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Movie Comments

joedoe1000 06/05/2015
MAP....Jamie Blyton is super hot...he seems to be an expert on the suit-sheer-socks fetish. Kudos! next time give him plain long sheer socks and shoes off.

otc_socks 06/05/2015
And black otc black as the sin

colik555 06/05/2015
Is that it for this week? You can get hot body pics off Instagram. I pay for this site to see things I can't get anywhere suited sex. Step it up boys.

suitedcboy 06/05/2015
Fantastic new talent. Can we PLEASE see Jamie and Darius together? PLEASE

joedoe1000 06/05/2015
For me Jamie will be perfect for a flip flop scene with stunning actor Dani Robles. Lets see them in suit and getting undress just keeping on shirt, tie around neck and long sheer socks, fucking like never see before at MAP. Thanks MAP for bringing new bl

everhard12321 06/05/2015
It's been a very long time since Menatplay has given us a solo film and I'm happy that "Introducing Jamie Blyton" is just as steamy as a hardcore flick. Jamie's sinewy muscles will wear a suit quite well and his long cock is sure to satisfy. Thank you for

admin 06/05/2015
Sorry to correct you but Straight Men Solos have been a staple of Menatplay since our very beginning, and long term members will remember this. We are fans of beautiful, masculine men and we will continue to bring them to this site as long as we have test

limerick 06/05/2015
What a stallion!! Adonis Material!

limerick 06/05/2015
Bring him back--the man is gorgeous, muscular, and HUNG!!

asabry 06/06/2015
He is (prince charming) hope to see him very soon

DMMSVEA 06/06/2015
Jamie might be Hungarian, but he is more like a greek god. Hope next time we get to see him fuck.

limerick 06/06/2015
He is: Joyful, Awesome, Masculine, Intriguing, Exciting, Beautiful, Lusty, Yummy, Torrid, Ornery, Naughty!!!

limerick 06/06/2015
He is also: Fantastic, Lusty, Ornery, Randy, Intelligent, Adorable, Naughty, Nude, Exciting, Masculine, Electrifying, Cocksure!! He is wonderful!!

ken4cock 06/06/2015
He's cute, but would have to see him in narrative action to find out how well he uses that stunning equipment.

karlcocksuit 06/06/2015
Wow he has a very big cock. Lovely big balls foreskin. The most lovely big blue eyes. His body is so nice and muscular. This is like the old menatplay solo videos like Steve Hooper & Cameron did as solo. And a few other steaight men like Jamie have done i

jothomp 06/06/2015
Very pretty. How much can he be paid to leave his God given body hair alone? Now let's see him fuck!

jothomp 06/06/2015
Very pretty. How much can he be paid to leave his God given body hair alone? Now let's see him fuck!

jothomp 06/06/2015
Very pretty. How much can he be paid to leave his God given body hair alone? Now let's see him fuck!

olderbutsexy 06/06/2015
Woooow! Bravo guys - what a very beautiful young man. He has all the assets, and seems to know what to do with them! Will we see him in action soon??

lesliekwok 06/06/2015
Really wanna see him fuck!

limerick 06/07/2015
Jamie is a great fucker, and I can hardly wait to see him fuck a handsome Men At Play model! Thank you, Matt J. and Rico for coaxing him to perform for Men At Play!

germansuitguy 06/08/2015
If the videos only start naked and END SUITED - that's fine for me. Thanks a lot!

Getcrossed 06/08/2015
Please you have to put Denis Vega with this guy. It would be really awesome to see both of them fucking.

Getcrossed 06/08/2015
I would love to see Denis Vega fucking Jamie. It would be really exciting!

jmchc68000 06/09/2015
Please, the same man with suit and tie Under shower !!! Could be so hot...

jmchc68000 06/09/2015
Please, the same man with suit and tie Under shower !!! Could be so hot...

asthangi 06/09/2015
I like your socks and shoes

Albertochile69 06/10/2015
so hot . best solo . want to see more

masstiehemd 06/15/2015
Sir develop the muscle tattooed,

LeoMap15 06/17/2015
As I await the return of being able to download the content so I don't use up bandwidth on watching the vids again, I do have an issue with the actors not all having profiles. It forces me to search through all the vids to find the ones with the guys I li

BlowUBO 06/19/2015
OMG, those socks are freaking hot!!! More of these please!

robicart 06/26/2015
Yes, OMG. What a perfectly magnificent man. I am just drooling! When can we see more? And a pairing with another hot man would be to be to your credit.

jwspyke 08/05/2015
OMG, he is perfect! Please release more scenes of him. Please

robicart 09/06/2015
Beautiful cock! Beautiful balls! Beautiful abs! Beautiful hands! Beautiful Face; eyes, lips, everything!

dianchenhan 09/08/2015
He is a perfection,love love his cock his balls and his ass,I am starving watching this cum many times

stardusted 10/14/2015
The suit looks outdated and the shoes look thrifty

Eggroll 11/28/2015
The moment he put on those yellow brief that bulge WOW!

loong91 09/20/2016
Can Jamie come back to do a scene with a guy? He is incredibly sexy.

robicart 10/15/2016
This is one young man that the statement "I would walk a mile just to... " would apply to. What a mesmerizing young man.

wei1988 02/07/2017
Really looking forward to have new works to jamie, love him so much

Eggroll 05/06/2017
Love the part where he wore that yellow underwear!

biguy 07/24/2017
Jamie might be the most beautiful man on the face of the earth. I think I'm in love with him!