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Movie Comments

abc375266731 11/14/2014
i am the first!←_←

qingyangguang 11/14/2014
its great

olderbutsexy 11/14/2014
Sexy stuff. Ronnie a turn-on in a rough kind of a way - and superb cock and balls. Lucky Dani felt every inch, he knows how to fuck allright :) Thanks, gents

Jon62 11/14/2014
Very promising start. Dani dressed great and up for some humiliation in his slick dark suit, white shirt and shiny tie. Looked like he was going to get fully destroyed and would enjoy it. Then it all got a bit standard porn. Dani's suit and shirt taken off quite politely and gently which didn't really fit the scenario. The tied up guy must have been a bit pissed off, no ? ...having been tied up and then able exert revenge but it never happened. A bit disappointing. Sorry.

ScuffedShoes 11/15/2014
Was expecting this to go a couple different ways. Was thinking that maybe there would be shots of Dani getting the knees of his suit messed up along with scuffing up the toes on his shoes. Then I thought he was going to get pissed on. Then thought maybe the suit was going to get ripped off his body. Nope, nothing but standard suck and fuck fare. Oh well.....

wolfioti 11/15/2014
Another scene with hot models...but those awful sheer stockings practically in every scene now? Enough please! Is it all about shiny suits and sheer hose now? I miss the old site before this particular fixation. The ending facial, cum swallowing was great, however.

Bensbox 11/15/2014

ariesboy 11/15/2014
I like the setup of the movie, but it could go darker. In general, I prefer muscular smooth guys with a few exceptions, which is why the recent obsessions in porn for hairy guys and lumbersexual is driving me nuts. That said, Dani is one of the hairy guy exceptions but the tat on his ass was an awful distraction in this scene. Ronnie is rough and hot, I'd love to see him being made to bottom in another tied up scene.

treeesq13 11/15/2014
With these two models, and especially Dani, there was the potential for a really hot scene here. Dani works so hard on keeping his great body and he has wonderful tan lines. But then you film him with truly AWFUL, TERRIBLE lighting. Why would you do that? The lighting is so bad you only attempt a close up of the penetration once and its completly blocked by shadows. Your cameras don't have lights? Good lighting in porn is essential and its what the models and we members deserve. Good, well-lit penetration shots are something that is also essential in good porn.Trying to create some "mood" or "ambience" by using bad lighting just isn't appropriate for porn. The other guy does not have a great body and generally benefited from the poor lighting, but Dani deserves much better.

Matt Jordan 11/15/2014
in your opinion

hugo2014 11/15/2014
I am always so surprised at comments about lighting or "socks or no socks" I thought this was a porn site...last thing I am thinking about when watching porn is whether or not the guy's sox look good or not. I watch menatplay for the hot beautiful men fucking on here....never disappoints, guys! keep up the great work!

viplover99 11/16/2014
Love you Danii eres incredible

viplover99 11/16/2014
Love you Danii eres incredible

NylonOTCs 11/16/2014
OMG!!!...You put them over the top on this one, MAP. Okay, I am a foot guy (obvious here!). But this had some true "blue" class!!!. This was fantastic, guys, I so disagree with anyone saying the OTC socks are bad!...They are fucking HOT! and add so much to the VERY well dressed and so handsome man, Dani. Ronnie is excellent as is Dani. Two beautiful men with waist, ass and face that puts them on top!. Dani in the nylon otc blue socks was like, so fucking HOT. This was fantastic, MAP!....Oh, yeh!. Fuck the lighting it was fine gentlemen. This was just too erotic for words!...Thanks! Dani and Ronnie for showing us beauty, lust (and how Dani can really clean up on that hot dick of Ronnie's) LOVED IT!

joedoe1000 11/16/2014
Just to clarify..those are formal men blue socks

joedoe1000 11/16/2014
Standard porn for me is a scene of naked actors having sex without a theme , nice clothing, fetishes and any kind of worshipping. This scene is beyond normal.,

joedoe1000 11/16/2014
I agree that tattoos are a distraction but we need to understand that for some actors represents a step in their a way to remember that achievement.

joedoe1000 11/16/2014
Dungeon and / or dark scenes requires low lighting to project the right ambiance

joedoe1000 11/16/2014
Dani's clothing was perfect for this scene...a gentleman at play!!!

joedoe1000 11/17/2014
One actor that I admire a lot is Dani Robles....for the fact that is a dreamer, have goals and is open to critics. This scene is fantastic. Dani opening that door is superb. Touching Ronnie's lips, then body and finally the 10 inches un-cut dick is magical. Smelling his fingers after touching Ronnie groins...a total boner. Dani's first kiiss while wanking Ronnie's! The way Dani attacked the 10 incles dick with huge amounts of saliva..that is genuine seduction! Ronnie did a great job on Dani's ass, grabbing that ass with power. The hard penetration of Dani's ass shows excellent chemistry and domination. Dani's clothing was impecable: suit, tie, shirt, long sheer socks, brown shoes. The grooming of both actors was detail was missed. Ronnie needs to discover more fetishes (sucking dick and worshipping body) to be fully integrated to the scene, but he is super hot and powerful. Dani is getting better each time...for me is the perfect suited gentleman that wants to play hard at MAP. Thanks Matt and Rico for this production...I enjoyed this one so much!

kendeezyx 11/17/2014
I would have liked to see a suit get ripped off that perfect body. Like a business deal gone south.

Phaerim 11/18/2014
Like the idea and scene a lot. Hope you put the guy in Ronnies role in a suit next time.

ken4cock 11/19/2014
Suit guy thought he'd set the rules of engagement, but when hung guy's unstrung and the tables are turned, suit guy learns who rules, the hard way.

LORIS 11/22/2014
Well, I really liked the beginning - smelling the armpits and the crotch... supremely erotic. Ronnie reminded me St. Sebastan without arrows and his sensuous lips made my dick rock hard at once. What followed was only a standard hard pounding - I give 4/5 because of the way hot the movie started.

ilst 11/23/2014
So SIZE is ALL that matters? SAD - indeed!

joedoe1000 11/23/2014
well ...Ronnie's is matters for this sex action movie!

luther5 04/04/2015
Just read your comment today, but better late than never. I agree totally with your comment. Would have been nice to see a full-suited man, suspended from the ceiling, his suit being forcibly removed (scissors? sharp knife blade?), all the way down to his undies, they too eventually meeting the same fate as the shredded suit. But otherwise, I found this video very well done.

bootjack 07/22/2016
toatally agree.the beginning of this video was very erotic. not something you usually get to see.

bootjack 07/22/2016
Great start to this video. I think it's the only video where I've seen the top sa a captive, but then , I would keep someone like Ronnie captive if I could.