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Movie Comments

Mick4984 10/06/2017
Absolutely BRILLIANT! Now this is exactly what I love about Men at Play - a dominant and powerful alpha top like Franko just turning you into a submissive b!tch willing to worship his shoes and doing absolutely everything he says as he controls you- more like this please, if Franko was a dominant boss, it would be even better. Men at play has been a bit off the last year, the situations just seem a bit mismatched, this is right back to glory days and proves MAP can still do it.

Nasanaz84 10/06/2017
The best

LORIS 10/06/2017
Sexy, very sexy movie with every kind of sexy games in the locker room - great idea to see Jean Franko dressing up while fucking intensely Gabriel Lunna... Awesome cumshots of both of them ! And Franko is still so HOT: every inch of his hairy, muscular yet lean body oozes pure masculinity.

pascha2 10/06/2017
Another good sensual and sexy video with your beautiful exciting models, thank you Menatplay :) Besides that you have thought of adding a wink for lovers who also love the beautiful dress shoes in the scenario ... THANK YOU a lot. Michel

Jon62 10/06/2017
Nice to see the "getting undressed too quickly" thing reversed ! Jean Franko is really hot and looks great when suited up. Though would have liked him to be spunked on all dressed up at the end.

Jon62 10/06/2017
Can you add Jean Franko under the "starring" section under the movie ?

musclefucks 10/06/2017
What great sex, gracias chicos, two such hot men. Jean Franko is truly iconic, very sexy body and a sensual lover

Rainer75 10/07/2017
It is astonishing how this "oldtimer" Jean Franco rocks the szene! He must be a dino in porn industry but worth every moment to look at. He has not the most handsome face or the best defined body or biggest cock but maybe his charakter and authenticy make him such a star. Chapeau, Mr. Franco! Looking forward to see more from you - maybe with superstuds like Enzo Rimenez etc. PS: Dear MAP-team - have you ever invited Adam Ramzi for joining the crew? Jean Franco and Adam Ramzi - yumyum...

Sherman 10/07/2017
Jean has the most beautiful body and enjoyed seeing him naked with his cock and "hairy" bush. He has a great thick black hairy bush", makes him a sexy man. We all would love to suck his cock and bury are face in his hairy bush. Video had great sex. Jean should have been the star of this video and Matt, thanks for bringing him back. Matt, you need to do a video with Mike and Jean all naked so we can enjoy their cocks and thick "hairy bushes". Real men with great bodies. Finally a great video as compared to the last eight videos. Thanks for this one. I assume everyone must have enjoyed Jean's body and the great sex.

Sherman 10/07/2017
Finally, Men At Play, found two great bodies, Jean, is the best and great cum shots. Thanks for sharing Jean with us with his great cock and "hairy" thick bush.

blotski 10/09/2017
Amazing film. Wonderful to see a man with the pubic hair of a ... man!!

Sherman 10/09/2017
Jean, you are a real man. The best....... "black thick hairy bush".........for us to enjoy. Thanks for sharing your beautiful body to were great being naked. Loved the video, Jean.................................................................... ....

DesertMan 10/10/2017
Luna has such enormous animal magnetism & Franco is soooo fooking handsome. The combination is explosive. what a fine video. Absolutely loved the reverse order of undress. Hot, hot, hot.

Sherman 10/11/2017
I realize why this is a great moving video. ..........Matt, you started out with Jean and exposed his beautiful hairy body and we all loved it to see Jean tease Gabriel at the begging and it moved from there. This is one of your best videos. Enjoyed Jean and his black thick bush and his cock. He is a sexy cocky man............................

Sherman 10/18/2017
J.C. This is one of your best attention video's as you started out with that handsome body of Jean "naked", which gets your attention quickly when you see Jean with his great cock, BUT, the thick black hairy" bush is the best and this shows a real sexy man. More of him please. Gabriel was a boring partner as he has a strange looking cock but no hair around his cock, so not a sexy man.

Sherman 10/23/2017
Best part of this video was Gabriel getting on his knees and sucking Jean's thick black hairy cock. Jean is a sexy man with great body. Gabriel cock is a good size but has no hair around his cock. Not a sexy man. Looking forward to seeing Jean naked in a shower with a hard on and another partner with a hairy cock. My thoughts. Thanks Jean for sharing your handsome body to us with no clothes on.

Sherman 10/26/2017
Jean, you have a great body and you need to consider a shower video naked with Dino as you both have great "hairy" large cocks and "hairy" asses. Jean would love to fuck Dino's hairy ass. Wow, both great bodies with hairy bodies. Two sexy men.

Sherman 10/27/2017
Gabriel has a great body but no "hair" around his cock. Not a sexy dick. Jean is outstanding stud with handsome hairy sexy body. A cocky stud.......more of him please............

Sherman 11/04/2017
Dino, You started the video with your naked hairy body and instantly get excited. You were a teaser with the semi hard on at the beginning sticking out with that great “hairy” black bush of yours. Just enjoyed your body throughout. Gabriel did not have much to offer in this video. Waited again for the end to see your great cum shot, in which you produce every time in all your videos. Thanks for sharing you body to us.h

Sherman 11/11/2017
The best part of video was Jean sitting on bench and Gabriel sucking Jean’s black “hairy” cock and buried his face into that great bush and Jean enjoying every minute having his cock sucked. Good video, Gents.

halpofein 03/03/2018
Jean never ages!