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Movie Comments

Congratulations MAP! Will is absolutely beautiful! Hope to see more of him in the future.

He is a beautiful model....was nice to see him keeping shirt, tie, and socks on. The garters are sexy but the sock needs an upgrade, something more into semi-sheer OTC socks.

tiedupsuit 12/17/2011
Wish I were on the receiving end of that load, in suit and tie, of course.

Some of you men find the most ridiculous things to bitch about.

edfries 12/18/2011
Suit and tie and no underware. HOT! HOT!

I would enjoy it if rather than shooting at cameras, it could somehow be arranged that these wonderful loads become suited bukkake.

Thank you MAP for another HOT pre christmas present. The recent run of films has been exceptional. Where you do find these exciting men, Mr. Helm is a complete sex-pot but I like a decent hair-style, I wish some of these guys would sport a DA !! I was

We (members) are anxious to see the trailer for KEEPING A LO PROFILE and TEASE!

Rainer75 12/19/2011
Very sexy vid with a real handsome newcomer indeed. Why he didn't wasted his suit but the camera? Suit lovers we are would preferred a slimy gobbled jacket than the film equipment.

Please sir, may I have more?

Matt Jordan 12/20/2011
The blog entry "keeping a lo profile" was just the name of the entry as the film took place at Lo profile bar in Soho. The preview will not be available for a while as the film isnt released till next year. I'd love to give you a trailer for Tease as its

Hmm nice hot xmas present I love his hairy body n nice shoes

rabelais 12/31/2011
formidable jute nice very hot

Wow..great close up well done..he is so handsome..WOW..thank you..thank you!!!

rabelais 01/08/2012
la plus belle giclée de foutre jaùais vu ici - very nice boy

DAmn this guy is hot...sensitive hairy body...would love to see him in a guy kissing those lucious lips...another working his nipps...another working his cock and fingering his hot bellybutton!

he has got perfect nipples and a small tight ass - amazing

klaus 03/16/2012
... eine geile sau ist Will ... spritzt er doch einfach die Kamera voll ... ich liebe ihn ...

Load Release - I guess so! The best one I've seen!!

rabelais 05/11/2012
explosif !!

The Best in the World!!! Fountain of Youth!!!

Vwery exciting young men at play... yessss... he wear his shoes intil the end.... it's super

ManEater 08/19/2012
Absolutely gorgeous cock and balls. GRRR

ManEater 08/19/2012
Will Helm also is exceptionally handsome with "let's fuck" eyes and one of the best shooters I've seen anywhere.

love the huge loads, yummy

77mojito 10/25/2012
INCREDIVELY beautiful cum shot !!! Handsome man , very sexual, teasing eyes and a beautiful package !

wow!.....perfect........gorgeous model......gorgeous photograhy.WOW....Thak You..................Thak You so much!!

RQUEST 02/10/2013
I cannot believe what I just saw. Dayum! Will Helm is HOT! Really Really HOT! Dayum! Thanks so much MAP. I needed a dose of Will Helm's heat.

pantsfunk 02/19/2013
I dont know why these models undress? when they undress the whole fetish dies.

77mojito 03/29/2013
incredibly beautiful cum explosion from a very handsome Gentleman w/ a gorgeous cock & balls. disappointed though that there wasnt no ass shots.

He's beautifull. Is he a French Arab? Great body, love the nipple play and of course amazing cum shot.

alanlee 12/11/2013
please more solo Will helm videos !! like to see him shoot his load all over his face and mouth!!!!!

PornfanHH 01/27/2014
I just saw this terrific vid! Please more with Will Helm! Cumshot is priceless!

Swedetodd 03/25/2014
Could S.O tell me the brand of the shoes he wears

robicart 06/16/2015
Love Will Helm!

carter_ross72 12/08/2017
love the huge loads, yummy