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Movie Comments

olderbutsexy 11/27/2015
OMG, what a great film, such satisfying sex and beautifully shot too. Enzo is the new superstar, good-looking, sweet and gentle and butch, a considerate lover and such a hot fucker once he gets going - adoro!

joedoe1001 11/28/2015
Good movie to watch! I will pair Enzo with Denis Vega, Dani Robles or Flex

louiscapet6 11/28/2015
What a big mistake to skip the face of Enzo when he cum......

everhard12321 11/28/2015
The roster of gorgeous men employed at Menatplay continues to grow, and as the latest edition Enzo Rimenez is dream. On the basis of this, his first appearance on the site, he projects swagger and a potent, generous appetite for sex (I notice a bit of Morgan Black in his face.) He could go far in the business and on this site, and I hope he does. Robbie, as always, is a randy, serviceable bottom boy. The image of him wearing navy over the calf socks and nothing else is what makes tops' cocks ooze precum.

levisurfer 11/28/2015
Gorgeous ENZO! Looks so hot in his soaked suit! Please keep him wet and suited next time throughout the whole video! I am sure he won't complain! And let him go home in his cum splattered and soaked suit! MORE PLEASE!!

blotski 11/28/2015
I agree 100%. I get incredibly frustrated when they don't include even just a bit of the cum shot with the guy's face. Maybe it's just me but a close up cum shot just isn't erotic. It's a biology lesson. I need to see whose cum it is. It's one of the things that makes straight porn so tedious. Apart from that, gorgeous guys and nice film.

sparty 11/28/2015
Nice nipples on ole Enzo there ! I'd been all over those babies If I was Robbie.

LORIS 11/28/2015
Enzo Rimenez - very French artistic name indeed, hehe, oozes powerful masculinity I like. Début fantastique, Monsieur, chapeau! And Robbie is always so irresistibly cute, would fuck him day and night... Superb cumshots at the end, mmmmm ! What somehow distracted me is the thought that the day when the movie had been shot was quite chilly.

dsmale 11/29/2015
I watched over and over. It is pure Bigotry. Who is directing this? I cannot believe you can air this kind of thing. Extremely incorrect! Clean up your act dudes! You show slavery...

Matt Jordan 11/29/2015
What the hell are you talking about? Are you insane? Bigotry? Slavery? Do you know what these words mean? YOu , as always , are talking absolutte complete and utter bollocks . If you think this is extreme you really need to get out more

GamblePorn88 11/29/2015
WOW. This was hot as hell. The best movie since weeks!! Loved the hard pounding. Hope you keep this direction. @dsmale: Get yourself some help. This is PORN!! That should be the place for fantasies. I don't see any slavery at all!

olderbutsexy 11/29/2015
Second viewing, utterly delightful in every way (Slavery? Bigotry???) Robbie does well but Enzo is magnificent. Such a cool lover, and apart from all the rest, such fab nipples and aureoles - plus the great curved cock, guaranteed to hit the spot! Give us more of Enzo - with Darius, Denis, Marco ... in fact, just give me Enzo! Thanks again for the great treat guys, congrats to all concerned x

olderbutsexy 11/29/2015
(As Enzo's versatile, he really know how to fuck too ;) Been watching some other clips of his, your movie is so superior in every way, classy, with production values in the stratosphere)

germansuitguy 12/04/2015
The first 2 minutes are great! Thank you for that.

Dan1762 12/06/2015
Wow. Quel beau gosse! So glad to discover the super hot Enzo Rimenez. Hope we can see him bottom soon for MAP too.

akltop 12/11/2015

Cltguy2 12/12/2015
Enzo Riminez will keep me renewing my membership! Awesome scene. Thank you.

cumchum 12/13/2015
This video comes (no pun intended) into its own right at the end. Enzo pounding Robbie's arse turned me on so much!! I loved the shots from behind when you see that hot butt banging away. Such a turn on....I turned the sound louder to hit the slapping against his cheeks! Fuck me - the end was hot! Cum chum loved it!

Suitsfan 01/10/2016
I still haven't got beyond the first three or four minutes of this video; seeing Robbie pushed into that swimming pool fully suited is enough to get me off over and over again! Thanks, guys - I LOVE wet suit action, and this one delivers in spades right from the start! More like this soon, I hope! ;-)

DesertMan 02/26/2016
Beautifully masculine men...beautifully 'into it', hot sex....and exceptionally well filmed. What a winner! Loved the sun shots & the men's reflections in the pool.

aray1947 04/05/2016

Sherman 05/23/2016
Robbie wins on this one with the longest sexy cock, missing body hair, but his body is. Good. & a handsome stud.... Need more of him.....have him grow his bush instead of shaving. It.

Sherman 05/30/2016
Robbie & Denzio needs to do a video together with the longest cocks today. Would be great video as young men at play. Try it sometime.

Sherman 06/03/2016
Robbie has the biggest cock to enjoy. Hhe needs a little more hair to make him sexy. He is a keeper with that long cock.

Sherman 06/04/2016
Lots of romance between these two men. Robbie gets to display his long sexy dick and Enzo sucked him. Thanks for sharing this were Enzo took the whole cock. More of Robbie. New video today is a bad video of Robbie because he is a star. You did not give him a chance on video. 6-2-2016.

Sherman 07/17/2016
Enzo does it again. Sucks that long cock all the way. See other video. Cocksure.....he does this again. Great job Enzo.

pamelanil 09/17/2016
Robbie is such a noce looking guy and I hope MAP place him in good shoes and he looks great in suit !we hope to see MORE of Robbie ..pls......

kenetha65 11/20/2016
J'espère qu'on puisse enfin regarder qq'un sucer les tétons d'Enzo! I renewed my subscription with the hope of seeing some nice nipple sucking on Enzo. No porn sites seem to want to linger over nipples but spend tons of time on rimming which is . . ugh.

Sherman 01/29/2017
Robbie has such a beautiful "long" cock for his frame. We all would love to suck that cock. Robbie, Enzo gave you a good work out. You are a lucky man to see Enzo take your large cock all the way in his throat.

Sherman 04/07/2017
Enzo, you do not have a large cock like Robbie, but you great cock is straight up.........Beautiful. Cock......Robbie, unbelievable size.

jake2064 04/23/2017
Robbie and Enzo beautiful combination....Love it

Sherman 08/28/2017
Good video. Enzo, you are the best cock sucker at Men At Play and your cock is always straight up. Beautiful. Robbie, you have the most handsome long cock on Men At Play. A little hair around your cock but you are young and will acculumate more hair around your beautiful cock when you get older. Enjoyable video gentlemen. Keep up the good work. .........................................28 August 2017........................................

alrocks17 09/27/2017
why video not download at all

raven 12/01/2018
Enzo and Robbie play well opposite each other. Although Enzo is pissed about his papers falling into the pool, he and Robbie have great chemistry. Enzo exudes considerable warmth for his man-servant. I enjoy the way he carries himself! RAVEN

robicart 04/18/2019
One of my favorites. Both suck dick really well and the fucking scene is great.