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Movie Comments

This is pretty disgusting actually, picking up a hobo?!...foul.

ignoring the story, can't say I've ever wanted to pick up a hobo, they seriously lacked chemistry.

Nice to see Patrik back, but Pablo deserves ALL the credit for this hot ass video!!!! Loved the way he took charge between the 2 actors, both in and out of clothes!!! Pablo is truly THE SHIT!!!! Keep him coming.....!!!

Actually, it is quite awesome, straight forward (and back), creating a plausible scene.

Rainer75 04/29/2011
I never thought hobos could be so usable! What a cynical story! Giving them a chance and dignity doesn't mean to make use of them for personal sexual satisfaction. I know it's porn and lays no claim to political correctness but for me this is too much. So

If I ever become a hobo and a hot guy wants to collect me, clean me up, put me in fine clothes, and let me have a steamy great time you can bet your ass I won't feel used or marginalized! Loved that Patrik kept it almost all on throughout.

Paul 04/30/2011
Pablo is cool! Wanna see more of him.

Very good! This reminds me of an experience I had 30 yrs ago. I was practicing law in PA and Mgnt the office. We added on an addition to the building. I ended up have sex with the foreman of the construction crew. He was hot, sweaty, and sexy. 1st i

Hope my boyfriend would enjoy this video!

Patrik always delivers! What a sexy man! Thank you, Men At Play, for finding this handsome stallion!

Suitsfan 04/30/2011
Patrik, as always, looks GREAT in his three-piece suit, and it was good to see him keep (most of) it on throughout. Pablo's hot, too, although I had hoped for some wet action when he directed Patrik to the shower - or at the very least, that Pablo would

I was expecting a solo wankfest this week, so this particlar film has made me VERY happy! A slightly tacky story-line yes, but very sexy.The inscrutable Patrick was perfect for this but the real revalation here was Mr. Nunez. What a handsome fellow in his

blaze 05/01/2011
I don't know what it is, but Patrik just never does anything for me. I just don't see him connect with any of the other actors and he always looks bored when having sex! The hobo story was ok but not great.

I also agree that Patrick is robotic, though he is gorgeous. Pablo, on the other hand, is a great bottom and knows how to moan. He really loves getting fucked and his movements make me want more and more from him. He deserves a true horny top as his ass i

tiedupsuit 05/01/2011
I agree. I would have preferred to see Pablo shoot his load all over Patrik's tie and waistcoat.

tiedupsuit 05/02/2011
I agree, Patrik is a beautiful man. Love the way he looks in a suit. Will we ever see a movie in which is is forced to submit, like Neil Stevens?

tux_man 05/06/2011
Love Patrik's suit - especially the blue lining in the jacket and the back of the waistcoat. Is this by chance the same suit Dennis wore in the Robot photo shoot?

Matt Jordan 05/06/2011
No its a different suit they are quite different sizes - Dennis is much taller than Patik.

Matt Jordan 05/06/2011
Having said that it may well be the same suit but different size as I often buy a nice suit in a few sizes Matt

tux_man 05/06/2011
Thanks Matt. Whether the same style suit or not, they both are great suits with beautiful linings and were worn by hot guys.

Both men were great, hot and sexy, good loads, very enjoyable, thanks.

Both men were great, hot and sexy, good loads, very enjoyable, thanks.


i loved it...thanks guys


Nice video! Patrik never disappoints and Pablo was fine. One criticism: Pablo should NEVER shave his chest and body hair. Let it grow. It is so sexy to see a furry bottom get fucked by a rather hairless top. SO HOT!

on ne peut pas dire que le début du scénario soit très crédible.... mais on aurait pu assister au changement vestimentaire du "vagabon" ce qui aurait été très excitant.... en lui mettant sa chemise, l'aider à faire son noeud de cravate... enfiler

This is a great film, the homeless part is not realistic but we get the point he picked the man up off the street. Very exciting, especially Patrik keeping his suit on the whole time. So very hot.

Wish I could meet Pablo mmm he is so hot

Pablo, I love watching you bounce up and down on Patrik's hard cock. Both of you are so gorgeous. Thanks for making me cum!

RQUEST 08/05/2012
Pablo! Wow! Pablo! Wow! - Pablo is HOT and his accent is HOT!

Okay 05/14/2013
Great, like it

actor117 03/26/2015
wow beautiful!!!! always been a bit of a pervy fantasy of mine.