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Movie Comments

LOVE SOME MARCO. He has an amazing presence and sultry persona.

Interesting way to bridge over the waiting time for the waiter. Three points at the Gault Millau!

otc_socks 04/09/2010
I really liked Billy in his black otc socks pity Marco did not have his socks pulled up but still to little of black otc socks were shown. But the story was great- Thank you!

Great Scott! What a terrific movie with the sexy Marco Wilson. He is a great lover and kisser. I enjoyed Billy, but would love to see Marco with Jay Roberts. They are a perfect pair and "Marco's Welcome" remains one of my favorite movies. I do wish Marco

beautiful session!!! very horny! beautiful tie of Marco, I have the same.... I love this story; the waiter d'nt exist.... but some moments are for me the most exciting: the tie around the cock GOOD! GOOD! when Marco put his dick in to the collar of his

Matt Jordan 04/09/2010
We hope so - If you see a guy wearing them you know they are in to suit and tie!

ciao 04/09/2010
What an awesome,video... Enjoyed the shiny dreess shoe play,added special touch.................. Ciao Bello Rating................................................

ysmccool 04/09/2010
Excellent. Where do we go to suggest scenarios? My mind is racing.

ciao 04/10/2010
Five Star Video..................................Dang Awesome

Hot video! I love the part where he grabs the socks and licks the shoes!!! Incredible. Thanks for another great video!

mdredzuan 04/10/2010
i couldnt agree more with you garterman, like u said "marco's welcome" was the best movies i ever viewed. Like to see marco wilson, jay roberst and marco blaze in threesome!!!

mdredzuan 04/10/2010
i want to see marco gets fuck by someone hotter....

Matt Jordan 04/10/2010
hi, you can send scenarios to [email protected] or post them on the forum in the community area. thanks

Suitsfan 04/10/2010
Yes, a very good addition to the MAP film archive! It started off with particular promise in the way both guys seemed to be really into clothes fetish (tie play, shoe-licking, etc), so it was a pity to see first one, then both eventually strip off to noth

sparty 04/10/2010
Loved this movie, especially the kissing. They seemed to really mean it. Keep up the good work.

Harley 04/10/2010
Billy Berlin shares the same sexual intensity, tension, and creativity as Marco Wilson, so that made this movie excellent. Thank you.

WeHoDad 04/10/2010
Good oral work. Hot flix.

Love to see a guy loosening another guy's ties. The collar fuck was really horny. Wish we had more.

thorne 04/11/2010
Hot sex and excellent decor, too, especially the lamp with the down-turned eyes!

Yes I think it's been clear for a while that Marco was the true competition winner and Billy shows much promise. Loved all the suit play and cock rubbing on ties, lapels etc. Great movie just a shame Billy's suit flew off at the end as he seemed like he

Love the whole scenario and the scene was hot!!! Welcome Billy Berlin, we will definitely see alot of him in the future!!!


camaguey 04/12/2010
Loved it, muy caliente!

Great job Matt! "Linked" is now one of my favorite movies here on the site. As soon as those two studs wrapped their silky ties around their cocks I was shooting my juices all over the place - loved it! I'll be back for more. Keep up the great work!

Marco Wilson 04/12/2010
Guys....You Wouldnt Believe The Fun I had Making This One,....Makes Me Horney Just Thinking about it.....Kepp Watching, Theres more to come ;0)

Matt Jordan 04/12/2010
thanks sexy, I hoped you'd all like those bits. Once we decided it was going to be a more fetish based film i was well away!

What makes MenatPlay so good and sets it apart and above the rest, is its attention to detail. I liked the bit were Billy Berlin had a quick glance over and saw Marco's MAP cufflinks. Berlin got flustered, hot under the collar, touched the bridge of

Heavens to Murgatroyd !! I think Matt and Rico ( the big chiefs, the numero uno's at MenatPlay ) should sign you up immediately.

this was one of the best - just loved to see that silk satin tie being played with, tie play just so sexy

Hi Marco, oh really?! You sexy beast and I do believe you are becoming a true suit fetishist as well (oh god, swoon, I can't cope...). Having watched this again you really look like you got off on the suit angle with all that licking and playing - if th

I think this was indeed a true suit fetish movie in the making, more please - and dare we even ask for a movie where both the suits stay on all the way through or may just a jacket cums off for a wank rag, it would be worth it to take the risk just for on

WOW, I loved this movie. Both guys are hot. I know this is going to sound strange but I have a fetish for the linings inside suit jackets and on the back of the waistcoats so to see a lot more of the suit linings made this movie even hotter. During the m

Finally some shoe action together with the suit feish excellent and thank you!!!!

Finally some shoe action together with the suit feish excellent and thank you!!!!

dracuscalico 04/22/2010
You were creative, with the tie, collar and shoe action, Gave us more than expected and it worked! What also made this easier to watch is there were no unanswered questions, (as there have been in other films), about WHAT makes it possible to have sex u

lofrluvr 05/06/2010
Marco -- The shoe action was AMAZING! Hope you'll have a lot more shoe play in your future videos!

Mate - I know this is going to sound odd, but do you ever escort? You are absolutely amazing. A real horn dog . . . . could watch you for hours.

BiffNYC 06/29/2010
I agree!

This was a great film, it had a nice balance of everything suits ,ties,a great setting ,the sex was urgent and hot and there was even a touch of romance. More like this please !

Awesome movie. It reminds me of some of the classic older MAP films. Incredibly erotic - 9 minutes in before any item of clothing comes off, then at 13 minutes in still only that 1 item has been removed. Love all the tie play, and the shoe worship, pl

loved this film, hot shoes (more please) hot men , hot kisses and hot dicks

I've always thought Marco was a bit theatrical, but very lucky though, all the sexy guys and situations he gets into BUT this film was steaming hot. Very worthy indeed to be included on a suit and tie fetish site. I'd like to see more at this level. Strap

really good stuff

Marco is classy and erotic! The actors were hot together and I liked the collar action going on. Awesome job yet again MAP! Marco will be added to my favorites.

marco is my most favorate! here too he is innovative, hehas great hands his fingers are of an artist, they create great art here too! more of MARCO please!film director needs special thanks.

hirvi7 04/13/2013
Holy moley! This is fantastic! Why haven't I seen this before now - 3 years later? Must be up-liked!

Okay 04/24/2013
Love it when he touches the tip of the tie and grab it, whith the ties gone the exitement is gone

Fuzzguy 05/13/2013
Tis was "linked" to Pure Suit, and I'm so glad you did that amuse I would have missed this little did I miss this? Again, it's all about the suit and building the sexual energy between the two men. throw in the tie play, collar play (who knew?

Fuzzguy 05/13/2013
Tis was "linked" to Pure Suit, and I'm so glad you did that amuse I would have missed this little did I miss this? Again, it's all about the suit and building the sexual energy between the two men. throw in the tie play, collar play (who knew?

77mojito 07/04/2013

loosetie13 11/04/2014
Amen to that. A collar fuck is incredibly horny.

505map 01/23/2017
It's not only you. Me too!

Suits_DK 11/17/2022
By far still one of the best movies ever!