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Movie Comments

alan23 02/23/2010
Great guy. very nice personality, too. Nice body and features.

zecke0128 02/23/2010
cute smiles

Great smile and personality. When he got down to business----Oh! HUM!!!

A nice, friendly, likable guy. Great smile, great body. But regrettably I can imagine him in a workshop with a tool-box, in a hospital as a male nurse, as a seller of technical equipment - everything, but never in a suit as an office worker. Sorry - the

He's a bit cocky. he said he was straight as an arrow, I think he's telling fibs. I can see him working in Dixons or Currys, selling toasters at discount prices and annoying the customers. Ps. I prefer the old website.

It's good to see some 'different' men from the suit stereotype on here. Who cares if he looked slightly out of place in suit. Still great entertainment and an eye catching model. Good one MAP!

Matt Jordan 02/24/2010
I think he was joking about being straight

perry 02/24/2010
He seamed to be nice, but I question if he is straight. To bad he can not admit to being gay, if in fact he really is and I think he is gay. Perry

grogeous! would love to see more of him

We never got to see his ass. nice cock!

jules.69 02/25/2010
According to another gay porn website, the handsome straight looking Jed would be gay ! (Hope that this time my comment won't be deleted…)

Well, I saw the nice smile .. But nothing of the body, because he made me busy to count the flowers on his arms and other tatoos all over the body. So I could not see any personality exepted the smile. I think that very soon he shall be out of fashion con

Ive got it, I know who he reminds me of. A chirpy, cockney window cleaner with a cheeky grin, who whistles a lot. He's a nice guy but I just cant imagine him in a Seersucker suit walking down 5th Avenue, really I cant. Ps . I just love saying the

Nice smile......but that's all. Sorry but I don't get turned on by body 'art'.

russcub 02/28/2010
Sexy guy, art and all.

Disagree with few comments bout this guy, love his tatoos. Cant wait to see him suck cock and even better take one. Well done MAP another hot hot guy.

colourful masculine and handsome - Jed is one of those guys who make life worth living (and there aren't many) like hungscotslad, can't w8 for his return, Jed rocks

Matt Jordan 03/15/2010
He is gay. He was JOKINGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe this guy hasn't been back for more (or if he has I can't find it on the site). Yes he was a cocky guy (but I'm not saying that's a bad thing), cute as hell, and with a nice body and cock. I even liked the tattoos, although I know they s

Leave him alone Jed James is beautifully sexy as hell. MAP get him signed.

Jed James is very cute with a sweet body. It was interesting to observe his nervousness during the interview. The tatts are fine, but am curious about why the butterflies? Would have enjoyed seeing his ass. :)

Jed is a handsome guy, I love your is male. I want for my

I love Jed James - I've seen him on other sites and loved a scene where he was getting a good hard fucking from Toby James. Jed is seriously handsome and I recon he would be a fantastic addition to MAP. He may have seemed a litte nervous to some but be

klaus 03/11/2012
Na Jed ist ja ganz schön ins Schwitzen gekommen. Ist ja auch nicht einfach, vor laufender Kamera zu wichsen.

klaus 05/16/2012
i love jed ... he is supersexy ...