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Movie Comments

Rainer75 05/27/2016
Happy about Logan is back! There is something special about this netherlands hunk... Story is fine and realistic - it doesn't need to make a big business and expensive effort about it. A darkroom or a xxx-cinema or an office will do. Dato as ever (this time too beefy), let him retire, please.

markbind 05/27/2016
Very Hot!! These two were good together and I love it when Logan bottoms. He has such a fuckable ass and mouth. ; )

DesertMan 05/27/2016
I have to disagree. In my opinion, both men are extremely hot and exceptionally handsome. Dato has the body and the presence of a real man. He can park his "beef" in my fantasy any time. But then, I suppose we're all privileged to have an opinion. My vote? Non't allow Dato to retire. Please.

olderbutsexy 05/27/2016
Kinky stuff! Thanks guys x

jeremy_hunk 05/27/2016
Agree with desertMan. Dato's body is just perfect. The right amount of muscle and body hair.

everhard12321 05/27/2016
Meh. This premise was handled to much better effect in other features, and with a lot more suit play, but Dato and Logan never disappoint. Both men are true Menatplay MVPs, supersexy and always up for a good fuck. I think the real stars here are the cumshots. Dato erupted like a geyser. Other than that, I could take or leave "In the Shadows".

Thick85 05/28/2016
Not really my thing and thats okay. Im really happy to see Dato, one of my favorites back in action. I hope he sticks around. From what I understand he's not really "back" in porn. So its nice to see him around here. MAP treat him well!! =)

NylonOTCs 05/28/2016
Putting Dato and Logan together is like so fucking wonderful!!!. WOW!!! all know my love on Logan!...Fucking HOT from head to toes and speaking of Toes..(delicious ass in between) .Dato you turned me on maximally!, with the lick of love to those HOT nylon legs and feet of Logan's. Gents this was good. Oh Yeh!....Dato retire? ....You've got to be kidding me!...These two handsome HOT gents adds a whole new dimension to the next book chapter on making perfect "Chemistry"...Logan your ass should be copied and sold as sex cushions!!!...Thanks! MAP...I'm boned!..."OTC's"

alexwag5 05/28/2016
Super hot, super sexy, super slick! Well done MAP quality and quantity.

rickdick 05/29/2016
LOVE Logans feet in this black sweaty dress socks,,,woof this video made me cum 5 times smell and lick those sexy black socked feet as much as possible next time :)

Keith_Lincs 05/29/2016
Nice video - it makes a pleasant change to have a good length of time with just shirted sex - usually the jacket stays on too long, and when it comes off, before you know it both models are naked. Remember we subscribe to this site for the exec dress sense and not nudity - you can find that anywhere. Would be good to have some armpit action sometime?

Suitsfan 05/30/2016
The guys are both sexy, but for me this video would have been much hotter if (a) the seat of Logan's suit trousers had been ripped open, or (b) at least his shirt had been ripped open, or (c) Dato's copious spunk-load could have hit Logan full in the face. So close - but not quite, unfortunately. (I'll be happy to let Dato do some target practice with my face anytime, by the way - and Logan too, if at all possible?!?) ;-)

rickdick 06/01/2016
yeaaaah smell and lick those thin black orc socks :))

RQUEST 06/09/2016
Dato always has been and always will be a Mr. HotSh*t on this site. Dayum. I like him better in a suit, but regardless Dato normally always gets applauded by me.

RQUEST 06/09/2016
RIck I liked that part too. That should happen more often with as many socks and shoes are up in the air while that booty is getting stroked down good on MAP.

shawnx11 06/15/2016
Totally agree with you on this!! Great video but missing a few key elements in what makes MAP different than other porn! Been a long time since I've seen close ups of the dress shoes being slipped off and foot/dress sock action. Another is having close ups of asses in suit pants getting torn/ripped open for fucking and dress shirts being ripped open adding to the mood of this scenario.

hyper80 06/23/2016
great to see dato. he is hot in suit and leather. please more

intern2016 11/23/2017
No one looks better with a cock in his ass then Logan Moore.

intern2016 01/10/2018
You have had some pretty hot men on your site but Logan Moore has to be the hottest. I met him in person once and he is even hotter than I ever expected. He looks so beautiful with a hard cock in his mouth and ass. Please use this stud more on your site.