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Movie Comments

LORIS 07/28/2017
Great movie again, MAP !!! I have been missing a nice threesome for a very long time on this site and now we have this hot distraction before going to work or a supreme birthday present for Logan. Logan is always incredibly sexy - just the way how he looks around with his lustful blue eyes makes me horny. But Mick and Manuel have nothing to envy him - great bodies and big dicks oozing fantastic masculinity.

musclefucks 07/28/2017
Whew! My subscription is safe :) Good sex guys, thank you. And the elegant Logan as hot as ever. (And what a huge cum-fest)

everhard12321 07/29/2017
"Hoodwinked" is sneakily fun despite the fact that a third person enters the room and Logan Moore, though horned up and blindfolded, doesn't react (it's a fantasy; let's just go with it and squirt our loads, fellas). Manuel Sky is the stand-out in "Hoodwinked," all thick-dicked, non-tatted, and such a hot daddy. Yet I can't help wishing Logan and Mick could be swapped out for other actors, say Carter Dane and Tomas Brand or Denis Vega and Enzo Rimenez. Still, exceptional work here. And check out those cum shots. They're like Roman candles!

raven 07/29/2017
Nice variation on your usual theme. Well groomed , well endowed, mostly un-inked and potent men at play with good supporting photography. Just what we have grown accustomed to expect from you over the years. Thanks for trying to please us week after week here. We are a rather particular audience I believe. Raven

Rainer75 07/29/2017
This vid I call a really good one! The plot is extravagant and nasty - could we please get a film with same content but third man leaving after depositing his cum on the blindfolded face without this one ever knows he was used by three - or four? Manuel Sky is heartly welcome! Such an horny,elegant daddy - maybe he realizes in real life he's looking best wearing a suit. Taking the tube in London everybody would stare at his bulge. Very nice. And Mick Stallone has the most sexy and irritating bedroom-eyes ever. Love that vid - and next time nobody gets out of their suits will be the best vid ever in porn industry. Thanks, everybody!

Rainer75 07/29/2017
Sorry! I haven't mentioned Logan. Logan shows what he undiscutable is: a Sex-god! He is so authentic, so vibrant - he's a star indeed and could also work as a model for Pal Zileri or Gregg Homme! Sex bomb, sex bomb .... Please don't forget the pics this time - please have a focus on Mr. Sky wearing a suit and let his dick dangle out. It is this the ultimative sex icon from David Mapplethorpe!

mtmslg 07/29/2017
OMG! Logan Moore in a 3 way. 'Nuff said!

Tobyjuggs 07/30/2017
That was great. Best MAP scene in ages!

NylonOTCs 07/30/2017
Oh Man!!!...This one just left me "speechless", MAP!!!...Fantastic. Mick and Manuel...with Logan Moore...that's a good name for Logan..."MORE", MORE, MORE!!!....That ass on Logan sends me off to another world, guys!!!....Logan I just want to butter that ass, dip your toes in that glass of wine and let my daydreams run wild!!!...Thanks! Guys....mmmmmmmmmmm "Five Star" for sure!!! I need a rest after that one. Please do more and more with the long nylon thin Socks!!!

joedoe1000 08/01/2017
My subscription is partially safe because of having a threesome...but still no sheer socks on actors. BTW...Logan's dick was soft all the time, libido was super low.

admin 08/01/2017
joedoe1000 - Week after week we read your comments and feedback and we try to take everything on board. But when someone like you just seems intent on dishing out negative comments it really makes me question why you are even a member. A lot of effort, time, expense and energy is put into making great scenes for ALL our members with their varied tastes and fetishes, and believe me after 15 years its not that easy to think of original and exciting ideas, still we do our best. Now this week for example, we have a fucking amazing scene, and if your response to all our work is ‘no sheer socks’ well honestly i just find that offensive to me as director, the whole MAP team and not to mention the three actors. So I would kindly invite you to leave Menatplay and join a sock fetish website. Either that or please just SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Sincerely, Rico

markbind 08/03/2017
Wow, these two are hot and a great addition. I love couples playing with one other guy. And who better than with Logan. Very hot action!

brisgay 08/04/2017
Well said Rico!

brisgay 08/04/2017
Wow that was hot! I hope to see a lot more of Manuel Skye!

everhard12321 08/05/2017
Great response, Rico!

Rainer75 08/05/2017
Rico! You command like a boss! And you are so right! I'm on my knees to serve you!

raven 10/12/2017
An awesome threesome! What's not to like about this production! RAVEN

Gael1206 11/02/2017
Good to see some variety with the 3way.

Gael1206 11/02/2017
Good to see some variety with the 3way.

Rickg 11/03/2017
Haven’t seen this before. Very good. I like th 3way. The men are awesome.

Sherman 12/14/2017
Seth, you have a large thin cock and enjoyed your small black bush and large cock. Sexy video of all three gentlemen.

Sherman 12/14/2017
I meant Manuel.....not Seth. Enjoyed Manuel’s video with Seth in Check In-Check out. Manuel, you have a great body with your black bush and long thin cock.......all three gents were good.

Sherman 12/14/2017
Manuel, Great cum shot. You had a major load and realeased it well. Well done with that handsome cock.

Sherman 12/18/2017
Gentlemen.....You all did a great job with your large cocks and the three of you have handsome bodies and ended the video with “great cum shots”...............thanks for providing us with this excitement with your large cocks and handsome bodies.

blotski 02/05/2018
Great. Brilliant to see some original thinking. Nice job all round.

raven 06/27/2018
An entertaining threesome with Manuel Skye, who is certainly not receiving over-exposure on the MAP screen. He never disappoints me and I would certainly enjoy seeing more of him paired with equally attractive well-endowed and un-inked professional looking men. I am never disappointed whenever he appears here. HE IS RATHER DISCRIMINATING I THINK! THANKS ! RAVEN