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Movie Comments

trombone1988 04/29/2016
Amazing video MAP!!! I loved the fuck in the trousers and still belted up!!!

Jon62 04/29/2016
I hope the next instalment is better because I must say I found this pretty boring. After 2 minutes the new horny guy disrobed and by halfway through shirts and tie were all off and we were just into normal porn. The description of this movie didn't really reflect the reality of it. I found it all pretty tame and disappointing. Like the new guy though - let's have him getting down and dirty.

olderbutsexy 04/29/2016
Thanks guys! Logan sure gives it as he's used to getting it ... and Rex takes it like a star :)

raven 04/29/2016
I found the men handsome and well endowed but the scenario was boring and there was little or no chemistry in evidence. I nodded off before the men climaxed! Hopefully there will be more in future installments to excite one. RAVEN

Phaerim 04/30/2016
The series sounds promising. Looking forward to seeing what happened to Hector ;) Also good to see Logan back!

miviro 04/30/2016
I totally agree with the other comments. This episode was a big yawn! Want to see BOTH Logan and Rex naked and doing more than hum drum sex - like rimming and nipple play and ball sucking. I found myself fast forwarding to see if anything more interesting would be going on. Sadly, I was disappointed. Come on MAP you can do much, much better.

luther5 04/30/2016
The forced strip scene was hot. "Power, dominance, submission" coupled with "mob underworld and suited rivals" presses all the right buttons for me. I look forward to seeing what's next in this series, especially Hector's fate. I'm sure Emir has plans for him which will be sure to entertain.

NylonOTCs 04/30/2016
I like it, MAP!...I think your on to something really good here!...Rex is def. HOT!!! the sweet round mounds of cheeks on that boy!... the body, nips and very HOT FEET in those nylon OTC socks!...(don't stop!)...Logan is great so glad to see his HOT ass in those nice suits pants.(Kick the shoes off next time, Logan, your feet are so sexy also!) Man, Logan blew a nice creamy white load!!!...mmmmmmmmmmm...(Hey!, Logan give the sexy feet up on your shoulders some love next time while there up in the air!)....Good one, guys! Thanks, can't wait to see what the sexy cats drag in from the Jungle next!!!

Sherman 04/30/2016
This is the most boring film yet. No action by either one. No emotion. Try better next time.

luther5 04/30/2016
Would love to see Paul Wagner as Emir Boscatto's next victim. Paul would have to submit to a full body search, just to make sure he wasn't wearing a wire. Once completely naked, Paul would then have to submit to further indignities, indignities that only a mob boss could devise. Anxious to see what lies ahead for this series. Lots of possibilities.

Suitman63 04/30/2016
I think this is a mixed bag - yes some of the acting is a bit clanky and the chemistry is a bit off but there are also really nice touch of sub dom stuff going on: the forced stripping, the immediate fucking, the spank/cum on the arse and watching whilst Rex wanks himself off like a good boy, etc. I just wish Logan had stayed fully suited to really crank up the boss using his sub type dimension - this is a major suit fetishists fantasy the top who just uses a bottom has his orgasm and zips up his fly and leaves. There's mention of Hector, I do hope that might happen with him!

marosatin 04/30/2016
Decisamente no. Avrei preferito che il primo rimanesse vestito più a lungo, e poi, scusate la mia passione, gli venisse sporcato o strappato il vestito. Dal primo filmate dell'anno non ho ancora visto nulla che mi piace e che mi stimola. Peccato.

rickdick 04/30/2016
FUCK love those thin nylon black socks!!! woof

Keith_Lincs 05/01/2016
Why can't the guys keep their shirts on longer? A white shirt fuck.session would be more exciting than the nano second of exposed shirts in this and many other videos It would be good to introduce other activities like armpit worshiping, nipple play / sucking etc - it's all getting a bit predictable these days - I am sure you can produce something more varied

luther5 05/01/2016
I agree. A stud stripped out of his suit left with nothing but sheer over-the-calf socks looks even more naked than had he taken them off. Would have been even more sexy had he been wearing garters as well.

DesertMan 05/02/2016
I couldn't agree more. Go back to page 49 and watch "Executive Glory lll" for a trio of truly hot men who remain suited and are genuinely into it big time and who give us the absolute pinnacle of cum shot facials of all time. A veritable milk bath. Now, THAT's a hot video.

Moonfire500 05/05/2016

suitboy116235 05/05/2016
very good,but id love to see more camera shots from underneath,with trousers on,prefably black. as in the cop group one, that only lasts a few seconds,thats such a hot view I think,and more views from behind that last longer,trousers still on too.

brian74 05/06/2016
Would have been to have Rex's socks pulled up when dropped his trousers

stardusted 05/06/2016
Logan so hunky and dreamy, he should be the face of map.

Virgo113 05/17/2016
Sexy Rexy does it for me - more Rex Cameron please.

Moonfire500 07/11/2016

suitboy116235 07/26/2016
goo film ,liked it as logan KEPT his trousers on,and right to the end,would have liked the cum scooped up and fed to logan,mmmmmm, rather than just on car..

bearspanked 12/17/2022
Very nice camera work, great looking men well paired. Great butt shots and wonderful ass slaps.