their cocks, therefore loose interest because they do not have sexy bodies........bad video.

Sherman 03/25/2017
Bad video. Boring, waste of time...............