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Movie Comments

Rainer75 06/02/2017
Nowadays Jay Roberts starts an international career as an (fashion)-model because of his masculine charisma and handsomenes. Same story could happen to Logan Moore. When he steps into a room everybody is excited and feels touched pleasently. He is a space demanding guy. Jay Roberts is lost for porn, I think, but I hope you can keep Mr. Moore as long as possible. Plot and camerawork is fine and ends with a tasty, creamy climax. What else one can wish?

Suitmen78 06/02/2017
Nice scene. Maybe next time Pure Suit 3? With Dani Robles and two or three other horny men in suit?

masstiehemd 06/02/2017
De nouveau une bonne video qui nourrit les fantasmes des fétichiste costume cravate... Le début est EXCELLENT, l'habillage de Massimo dans un tres élégant costume. Ensuite Logan qui par derrière ouvre la braguette de son compagnon le masturbe et comble d'excitation la cravate autour de la bite qui masturbe et en fin la jute sur la cravate.... La suite est bien dans la chambre mais plus habituel. Again a good video which feeds the fantasies of the fetishist suit and tie... The beginning is EXCELLENT, Massimo's dressing in a very elegant suit. Then Logan who from behind opens the fly of his companion masturbates him and swamps with excitement the tie around the cock which masturbates and at the end he ejaculates all over his new tie. ooze juice on the tie.... The continuation is good in the room but more classical.

musclefucks 06/02/2017
Beautiful Logan very good at making love to Massimo at his most desirable ... cool sex, thanks guys

everhard12321 06/03/2017
Keep a man. Own his cock. Spunk a tie. Slurp a cock. Ram an ass. Flip a fuck. Amaze an audience.

LORIS 06/03/2017
Love it - fine plot, particularly hot is the scene in the garden when Logan milks Massimo forcing him to gett off over his brand new tie as a gift. So nice to meet Logan again who is born to be dressed up and who is also a good actor - it s just enough to see him how his piercing blue eyes change when Massimo takes off his T-shirt and shows his body which is hotter and hotter....

joedoe1000 06/03/2017
Logan saved the scene....Massimo looks cheap! BTW: t Massimo is wesring he most horrible socks I have seen at Menatplay

mtmslg 06/03/2017
Moore, moore, moore! I cannot get enough of this handsome man! And I have to commend you guys for your continued wonderful production value. No one offers such tasteful touches from the setting, the music, to the suits. Great work MAP!

joedoe1000 06/04/2017
The scenography is super FEMININE (terrible for a website oriented to masculine men in suits). MAP go back to executives that depict power, money (purchasing power with nice clothes/accessories-(including sheer socks and garters) and having sex at office, conference rooms, yachts at sea, hotels room (super hot), cigar/wine bar, pool table, spa.

jameslin 06/04/2017
Why is Massimo wearing underwear? I have never seen him with underwear before and the bed scene is ruined by cheap, black underwear.. when the trousers are yanked down all we see is hideous expanse of black underwear instead of hid glorious bare arse.. on the plus side we see his spectacular bare feet

bhtan81 06/07/2017

markbind 06/09/2017
Very Hot!! I love the look of both of these men and happy to see them together. I've fantasized about Logan for a long time now and he has such an amazing all around look and very versatile. Extremely sexy. Great movie, although a bit cheesy for story and scenes the sex was hot.

Sherman 06/25/2017
Great video, good surroundings, good story. Massimo is one of your best actors. Massimo has a beautiful long cock and enjoyed it. Logan is just OK with his small cock.

robicart 07/11/2017
Massimo was one of my favorites until he got that stupid haircut. Let it grow back, Massimo.

NylonOTCs 07/22/2017
Great Flick!...missed it first time around. Massimo is so sexy. Agree with the hair bring back some bus. look. But HOT!!!...did not know Massimo had such a nice ass. And socks!!!...(Joedoe you hit it ) better socks like TnTs!!!...Logan I love you, man. wish I could of seen more of Logan's ass and HOT socks!...But abs. great, MAP!!!...LOVED IT!! Thanks, two HOT men just really erotic!!!

sagittarius1279 12/29/2017
please renew Massimo and Logan. This Time with more passion kissing, moaning, loving and after all fucking with suits, without does'nt matter. Both are hot, hot ,hot

RQUEST 01/13/2018
I swear all out that Massimo Piano has to be be the most physically beautiful human on the planet HMMMM and his spouse is not not that far behind him. I love to see Massimo in suits and sheers and shoes getting down and getting sexy and getting dirty. Goodness!!

RQUEST 11/29/2018
Ha ha ha - His other hair styles do make Piano really hot. The close cut trim is not working as well but I still think he is sexy.

RQUEST 11/29/2018
I am checking this flick out again today. Still crazy about Massimo action at MAP.