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Movie Comments

NO! lose him...not up to your other great looking MEN

aljuarez6 11/05/2009
Definitely has potential!!!! But why does he scratch himself so much? Hasn't showered in a while????

Seems a bit of a cruel way of doing things maybe? Not really sure, he seemed a bit lost and it would help if you suited them up...

admin 11/05/2009
Yeah he was really nervous, poor thing. Weve decided to keep the castings as authentic as possible i.e. no set up, no suits just plain old casting. The idea is to see which guys you would want to see make the next stage all suited up. As for Josh I think

Those blue eyes and that sexy voice are enough for me!

he is very innocent...give him a chance.. can he do gay porn?????love to find out

He's a keeper!

His face is quite wild.The rest has no real interest.

Nice face, nice body, nice feet, but, his broken sock... My God, this kid needs a Manhunt Help. I am wating to see him in a wonderfull suit

Ryanfan 11/08/2009
Seems alright but a bit different from your usual suspects - all the more reason to give him a try - how far will he be prepared to go?Agree with comments above - would like to see him suited up!

Wild face is exiting , the rest is just the rest

fmuggiatti 11/09/2009
I like him a lot. He's spontaneous, not acting at all, just a guy of this world. And I love his sock !!!!!!!!!! Don't change him too much, please.....

can't believe he has 3 stars. The kid picks he's nose on camera...what a turn off

Would love to see Josh in a Map stylie make over - please, please, please! Bet he would look real hot in a suit!

Matt Jordan 11/19/2009
He does look real hot in a suit - believe me!! We made him over today.

God, I would not have believed this guy could look so cute in a suit - maybe you can tell in the flesh but no idea on here LOL

Use this guy to fullest extent he will let you - you will have A LOT of new subscriptions. He is as hot as they come unbelievably handsome - if he's willing, he will be told to fuck his (older) banker, back near the vault. You really did it again. Tha

For Josh is a Winner very sexy,hope to see more of him maybe even with another Guy? would be great.

so gorgeous this boy!!...every inch of him...wish we could see more...but it doesnt seem like he feels that comfortable with the whole idea!!...I would pay to have him sit on my face!! and I NEVER say that!

I think Josh is very handsome indeed and a lovely voice and accent. He has a good body and he was just a little nervous as he is straight and wanking naked in front of gay men. Very intense brooding look which is sexy as fuck and he has a great big cock

Would love to see more of him, He is the hottest