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Movie Comments

Phaerim 05/20/2016
I love it! +1 for the James Bond reference xD

olderbutsexy 05/20/2016
Fuuuuuck! This is so sexy, bravissimo gents, thanks to all concerned. Great to see Hector taking Emir's cock, and he seems to get off on being fucked too.. Emir was magnificent; he was so beautifully fucked by Hector before, and now returns the favour big time. He is a real lover ... the touching while Hector comes, balls, shoulder ... truly a lover from a dream :)

penfold 05/20/2016
Wow!!!! Loved it!!!!

Matt Jordan 05/20/2016
10 point for recognising the scene!!

markbind 05/20/2016
Love it!! So hot these two together. Love seeing Hector bound up and now being the sub. Nice change although he is quite hot as the usual top. ; )

blaze 05/20/2016
Two very hot men and love this scene. The sex is very passionate and makes this scene even better.

Krawaguy 05/20/2016
the download takes me 5 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!

DesertMan 05/20/2016
I totally agree. Excellent video. The hot sex is made even hotter when Emir touches Hector to enhance his orgasm. I love a lover.

LORIS 05/20/2016
Exciting I have to say - Hector's first bottom on MAP site ! Loved to see his tie untied, tie's knot nice and snug till the end - very sexy. Emir has fantastic body and I like particulary the way how he strips Hector with his eyes at the beginning, mmmmm.... Beautiful cumshots !

robicart 05/21/2016
Hector is at the top of my list for men on porn sites. He is goodlooking, very sexy, very passionate, and his "acting" is superb. He is just outstanding in doing so much while wearing his clothes. His cock and balls through the fly of his trousers really get me going. He is my "go to" guy on MAP. Looking forward to many more outstanding performances.

Rainer75 05/21/2016
It only needs two hot, horny, maskuline guys with a 3-days-load to get a vid to jack off frantically. Fine job everybody!

Sherman 05/21/2016
How did this video receive a five star...... Bad desire to watch again.

Suitsfan 05/22/2016
Hector is without doubt one of the most handsome, passionate and sexy men in MAP's current portfolio - but he's also a total pro at 'decorating' the fine jackets, shirts and ties he wears so well! With Emir's copious load soon added, the finale is a joy for fans of cum-soaked suited climaxes! Great job, guys - another 5-star rating from me. PS: Loved seeing Emir spit into Hector's mouth, too; the sexual tension between them was steamy throughout! :-)

NylonOTCs 05/26/2016
Perfect!, Gents!!!...I loved it and loved seeing Hector get Fucked by the Stud, Emir!!!...mmmmmmm....wonderful . Hey! hector, you have nice legs with sexy OTC's on those and feet attached to that HOT Ass of yours!!!....Double Yummy, cupcake!!!....Thanks, MAP!!!

raven 05/27/2016
Hector and Emir did not disappoint with The Lion's Den. Both men are quite appealing to observe and showed some passion as the video progressed to a powerful climax. It was much better than I was anticipating from what seemed to be a strange beginning. The sex was, alas, mutually satisfying and a good time was had by all it seems. RAVEN

robicart 06/03/2016
Love Hector in any position. He is an excellent performer.

yspe124 06/21/2016
I loved the 007 scene. And this one is gorgeous. Spies, these serious boys, deserve nothing but a forced orgasm.

mercury4000 08/11/2016
is there an alphabetical list of all the models... how to go about it

Sherman 03/28/2017
Emir has a small cock with no hair ( he looks like a skinned chicken......not sexy))......his body requires some hair to make him look like a man. Hhector has a beautiful cock but we are never exposed to his body. Is he a man with some hair???’ Hector cannot get a thrill with no hair rubbing his ass. Good cum shot Hector.. Boring overall with bad surroundings..............

DolphinDreamer 09/08/2017

DolphinDreamer 09/08/2017
By the way, the speed is tooooooooo slow! EVEN WHEN I AM USING LTE NETWORK.

RQUEST 02/10/2018
DAYUM! Hector is HOT HOT HOT as bottom as well as top. Whoa Hector! I wish you could bottom for me for real LOL because you are so hot in a suit, sheers, and shoes. I love the way Hector coos when he cums.

masstiehemd 06/28/2019
when I see and watch videos with Hector de Silva, it's always a pleasure. Hector is at the top of my list for men on porn sites. He is handsome, very sexy, very passionate, and his "game" is superb. I love the cumshots of Hector even when it is on his tie, they are beautiful and abundant .... I regret very much not to see hector on Menatplay

Deanw 05/19/2020
Hot beautiful men! Only would’ve been even more perfect if the Rimming scene was longer