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Movie Comments

Suitsocks 11/23/2018
Another Bad week for us sox guys! When will we see how sox action again ? Please

MANSMAN 11/23/2018

Rainer75 11/23/2018
Well, this movie is without typical annoying facts! You took two masculine guys ( one can believe they are wearing suits in their private lives! - what they probable don't do! ), both guys have ordinary, manly haircuts, no tattoe is disturbing, they wear their suits up to the messy finale ( wow, a rare found at MAP's). Even the plot is believable and gives time to have a look at wonderful well groomed hands and the beauty of well fitting suits. As a plus is to mention the adoring horse-cock of Mr. Onassis and the outstanding look of Mr. Stars face when he is in heat! One of the best movies since a long, long "dryness"-period. Go on this way and you become one of the most prominent studios again!!! PS: From time to time show some of these shitty socks a few people want to see and everybody is happy!!!

musclefucks 11/23/2018
Wow! The lovely Andy Star taking great cock like the superstar he is. Pretty face and delicious arse too, It doesn't get any better, gracias todos

musclefucks 11/23/2018
"Shitty socks"! Hah-hah. Glad you are happy at last

Rainer75 11/23/2018
Excuse me, dear musclefucks! I'm very open-minded, but for me are socks cheesy-stinky attibutes. I have to accept nearly every aspect of "men" could be in focus of a fetish. I should be more tolerant. Maybe you could tell me what socks did to you to adore them so much?

musclefucks 11/23/2018
And he takes it rough too ... what a boy

MANSMAN 11/23/2018

MANSMAN 11/23/2018

Rainer75 11/23/2018
Was that ironic now, or what should that tell me?

robicart 11/23/2018
Another "one-sided movie". Why doesn't Andy Onassis also suck Andy Starr's dick, after all they're both men? I do love Onassis' huge dick though! Much better than his awful beard, too long for an already long face.

johnnyt43 11/23/2018
This isn't a sock site, its a suite site. Nice job. Andy has an amazing ass and that horse cock was so nice to see.

khlam123 11/24/2018
Finally!!!! Good to see Andy keeps his nice shoes on.

Arno_nl 11/24/2018
ridiculous that tattoo on his back. For me this decreases his vallue and my interest.

RQUEST 11/25/2018
A little hot. OK! Starr needed sheer socks JC. Just bring it to the screen more often dude with sheers even if you hate sheer sox. I challenge you as a director to please more audience than just yourself. Anyway this flick is kinda hot JC.

RQUEST 11/25/2018
oh yeah! really!

RQUEST 11/25/2018
. . . but johnny from 2004 to 2016 it really was and it needs to continue more for us; the majority of MAP fans

RQUEST 11/25/2018
those shoes on was hot for me LOL

chocolatecakes 11/25/2018
Loved those hot creamy loads

jeremy_hunk 11/25/2018
Love the suits .. but I still get turned on with the scenes of the guys taking them off (and a bit of nakedness). I know I can get full frontal nudity somewhere else .. but still, love the sight of sexy bodies without clothes in this site too.

audagoo 11/27/2018
Its my birthday when can I meet a hunk like that ? :-(

pascha2 11/30/2018
Thank you for this other good video with this nice model and especially to show us their beautiful shoes so close ... we like it a lot.

icewheel 12/08/2018
very nice. good job

robicart 01/10/2019
Andy Starr is one of my favorites; I like his looks, his sexuality, and his action. Andy Oanssis would be so much better without the beard. He already has a long face and a high forhead, all the more reason to eliminated the beard.

robicart 01/10/2019
However, Andy Onassis has a magnificent and beautiful big dick.

musclefucks 03/24/2019
This gets better and better on repeat viewing. Andy S is such a beauty, flawless body and so responsive to getting fucked. Andy O is very simpatico and what a fabulous cock.

Wetsuitntie 04/23/2019
Both guys, and their fine clothes, are a delight to the eye - but I felt a bit cheated that, after seeing 'creamy loads' flagged up in the movie description of what's clearly a (mostly) suited fuck, these were carefully aimed to avoid messing either man's clothes. Two cum-loads over Andy Star's shirt & tie would have been the perfect climax for me, but watching him perform is always a pleasure, to be sure!

Trnka27 10/27/2019
excellent and socks in place while getting fucked....Onassis knows how to fuck...what a beast....trim his beard a little and show his the necktie rubbing his big cock

marcantony2 09/13/2020
Wow, such a fucking Andy O is giving Andy S. Delicious.So glad I finally joined. This has been missing in my life. Thanks M.A.P.