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Movie Comments

jeremy_hunk 12/04/2015
It was awesome to see Adam Champ again ... a pity that he kept his shirt on throughout the scene. More Adam please ... but take his shirt off. Denis looked very good.

habits 12/04/2015
A good way to pay interest. Nice soft domination and cum licking. 2 very nice hunks to have sex with.

brisgay 12/05/2015
Denis Vega always makes the best noises when he's being fucked! Such a turn on!

everhard12321 12/05/2015
Denis Vega has proven himself to be a greedy cock slut. Unashamed and uninhibited, he just can't get enough stiff dick up his sweet ass--Yes! In this video, Menatplay is trying to give its viewers--who can be incredibly finicky--exactly what they want: hot man-on-man action, blue collar-white collar fucking, sheer over the calf socks, muscular bodies, and cum shots on the bottom's torso. This film, starring tried and true Menatplay models, feels rather standard, yet it fits squarely into the horny desires of longtime fans of the site and those who lust for authentic suitsex. Thanks!

olderbutsexy 12/05/2015
Such hot sex, bravo guys ... Denis is SUCH a performer, delightful even on second viewing. He can't be finding it all that difficult to take Adam's thick cock, but his vocal performance is superb :) Adam IS a BIG boy, but still ... whatever the case, superb work from both men, especially Denis ... muchos gracias, senores!

olderbutsexy 12/05/2015
(And what a great comment from everhard ...)

limerick 12/05/2015
This is the only way to pay a debt to handsome man!!!

jonberis 12/05/2015
I only wish Denis Vega had been in a

Hmmbear 12/05/2015
Yawn. Two beautiful chest and not one second of nipple play. Adam needs to take off or unbutton that shirt!!! I'd like to see a rematch, with Denis taking back control for a while, owning Adam' s chest.

rickis75 12/05/2015
love, love, love denis.did i tell you i love denis

LORIS 12/05/2015
I simply do not understand why people always have to criticize. It is not OK if the actors are fully dressed up, it is not good either if they take off their shirts and ties too soon... We have seen Adam Champ's sexy hairy and muscular torso so many times it is really refreshing we see him at last without unbuttoning his shirt !

Dan1762 12/06/2015
Nice hot pair, but would love to see these guys get dirtier. Where's the engine grease? Spit and cum on the suit? You know what I mean. Bring it on!

Dan1762 12/06/2015

everhard12321 12/06/2015

Thick85 12/07/2015
Very sexy couple! I love everything about both these men.

stardusted 12/07/2015
hot shoes and socks,but to short of a movie.

89mercer 12/08/2015
Adam should take all the clothes off

jeremy_hunk 12/11/2015
Absolutely. Can we have Adam again soon?

jeremy_hunk 12/11/2015
A re-match? A good idea.

joedoe1001 12/12/2015
Next time lets see Adam wearing long sheer a gentleman!

joedoe1001 12/12/2015
Well...his noises have been the same since he started. Time to change the melody...jajajaja! Let them talk while they fuck.

Sockslover 12/13/2015

imhorny 12/30/2015
More of Adam's ass please. Lots more!

DesertMan 03/16/2016
When Denis finished licking the cum from Adam's shoe, it would have been gratifying to have seen him look up, smile at Adam and say, "Your money is there in my pants pocket." And then hand the money to Adam with a kiss. We'd know he had just wanted some more of the fine 'punishment' he had obviously experienced before.

tristan7 04/04/2016
That's really hot! Adam is the best top ever and Denis is so sexy! I love them! I hope there will be another video with these two guys together...

Bobby 07/20/2024
Very handsome men here beautiful I really like it