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Movie Comments

Rainer75 01/04/2019
Me too: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

suitedcboy 01/04/2019
Watch the pendant, relax, you both will keep your suits on for sex. When I snap my fingers you will be wide awake, erect, and keep your suits on and fuck. SNAP!

jeremy_hunk 01/04/2019
Speaking of starting the new year with a bang ! What a f**k hot scene. Two handsome men. Glad to see Jonas back. Seeing him peeling off his clothes to reveal his sexy hairy bod made me hard. Seeing Tyler naked torso with that awesome tattoo made me .... 'nuff said. Hot !

musclefucks 01/05/2019
Good sex, thanks gents. Tyler is a star bottom and Jonas is hunky as a top

blotski 01/05/2019
Do I need glasses or did the camera operator miss both cumshots?

hollandsuit 01/05/2019
I beg your pardon - two fake cumshots????

raven 01/06/2019
Interesting scenario. How booked up is Dr.Jackson? What transpired during the 10 previous office visits? Indeed, he must have been milking his patient Mr. Berg! I thoroughly enjoyed this week's installment. So what is the Doctor's plan for management of Tyler's condition? Will the good Doctor recommend weekly hands on therapy? Will Jonas and Tyler flip positions at some time in the future? Thanks for this week's installment and Happy New Year to everyone at MAP! RAVEN

eiswirth821 01/07/2019
Didn't work for me; zero out of 10 on the cumshots.

masstiehemd 01/11/2019
this week, it's a good video for me because the two protagonists end up naked and it's not exciting and distressing

DesertMan 01/17/2019
Exceptionally good looking men. Very hot sex. Even without the usual "geyser" cumshot, I thought the last minutes were quite HOT. Nice job on this video. But, I have to say, I hate the tatts. Especially on an otherwise perfect physique.

RANING 08/20/2021
I love hypnosis video

Fit424 03/13/2023
The end was epic, the lack of plausibility and believe-ability of most porn gets a big boost in my book with endings or explanations like that. Good job!