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Movie Comments

suitedcboy 11/04/2016
AWESOME! Hector and Robbie, what a dynamite duo. Robbie looked incredible in that gorgeous suit.

markbind 11/04/2016
OMG, fucking hot!! These two are so good together and I love the power dynamics. Hot sex outside in a hot dirty environment, nothing better.

everhard12321 11/04/2016
Great film. Robbie Rojo keeps getting hotter and hotter. I love a bottom boy who swing a big dick. In fact, I can't think of a single bad film he's made. Menatplay has been offering us several films in recent months about sexy, suited-up men involved in nefarious activities: corporate assholes, kidnappers, mafiosos, diamond smugglers, and extortionists all dressed up in tailored suits pounding each other up the butt. . . YES! I love it! It makes the sex risky.

kennyj2254 11/05/2016
More thin socks,love this movie alot

blaze 11/05/2016
Amazing chemistry between Hector and Robbie. The suits and sex in this film was so sexy. One if your best films in a long time.

suitstudda 11/05/2016
I was taken aback with this video. I was not disappointed Matt and Rico. Wow! You have hit it out of the park. Again, thank you for a super video.

actor117 11/05/2016
suitstudda - I think Matt and Rico are gone no longer with Men At Play-

actor117 11/05/2016
Nice video!! and The thin ribbed OTC's are great!

tiedupsuit 11/05/2016
Good movie. Would have liked to have seen both suits get dirtier.

admin 11/05/2016
Yup. Still here!

Matt Jordan 11/06/2016
Hello , still here - what makes you say that - I don't think anyone else would dres the models this well

RQUEST 11/08/2016
Dayum! I am all in awe of Robbie and I am quite okay with that. Robbie is so sexy and attractive. i love to see him in a suite; would love to see Robbie get down in suit, sheers, and formal shoes. Don't know why I am so hot and attracted for him. Robbie has me wishing he was one of my lovers in real life (smiling). It's cool! WOW!

Rainer75 11/08/2016
Where are the photos, please? When starting with the new layout, I was surprised and happy - photos! A lot of them and beautiful! Now there is the old inefficiency again. Sometimes pics, sometimes not. Why to took care of the subscribers. They should be happy what they get...

NylonOTCs 11/10/2016
Super erotic and very classy!...Robbie is abs. HOT!!!....Hector is also just the sexiest. The suits were great. Would loved to have seen Hector take a few swipes with his tongue on those nice thin OTC's on Robbie with his feet pressed up on Hector's shoulders!...That cock on Robbie is perfect!...smooth just like a delicious "foot long" Hot Dog!...mmmmmmmmmmm .really liked this one!...Keep the mood going with more in this mode of dress and lust, Matt and Rico!!! 5 stars!!!, guys!!!

RQUEST 12/03/2016
Nothing has changed - WOW - I am still wishing Rob was one of my lovers in real life (vice versa). He is so HOT!

joedoe1000 04/29/2017
Sheer socks will be hotter

blotski 09/13/2017
Nice video but the cameraman needs to take step backwards. Too close!

robicart 02/24/2019
One of my favorite movies with two of my favorite guys. Both guys sucking I love it.

robicart 03/13/2019
Hector de Silva is simply ONE OF THE BEST. Beautiful when he shoots his cum.

guby 12/04/2023
Hector and Robbie are so good together!