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Movie Comments

crsmith113 07/24/2015
not lovin' the pink socks. otherwise video was good.

loosetie13 07/24/2015
Dani is super sexy. Would love to see him loosen his tie for me just once!

Jon62 07/24/2015
Dani is always great and his last cum shots were something else. Pink socks a mistake though and re other guy, white linen suit not that sexy but since Dani was up to normal form, was worth watching.

suitstudda 07/24/2015
I agree with crsmith113 about the pink socks. They're distraction to a good video.

LORIS 07/24/2015
I am not fan of Dani Robles - he is handsome but not at all hot for me and yet he keeps surprising me with his cumshots. I only hope he had enough time to change... Xavi, yes, tiene gancho and must be very passionate lover. Would like to see him more ofte

hugo2014 07/24/2015
Guys, it was fantastic. Personally I LOVED the pink socks in contrast to the white suit. Pink shirt grey socks..perfect. Dani and Xavi so damn sexual, passionate and intense. Cum shots AMAZING! All under the guise of being horny befor

stripedtie13 07/24/2015
Well, i thought the pink socks were a great fun surprise!

masstiehemd 07/24/2015
MARVELLOUS! GREAT! EXTRA!WONDERFULL! A BIG VIDEO OF MEN AT PLAY ...... Such a fim erases all the reserves and the previous criticisms. Allow I to ask me how is going to take place this meeting so important; There will be a continuation? And also to note

tigersox 07/24/2015
Thank you for another great video with Dani! I assume he loves to get his suit messed up?! We do! Just great! And the socks are a welcome Change! Keep up the good work!

limerick 07/24/2015
Dani Robles is: Dashing, Adorable, Naughty, Intriguing, Randy, Ornery, Beautiful, Lusty, Exciting, and SEXY!!

wolfioti 07/25/2015
Dani is pretty hot and looks great in a suit. However, why do you guys have to put all your models in distracting. feminine hosiery in almost EVERY scene? If the guys are not wearing ultra sheer stockings (that look like ladies' pantyhose), you have the

mtmslg 07/25/2015
Well done! And I love the socks!

SheerSockTee1 07/25/2015
Where Paco??? Rogan ??? Landon??? Trenton??? Why are we constantly seeing Dani? He always is the bottom nothing new to see, countless others yet he's being featured like crazy, #UseOtherModels

robicart 07/25/2015
I like Dani ! Loved they both kept their suits on and not one off and one on.

ScuffedShoes 07/25/2015
Loved this one - pink socks and all. Finally after a long wait we not only get to see the suits stay on but we also get to see the wonderful money shot right on to the front of Dani. We also get to see his beautiful shoes for quite a while during the pr

explorer310 07/25/2015
I second that comment wholeheartedly.

coxnsox 07/25/2015
I'm very aligned with your thinking on this topic. While I very much appreciated the sex in suits and was delighted to finally got a new movie where the guys didn't get naked, the pink sheers were funny and quickly erased the fantasy. Sheer stockings on a

joedoe1000 07/25/2015
You are hilarious....I have the same thoughts!

joedoe1000 07/25/2015
Men sheer socks is the perfect piece of clothing for a formal business setting or wedding ocassion. Men sheer socks are not feminine and is not like pantyhose, they are manufactured in a different way and are perfect for garters. Fashion in the office exi

Mookdb243 07/25/2015
Guys', grow up and stop being such stuff shirts. Corporate attire is now fashion forward and no longer exclusively Black, blue, brown in the world of socks. The videos every week present a variety for every taste, fetish and fantasy. And for the record

joedoe1000 07/25/2015
We should bring Billy Santoro, Landon Conrad, Trenton Ducatti and TOmas Brand to play with bottom Dani Robles. All these actors are super hot, sexy and elegant.

joedoe1000 07/25/2015
I watch socks in Corporate setting specially when my peers cross their legs (sheer, no sheer,,,they look so hot) reflects a lot of good taste and elegance. You are is part of Corporate attire and is so sexy the new trends.

joedoe1000 07/25/2015
Dani Robles as an actor is amazing. He dominated the scene with so much elegance and attraction. Looking forward to see Dani with other great actors such as Billy Santoro, Tomas Brand, Logan Conrad, and Trenton Ducatti...maybe as an executive wearing a ni

gatorres 07/25/2015
Gents. You hit all the right notes with this one. Hot men, slow build up, something for the shoe men, something for the partial and full suit sex men and especially for sock men like myself. Great to see the pink socks! The color coordination was brillian

Robmanc 07/25/2015
Totally agree. Not seen any tie loosening on here for weeks. When will we see some ?

Suitsfan 07/25/2015
Guys, I agree - you're hitting a lot of hot buttons with this video! I love the fashion and summer colours - especially as both fine suits, shirts & ties stayed on throughout almost all of the action! Dani clearly loves being spit on, spunked on and gen

Matt Jordan 07/25/2015
In London, a centre of Mens satorial fashion, it is very common to see hot suited guys on the undeground wearing sharp conservative suits which are then set off with a flash of very bright socks. It might not be to everybodys taste but like the flash of a

Matt Jordan 07/25/2015

Matt Jordan 07/25/2015
Youve answered my thoughts on bright socks better than I have in my post further down. I too think these few details, socks ties ad pocket squares are what sets a suit off and show individual expression.

olderbutsexy 07/26/2015
What a find is Xavi - such a hunk, with the great thick, curved cock :) Lucky Dani ... but next time let's see Xavi naked please

tiedupsuit 07/26/2015
Great idea about the dungeon. Dani always looks amazing in a suit and appears to be open to getting the suit dirty. Would love to see him as the handsome exec, thrown into the dungeon and abused by 3 sexy men in leather or maybe in a boardroom with 3 s

Virgo113 07/27/2015
Enjoyable video - great pink socks on Mr. Robles. You might have done some playing with his socks - a very handsome man. Mr. Robles, you really should consider using a pad and pencil to record your deep thoughts and not inscribe them on your ass. You h

joedoe1000 07/27/2015
Hi Matt...keep that sock balance in your scenes between conservative (dark color), elegant/formal such as sheer ones (for me a fashion statement of glamour ), and bright colored ones very common in younger population. You are doing an excellent job on w

joedoe1000 07/27/2015
MAP is doing a great job with clothing.The key is....accesories should match perfectly with the suit....and should be refined, expensive and of high quality as the suit. Matt...thanks for keeping that balance in your scenes specially with long sheer ones.

joedoe1000 07/28/2015
I know that each tattoo means a lot for Dani. Hope he doesn't get more in the future...he looks awesome as it is now.

joedoe1000 07/28/2015
Don't worry...MAP is trying to please different groups each week. It is hard to film a scene that receives 100% of acceptance by viewers because there are so many fetishes and taste. The pink socks are different and may be common in people working for mar

smartguy 07/29/2015
Loved this Movie, So horny ;)

Cali-suit-shoot 07/29/2015
Very hot movie. In the beginning Xavi could have rubbed his dick on Dani's hard-on showing through his suit pants. Nice to see less formal suits and love to see them stay on and get messed up. Get over the sock thing, guys. It would be cool to see the sho

germansuitguy 07/31/2015
Great movie. Thanks for some more suit power. Dani Robles seems to be the right guy for that. ;-) Two great shots on his shirt and tie. Love it. Would be glad to see more close ups of that.

Logan5 08/02/2015
Logan Moore getting his ass pummeled by Dani Robles would be a dream come true.

germansuitguy 08/07/2015
BTW tearing on a tie is not teasing me.

jeaquomos 08/09/2015
two sexy Men in suites was nice and made me want more

Suitsfan 08/11/2015
Very much agree with you, Cali! I'd also like to see vids featuring Dani enjoying more of the 'special interests' he mentions in his model biog, ie piss and spit. He makes SUCH a handsome target for both! ;-)

century78 09/18/2015
Joe I want u

century78 09/18/2015
Joe I want u

topsuitedgam 12/18/2015
MAP... You the best! Please have more of such sex in suits videos :)

suitboy116235 07/24/2016
loved the bit where hes on the desk with his legs up,then the other guy puts his face in his suit trousers,mm passionetly rubbing his face in them, &licking . more like this please

Sherman 10/08/2017
Dani, this is not your best video. You looked bored with his cock. You are better with Kayden and the guys with better communication with each other. You are one of the best at Men At Play.....and be selective with a great cock and a " hairy, thick" bush.

robicart 09/30/2018
My favorite part is the taking out of Xavi's dick; then the sucking of his balls. Wish had shown the taking out of Dani's dick. Love his long pink socks (even though pink is not a color I like.)

RQUEST 02/01/2019
OMG! Dani is so fine and wears the nicest socks and shoes. Please stop putting him in gold toes. I hate all this gold toe action recently. I like Dani as a bottom probably because I wanna top for him (LOL). Xavi is raising the bar on HOT HOT men too

robicart 06/16/2019
Dani is just the best. Love his long pink socks. He and Xavi are great together.

robicart 06/16/2019
Both Xavi and Dani's cum shots are spectacular. Wonderful.