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Movie Comments

Ooh I do I like this new showcase format thing, it's such a cum inducing prick tease. And I love the shiny suit (where did you get that?). And Josh looks a tad uncomfortable but has heaps of potential so find his pecadillo and get him going on it and I

The first tab collar ever at Men At Play.... and I love it!

By the way: Josh is still missing in the list of models - and could it be that there is something wrong with the screencaps? Access is denied, although I'm a paying MAP member....

Matt Jordan 11/28/2009
I think its amazing what a suit can do to turn a boy into a man! And his photos ( to be posted next week) are amazing. So sexy. His profile page is now up on the models page. Will look into the screen caps. matt

The screencaps problem is fixed already - never experienced a quicker service!! It's a bit of a pity the screencaps are all taken from the second half of the movie (when the jacket is already taken off), but I hope the pictures will make up for that. Anyh

suitstudda 11/28/2009
I agree with Suitman63 ablut the new showcase format and it is also good to see the shiny suit again. It was in the 50's, 60's, and early 70's. For Josh, wouldn't say he was uncomfortable as my dear brother would point out, but more like a model who is se

'tis indeed weird that the screencaps appear to only exist for the second bit of the movie (and it's the jacket on, crotch fiddling I want to see), normally if there is a gallery type photoshoot those shots are separate not the front half of the movie.

OK. PLEASE let us see this boy opened up for good. I had an idea, since he IS such a boy, why not have a series of videos where you have an older model showing him how to wear a suit, how to look crisp and clean. You could make it like the Kamasutra se

Love the part when he feels his arse so sexy

Would like to enjoy men in suits, not boys from the kindergarten disguising like mafiosi. Please try harder.

Matt Jordan 11/28/2009
you seem to be in a minority there!

He is so sexy

This is one of the hottest and best movies ever. Its like watching a superb perfume advert with a top model. The suit is perfect and I love the tab collar contrast shirt and plain tie - very classy! The only thing I would have loved to have seen is a m

Hello would love some pictures of him in his suit on the site to see all his hot forms thanks

Nice eyes - but no passion in that wank!

Love the suit..... and the guy in it!!!!!

jimbo158 12/02/2009
Static, stylised, unconvincing and, frankly, mind-blowingly boring

WOW Love this movie and his shiny suit :) Lets see more shiny suits in future vids

Yeah the shiny suit is hot

I cant wait for the photos

PLEASE can we have the first half of the screencaps with his suit ON

Ok you didn't like it but that kind of comment just goes nowhere useful.

lovely guy, such sexy eyes and like others loved the shiny suit, tab collar and pocket square, but have to agree he didn't look that comfortable, and as if he wasn't enjoying himself. Maybe that will come with experience. Lovely smile at the end.

dylanross 12/05/2009
I the shiny suit (i think i see a "Romano" tag in the jacket, btw) and Josh fills it out really nicely. the whole outfit is very cool and sexy. There's somethin' I like about Josh being reserved while showing off....

thorne 12/05/2009
You've photographed his sexy eyes and brooding features perfectly - now all he possibly needs is the right man to help loosen him up! He ought to receive a lot of offers!

I still don't understand why there is only the back end of the screen caps here, he looks so damn hot in that shiny suit.

anyone know where to find 1 of those suits it's beautiful

Please give us a gallery of this amazing guy - preferably dressed in his suit. The photos of this guy elsewhere on the web are incredible but I want to see more.

Yes, when ARE we going to get full pics of him in that suit?!

Wow I do not know what Jimbo158 means by boring. Josh is very exciting; his whole countenance says "meet me someplace secret". I think the video filming director "Wanted" that Reserved look, while inside Josh was orgasming over and over until he finally

What is happening here concerning the rest of the screen caps and or a new gallery of Josh in his suit, please answer.

admin 12/22/2009
We will get a gallery of josh up as soon as possible. This will probably be after xmas

Please give him a windsor knot next time

We really need to see a photo shoot of Josh in that suit it's so sexy!!!!!!!!!

aljuarez6 01/02/2010
Exactly. Fully concur.

Yes we do!!!

yes a good casting and his collar is different I love that

refreshing to see some one so relaxed and sexy hope we see more of him

Harley 03/28/2010
I loved his expressive eyes and sweet smile at the end.

WeHoDad 04/23/2010
Good show. Loved the camera work - especially the ass shots. Loved seeing him smile at the end.

gaymer 05/20/2010
He is beautiful! Where can I get a shirt like that in the UK?

Spad1 06/18/2010
I love this man. He's so hot! And the film editing is terific. It's a real winner.

tmr1307 09/01/2010
are those not the most beautiful eyes! i could fall deep into them. yum.

Unbelievable. Was I dreaming. The best of all models included. He must try to be an actor, model and a lot of other things. For example been gay and marrie a guy like him.

He loves his tag watch - you can tell the way he plays with it. Wish he had hung it somewhere

nbkcknl 12/19/2010

Wow nice body thkx Josh x

Wow absolutely the hottest

good video, but dissapointed you don't show the important cumface.

Sasaobucina 10/12/2018
where can I find that pictures here ?

Matthew 12/03/2023
I don’t get it. Obviously I’m watching this scene years later and this guy made me start to drip. I didn’t think he looked like a kindergarten. I think he looked like a young man I mean he could’ve even been younger for heaven sakes and what a body in that cock in that facefabulous I’m really sorry I never happened to him? Did he go onto another studio? Did he just appear well if you read this and you know would you post back to me please? Thanks so much yeah I mean this is the kind of guy you can almost guarantee you’re gonna hit the ceiling again just like when you were a teenager. Yeah me.