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Movie Comments

joedoe1000 09/26/2014
SUPER HOT! It will be great to see the full hour version without editing...I will enjoy every minute. Love Dato on suit and TNT blue sheer socks (next time show how they take shoes off). Thanks Matt!

masstiehemd 09/26/2014
I am disgusted, another video outside fields of target of Men at play. there is well a man in suit, but even more tie!!! Or our site preferred on the fetishism goes suit and tie

charles 09/26/2014
tie please. at LEAST to start. ruined it right away without.

olderbutsexy 09/26/2014
Dato working really hard and Flex a great bottom ... good work, guys

hatetatoos-4-2 09/26/2014
WOW! Dato is wonderful as always. I loved his three-piece suit. I have a dream to see Dato with Logan .Terrific film.

stardusted 09/26/2014
Scene is boring

yanshengxiang 09/26/2014
why have no solo movie?

Craig65 09/27/2014
Your product is very inconsistent . Never know week to week. Bad film. Lazy premise. And lazy direction.

harvey 09/27/2014
With these two gorgeous young men, I don't see how anybody could be bored. Dato looks incredible, as always, in his gray three-piece suit and handsome, muscular Flex is a good match for him. A tie would have been a nice touch, but I'm not complaining. Flex is a great find and I hope we will see him in future films. I don't know where you guys find these beautiful men, but you do one hell of a job! The height of the sex scene was super hot, I was disappointed when it ended. As always MAP, great job!

everhard12321 09/27/2014
I don't get all the hate for this film. Flex and Dato Foland are at the top of their game here. It has become clear to me over the last few months that a lot of men who frequent this site are so bound to a strict interpretation of the suit fetish (suit on suit, over the calf sheer socks, silk ties that never ever come off) they cannot loosen themselves up to different interpretations of the suit sex fantasy. Variety keeps the site interesting and allows the producers to be creative. Dato and Flex are strikingly handsome, fit, hung, and passionate. My husband and I watched this film together and had an awesome night after. I give it five stars.

hotman1964 09/27/2014
Love the movie wish bars in my town where like this lol

admin 09/27/2014

DFWTailor 09/27/2014
It is not my favorite, but I enjoyed it. There is always next week. Anybody catch , he took off the vest and the next shot is was on again? Great suit, love the wardrobe choices you guys have, the contrasting silk linings.. YUMMMMM I always enjoy contrasting the suit with leather or a mechanic or PAINTER! Especially when the blue collar guy has a devious streak to mess the suit man's suit up in the process.

DFWTailor 09/27/2014
Once again Matt & Rico, been with you since beginning, do not let the negative Nancy's get to you, your still the best site in the world for suit and tie fetish! Wet and messy request, maybe a bit of ripping in a rough scene?

Edwin 09/27/2014
I enjoyed the contrast between the suit and the leather. A very hot and intense scene!

willinsoho 09/27/2014
THIS IS an UNBELIEVABLY sexy movie-- so hot the steam comes off the screen. im going to watch it with my lover tonight snd then we will get so horned up-- This new diretion for MAP is healty and good- in fact it's amazing and all you boring suit fetishists put there-- you need to move on or just go somewhere else instead of depressing all of us with your mean comments. WE real sexy hunks who know what sex and fucking and leather masculinity and big dicked excitement is all about-- just love this movie. Cos its like what we really do. And let's get more and more of this guy Flex- and more info about him.. eg where do we find him so he can get to the next Hustlaball !

coxnsox 09/27/2014
totally agree - very hot and fun

coxnsox 09/27/2014
Agreed... we have several gear fetishes and this was fun because it appealed to both suits and leather. We joined and remain because suits are a regular theme here, just as we belong to other sites for other desires, and I agree that the variety is exciting and don't like being bound to a strict interpretation of suit fetish. The models, themes, settings and action are always hot - as long as we don't just have two totally naked guys, I'm a happy camper.

ken4cock 09/28/2014
These two studs were made for each other; like a hand fitting perfectly into a smooth, skin-tight, black leather glove. Dato's dick flexing in its tight, silky condom pounding Flex's spit-lubed asshole. Pure, luscious lust having its first fling of the night.

NYCfan 09/28/2014
The first and only person I see making "mean" comments in this thread is you.

alg201272 09/28/2014

Craig65 09/29/2014
The problem with this film is that there is no chemistry or story. Just two hot guys may please a teenager in the hills but as an adult it is just the start. If you are going outside of the box- fine - just keep the quality up. I want more than sexy men. Again that is any porn site depending on your taste. I want a strong and sexual acting.

NylonOTCs 09/29/2014
totally HOT. Dato and Flex are perfect together. Flex has a great body, nice nips and ass with fantastic hip fuck action! Dato is just awesome. This was perfect, MAP!!!..agree with Joedoe here. Would of loved to see the shoes come off Dato and have him climb up and mount Flex on the couch showing those VERY HOT erotic dark blue TNT's!!!...mmmmm! Thanks! will watch this more than once I know that.

juscruzn808 09/29/2014
Totally fuckin HOT! I shot a huge load right along with these two hunks. AWESOME

woodyalert 09/29/2014
Flex is a winner! Let's hope that we see a lot more of him!

Ryans 09/30/2014
I agree. Nothing sexier than a big knot tie. Please let them all wear ties?

joedoe1000 10/03/2014
It is Friday!!!!! Ready for new movie.

jalfong 10/04/2014
Wow that was some sweet and sweaty sex from Flex and Dato. Yes please to more Flex a real find! Notice the hot beads of sweat that came down his rippling body as they both came together. I love to see that and quite frankly I loved the beautiful bare feet on Flex. I think a pool setting is called for for the next scene with Flex. Pretty Please!

ilst 10/05/2014
I gave it five stars, too. Dato and Flex are simply fantastic! Thank you guys.

alg201272 10/06/2014

Cltguy2 10/08/2014
More Flex please!

raven 10/10/2014
Dato and Flex are a great pairing in Hot Shot! Both unblemished, well toned, well endowed and giving an energetic, sweaty, convincing, athletic performance climaxing with respectable amounts of cum. Dato and Flex were a delight to watch perform. The script was not the least bit edgy; I got my money's worth of entertainment. Won't you give us an encore performance by these two studs with another story line. Thanks Guys. Raven

billg 10/18/2014
flex is my new favorite bottom. Amazing. And a stunning body.

colik555 10/24/2014
Hey willinsoho...where were you when this site was starting up?? My guess is jacking off to the other 1000 plus porn sites that were out there. All of us "boring suit and tie fetish fans" were offered something brand new 14 years ago...something we could not find on the internet. We have desires to and when this site was introduced, we spent lots of hard earned money and gave support to a site that had never been done before. So before you start blabbering to us "boring suits fetishists", keep in check that one of the founders of this site has a huge admiration for suit and tie sex as well....hence the site MEN AT PLAY. Have a little more respect.

Fuckboot 12/07/2014
Luvd the sensuality and detail

dalinista 12/17/2014
Amazing ultra sheer socks!!! Mmmmmmm

Charles69 12/30/2014
Beautiful streams of cum wasted on his belly.

markos61 01/28/2015
best clip yet!

joedoe1000 08/07/2015
Is rare to see DATO FOLAND in sheer socks but he looks super hot and sexy on them...uuuuffff!

jimbo104 12/25/2015
Damn that was hot. Dato spoke and made it amazing.

RQUEST 07/22/2018
Dato! Ur sheers socks r so hot in this film! I wish more show offs were available. I love sheer sock fun .. Luv Ya Dato! Handle It Babe! !

RQUEST 07/22/2018
Looked again! Dato! U R so hot! In sheers HOT! So HOT! So in love w you!! Do it sheer boo! Thanks!