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Movie Comments

robicart 07/29/2016
Two marvelous men in a wonderful setting but falls short in foreplay, sexual exchange, and intensity!

LORIS 07/29/2016
Robbie really enjoys licking, sucking and deep throating and his asshole is quite enough in shape for two big cocks - after very long time, a steaming hot DP would be more than wellcome !

Dan1762 07/29/2016
man, Xavi really wanted to rip the ass of Robbie's suit pants open to fuck him -- let him!

Suitsfan 07/29/2016
More lust-driven ripping of suits and shirts is always welcome to me! Would love to see it more often in MAP videos. ;-)

everhard12321 07/30/2016
Thank you for the suitsex! What a welcome contrast from the major fail of "Straight Swap" a few weeks ago. I love the part when Robbie bends over the table and Xavi squeezes his butt and pokes his hole through his trousers. The trousers are both an enticement to sex and a barrier to sex at the same time. It makes me want to fuck him all the more. That's what suitsex is all about! One question: Robbie Rojo and Xavi Duran have each starred in numerous Menatplay films. Is there any particular reason they don't have profiles on the website?

everhard12321 07/30/2016
And extra thanks to Robbie for leaving both his socks AND his shoes on while he was getting fucked!

Sherman 07/31/2016
This is a boring bad video. What happen with Mike & Enzo who create excitement and keeps the scene moving & keeps your attention.

Keith_Lincs 07/31/2016
Why can't we have more time with guys having foreplay and fucking just in their shirts without the jacket / waistcoat

Ryans 08/01/2016
Very nice one. Great outfits , great big tieknots and great that the master holds on his jacket and tie.

Ryans 08/01/2016
Very nice one. Great outfits , great big tieknots and great that the master holds on his jacket and tie.

masstiehemd 08/04/2016
I shall have liked well seeing to drop one's load on the tie and the shirt and the head of the host. beautiful shot of spunk falling on the earth!!!!

Jack60 08/06/2016
Superb Suited ARSE EAT ! - I Joined for that !!! More -More More !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack60 08/06/2016
More suit sex -keep the gear ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherman 12/30/2016
Robbie has the longest cock & we did not get to enjoy it in the video. Great cum shots by both. Xavi should have sucked Robbie's large cock. That would have been a mouth full.

Pdvs 08/13/2019
Robbie was amazing here, super sexy, and it proves that he can take it.

Suited Butt ! 09/11/2020
Love this ! That Suited Arse Play is Just Awesome !!!!! - More of this Please !!!!!