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Movie Comments

Cavin Knight will be a very awesome and very welcomed addition to the Map family!! His sexual energy and incredible beauty is taking the adult entertainment world to a whole different level!! Cannot wait to see who you pair him with and what type of scena

A handsome man, a great suit, a jock strap, and a big, black dildo! What a treat! All he needed was a fleshlight, and all would have been complete. Bring Cavin back for more!

Fantastic solo! Cavin is very well known within the porn industry. Matt/ the future, match that gray suit with gray OTC semi-sheer socks (TNT or plain) and use leather sole shoes to make it more high class.

ManEater 03/23/2012
Cavin is delicious. I LOVE his ass, and have a number of toys that will fill it handsomely. Awesome cock head and cock slit, too. Hot cummer. SLURP. Would taste him all over, and all around. Grrrr.

Rainer75 03/23/2012
I can not understand the general enthusiasm. Except for his Prince-Charles-ears is nothing special about this man. If he were ugly, at least, it would have some appealing. One in all there remains an average man nobody would look after at the tube. The su

I loved it! The guy, the outfit , the socks and shoes....

Well I don't know what one can make of comments most of the time as there only ever appear to be three people posting ad nauseam. Calvin has those quintessential suity looks but this is another snore fest, sorry. For solos to work the model has to rea

For examples of what I mean you have to go back to Tease which was the last truly hot movie on here or Harry's solo, it was a pity Cop Off didn't quite come off.

Matt Jordan 03/24/2012
Hi Suitedattitude, I've just directed a new film which is a sequel to Cop off where Ive tried to take the idea and keep some suit interest throughout. This should be out at easter - will be interested to see what you think Cheers Matt

Hey Matt, thanks, sounds good as does a messy Harry!

Suitsfan 03/24/2012
I'll look forward to your new film too, Matt! Like SuitedAttitude, I've wondered over recent weeks whether last year's commitment to restore a 'dirtier, sleazier' MAP had been abandoned in favour of stripped-bare muscle guys achieving climax in much the

Matt, I enjoyed Cop Off, so I will be looking forward to the sequel. However, I must say the movies where suites stay on for most of the time; they are my favorites and that is what I like best about MenatPlay; the clothes. I have not watched "In Deep"

Matt Jordan 03/24/2012
Exactly, thats why we give you the chance to comment so that we get an idea of what floats your boat. I have to admit - I didnt write or direct Cop Off but it was a great film and Im a little obsessed with young Justin Harris so I wanted to get him back i

ronylh 03/25/2012
I liked the way he manipulates his body in both: dressed and undressed status.. I surely loved the socks which I expect more attention to in forthcoming films... thanks

Matt/ time keep shirt, jacket, jock strap and socks on (pants and shoes off) in future scenes. The idea is to please everbody: suits fans, underwear fans, feet/socks fans....diversity and balance is the key! Cavin looks so hot in that jock str

Matt..that will be a blast to have Justin Harris in Cops Off Part 2. Keep Justin in a suite (of course, pants completely off - like in first part of Cops Off) and have a Cops gang-bang (4 cops at least) taking care of his bottom asset. Will be a dream com

Sorry posted twice

Another muscled guy that loves his toys...HOT HOT HOT, " Can I have some more ,Please"

A beaut of a guy, would love to see him totally worked over by Spencer.

I'ts not until you get close up too him that you realize what a sexy guy Calvin is. Oh my! His hands are amazingly beautiful and those blue/green eyes are too sexy. Not to mention his body and butt. Thanks Calvin for gracing our presence. Hot Stuff!!!

Cavin needs much more attention than a dildo can provide & I am sure Jean Franko could supply it

This guy is so hot!... I wanna see more of him!

What a nice looking man - too bad about the tatoos and fishing tackle in his nipples - they detract from his masculine beauty, he doesn't need them - he's perfect as he is. Agree with previous comments re: doing more with his dress stockings and feet, t

very hot, very cute guy- wow~

Divinum corpus est! Divine body! I Wont look and look at him.

Minute 12"15 thru 12:20 ..nice shot of Cavin's spanish exectuive sheer hot! Bring him back to MAP

77mojito 02/26/2013
Boy OH Boy ! What a sexy HOT man !Love that dildo play deep in his ass. it added flavour ! Although a real one would have been better. Awesome Calvin !

Cavin Knight is adorable. He is sexy and cute. I love him, but I wish he did not have the piercing on his nipples and the tatoos. Also, I wish he had worn black shoes. Please use him in films with Landon Conrad. It would be great to see him apply for a lo

neonsina 02/23/2014
This man is masculine western male beauty personified, He has an exquisitely handsome face and a masculine aura. so out of this world to see him show his most private part off getting used.