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Movie Comments

everhard12321 07/10/2015
Congratulations on finding two new sexy models who, thankfully, don't have any tattoos. I can't say that "Lawless" aroused me, however. Let's be honest: both suit sex and plot are pretty much tossed out the window in this flick. Yet the video stands out s

wolfrolf 07/10/2015
again a movie with bearded men. why must so mutch movies with them? i dont like it, and i think, i will wrote to support, to cancel my account. i am for over 4 years customer, but the last year 80 to 90% are bearded men. :-(

Jon62 07/10/2015
Not sure what went wrong here. Good promising outdoor storyline with new star in a smart sexy suit getting humiliated but it was all over in under 2 minutes from the start. Then it was all pretty run of the mill. Could have been a real winner if the "suit

everhard12321 07/10/2015

olderbutsexy 07/10/2015
Woooow! Everyone's fantasy, gracias guys - superb fucking. Congrats to cast and crew, I was hard throughout

aljuarez12 07/10/2015
the one suited guy loses the suit too quickly...

roberto131062 07/10/2015
Two cute hairy guys, ticks all the boxes for me 5*

NYCfan 07/10/2015
I agree in that there are too many bearded men. I have no idea why almost all of the actors have beards. I've commented about this before as well. I don't really get it

dcguy469 07/10/2015
I tried to determine which hot guy had the full head of hair, but he is so HOT. Thanks.

dcguy469 07/10/2015
I tried to determine which hot guy had the full head of hair, but he is so HOT. Thanks.

raven 07/10/2015
Agree with Everhard12321. Athletic men, NO TATS, playing both roles. I wish they were bi-lingual. Otherwise, it was a fine, erotic, satisfying installment of MAP. Wouldn't mind seeing more of Felipe and Jose. So what's the problem with well-groomed beard

wolfioti 07/11/2015
Hot guys, but a bit standard/generic. I don't understand why there are never any close-ups when a guy is getting rimmed. I want to see tight shots of those tight holes. At least there are no longer those god-awful feminine, sheer hose that seem to be i

ken4cock 07/11/2015
Entirely agree. The story line falls apart before it gets started. Punishment of suited trespasser by cop needs to be the theme. What you have given us is reciprocal pleasure, rather than a meting out of "justice" by a corrupt, brutal officer of the law o

Paul 07/11/2015
That's why I don't like this film at all...

coxnsox 07/11/2015
Predictable and boring. They could have at least kept their boots/shoes and socks on for the outdoor sex. Two naked men outside in a remote area is like kid porn.

jothomp 07/11/2015
Hot, hairy men fucking each other's lights out - works for me! More of both guys, please! Thank you!

NylonOTCs 07/13/2015
I liked it!. It was a nice change. Both hot hariy men is right! They were beautiful and made me watch it again!...Thanks! MAP

jupiter-essen 07/15/2015
i hope we will find out what he was hiding, maybe another police officer tied up ^^ and this thing is a trap for sexy hunk police officers... so that in another part, we see a third officer get in the trap... but this time ^^ thay free themselves and all

masstiehemd 07/15/2015
We cannot any credit note but the second sequence which I find by returning of vacancy, pleases me not at all but that makes nothing.... I understand well, it is a beautiful sequence in the sun, and when it is very hot, as here in Barcelona or in Milan, i

stagboi23 07/15/2015
I usually dont complain about your movies cause they do turn me on however after watching the trailer before deciding if i'm gonna download it I have to say I'm extremely disappointed...its just a movie about 2 guys fucking in a hot country barely any sui

coxnsox 07/18/2015
I agree - so much potential and so extremely disappointing

explorer310 07/20/2015
Beautiful, sexy, hairy chested, and non-tattooed men. I really enjoyed the movie. Bravo!

jimcinla 07/25/2015
looking forward to breaking some law here

hugo2014 07/26/2015
They must have been out there for hours..noticed a little sunburn

Matt Jordan 07/26/2015
Yep we all got a little burnt that day !

rickis75 11/02/2015
hairy, flipflop, facial,,,what could be better?

Suitman2163 11/14/2015
nice start then its all zzz....

Bull2016 10/08/2016
That is one fucking hairy man!

robicart 06/18/2019
Beautiful hairy chest meet beautiful hairy chest. I loved that they fucked each other.